March 18, 2010

CBO Numbers Cited By Dem Leadership are Bogus; Could It Backfire?

Matthew Continetti notes that Steny Hoyer to various new organizations about the CBO's health care cost estimate are speculative, based upon preliminary numbers that does not take into the account reconciliation proposal, review, and refinement.

In other words, they're crap. The media ran with Hoyer's claims without having the evidence in-hand.

Will the media hold Hoyer and his Democratic allies accountable for this subterfuge, or are they in on the fix?

And will this lie damage already faltering Democratic efforts to force through a bill that the public clearly doesn't want passed?

Update: To lie was their goal all along:

If it kicked in right away, the decade-long estimate would obviously be well into the trillions. So they simply stalled it for four years, incurring just $17 billion in costs or 1.8 percent of the total 10-year estimate through 2013 so that wavering Democrats could go back to their districts and tell baldfaced lies to their constituents about the pricetag. A perfect ending to this travesty.

In what can only be cast as a desperate act, the Democratic leadership is trying to convince members of their Party to out-and-out- lie to their constituents.

I guess we'll find out Sunday if on-the-fence Dems are willing to make that lie.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at March 18, 2010 11:14 AM

For those who believe, happily or not, that Obamacare will be an indestructible titan if it is passed by whatever means, I submit that it will be much, much worse in execution than even it's most voluble critics have claimed. No, 30% of docs will not retire, but plenty will, and more will adjust their practices to conserve fiscal resources simply to preserve their viability. This will result in radical primary care reductions and quickly. But even more, young genii will be less inclined to go into medicine or the now unprofitable pharma sector. Translation? The near end of medical progress in this country and since we make nearly all the medical progress for humanity, a near end of medical progress globally. Again, this will not be a slow process. The taxes, fees and fines of Obamacare go off like a bomb; suddenly and indiscriminantly. The "benefits" settle like a fall-out cloud, only four years later. Does anyone think America is going to inhabit a demolished hospital for four years just because of the lofty promises of a renovation in the future? Hmmm. If you do, you must be expecting some miraculous results from said renovation. No, this is disaster on disaster. It will benefit NO ONE except public employee unions, and them not much on net. It exposes the totalitarian nature of the Left to those most needful of the lesson: rank and file Democrats. It exposes the unsupportable fiscal fraud that has supported all the "entitlements"; SS, Medicaid, Medicare, AFDC and other lesser beasts that must be slain in any event. Our total unfunded liabilities are now in the $200t+ range. This must be faced. It is best we face it all at once so, oddly, perhaps ironically, Obama is the best man to stear us into that iceberg. Thank you Mr President!

Posted by: megapotamus at March 18, 2010 12:31 PM

The CBO scores what's in front of them...The CBO is not looking down the road, that road is what is going to run over us...LOOK AT CALIFORNIA people, you will see the path our nation is taking.

Posted by: Robert at March 18, 2010 02:25 PM