April 15, 2010

Another Lie Bites The Dust

That members of the Congressional Black Caucus lied about the use of racist language during their walk through a crowd of Tea Party protestors prior to the Obamacare vote is all but certain. Only the handful of black Congressmen—who took an unusual path to Congress through the crowd in a thinly-disguised attempt to provoke a response—claim that "n*gger" was screamed at them.

Dozens of videos were shot that day, at the time and location where the delegation trolled through the crowd. No one took the bait. The Caucus' own camcorder-toting underlings could not capture one slur. Men once championed as civil rights icons for standing against racism against blacks were revealed as cynical bigots who will use race as a weapon for the cheapest of political stunts.

Recently, so have tried to reignite the lie, claiming that Democratic Rep Heath Shuler (NC) walked with the Caucus and heard the imagined slurs.

That has now been debunked as well.

But he wasn't there. He was near Barney Frank, and did hear already documented slur uttered at his expense (though somehow missed the alleged f-bomb the foul-mouthed Frank uttered to elicit that response).

Heath Shuler was nowhere near the race-baiting liars of the Congressional Black Caucus when they slandered thousands.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at April 15, 2010 06:55 AM

I'd like to know what my so-called Blue Dog Congressman is doing hanging out with the likes of Barney Frank? Not because he is a homosexual, none of my business, but rather is a fascist leaning statist. It is looking pretty obvious that Shuler's vote simply wasn't needed, otherwise, he would have stepped up and voted for it. His district leans right. Or am I applying guilt by association? I don't care. Any sensible centrist isn't walking through that crowd and certainly not in the vicinity of Barney Frank. That walk of shame was for cynical purposes whether they be to illicit a negative response or gloat, it was wrong and the fact that Shuler was there regardless of who may have been intentionally or unintentionally near him is moot.

Posted by: Scott Pierce at April 15, 2010 09:50 AM

Stupak was considered a "Blue Dog" and he has a lifetime ACU rating of around 20, which tends to emphasize the point that the entire label is a put up job by the left to make them seem more palatable to moderates.

Posted by: ECM at April 15, 2010 02:16 PM

Let's not forget that Shuler resorted to bald-faced lies in his opposition to the FairTax.

Posted by: Tennessee Budd at April 16, 2010 12:16 PM