April 14, 2010

Setting the Stage For An American Neda

When I wrote on CrashTheTeaParty.Org for Pajamas Media I thought it was vile that so-called "liberals" were organizing to smear and misrepresent Tea Party protesters as crazies and racists.

I privately suspected that the Democratic Party approved of such behavior with a wink and a nod, but never has any suspicion that they may get directly involved in such underhanded scheming.

Apparently, my expectations of Democrats were set too high.

New Hampshire Democrats are engaged in a statewide search for liberal activists willing to attend so-called tea parties on Thursday and carry signs expressing racist or fringe sentiments, a Democratic source with knowledge of the effort tells

According to the source, who sought anonymity for fear of reprisals, the Dems last minute scramble reflects a growing obsession among party leaders that they need to discredit the tea party movement soon or it will overwhelm them come the November election.

Former Democratic State Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan is heading up the search, the source said. Sullivan has been calling and e-mailing liberal activists trying to get them to attend tea parties in different parts of the state and hold signs denying the authenticity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate and make racially disparaging comments to reporters.

"This is Kathy's [Sullivan] project," the source told "She is absolutely obsessed with painting the tea party people as racists."

Liberals are open—even proud—about their plots to foment false charges of racism and misappropriate Social Security numbers and other personal information, championing identity theft to harm Tea Party protesters.

If they are willing to proudly go to these extremes in their public statements, it is only logical to wonder if they are plotting violence in private, like the Molotov cocktails liberals planned to hurl at cops and delegates of the 2008 Republican National Convention before that plot was thwarted.

The Iranian people became rightly inflamed when Neda Agha-Soltan was callously shot in the heart by a thug supporter acting on behalf of the Iranian regime.

If Democrats think that the Tea Party has little use for them now, imagine what the sentiment will become if some bomb-throwing left-wing sociopath splashes a peaceful group of Tea Party protesters with homemade napalm.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at April 14, 2010 09:13 AM

That's great reporting. Unnamed "source." No evidence to support the case whatsoever. Doesn't call the accused Dem official for a comment or response. Well done!

Posted by: Beet at April 14, 2010 09:33 AM

Funny. I do perscribe to the Democrat liberal conspiracy to defraud and defame opponents.

"What is hidden shall be made known."

Posted by: rpn at April 14, 2010 09:47 AM

Well, they may get their violence they been claiming the TEA Party is capable of when one of these Moby Moles gets their self beat to a pulp for doing something truly stupid. How will the MSM cover that?
"TEA Party Protesters beat, Racist Sign Carrying Anarchist senseless"
But I doubt they'll be truthful. Like those Hitler/0bama posters blamed on conservatives that have printed on them a communist website.

Posted by: JP at April 14, 2010 10:30 AM

As CY pointed out, political violence is a staple of the left. The planned violence at the Republican National Convention is an excellent example--though Kenneth Gladney is good as well.

So, is there more than this unnamed source? Hopefully, yes. As news reporting this leaves a lot to be desired. As a warning to all of provocateurs causing racist incidents at protests tomorrow--it is very timely. We all know how desperate the Left is to be able to point to a clear incidence of racism--particularly since every other attempt has ended up with the Left beclowning itself. The closer we approach Nov 2 the Left will be frenzied to create an incident with which to denigrate the entire limited government movement.

I hope that citizen journalists will ferret out the proof for this allegation in the coming days. If one source exists, there are others. Maybe in the next week or two someone will nail down better proof.

Posted by: iconoclast at April 14, 2010 05:58 PM

f Democrats think that the Tea Party has little use for them now, imagine what the sentiment will become if some bomb-throwing left-wing sociopath splashes a peaceful group of Tea Party protesters with homemade napalm. that point, all bets are off and everyone of the thugs pushing for attacking us are up for payback.

Don't do it pinheads...

Posted by: Toaster 802 at April 15, 2010 08:17 AM