April 22, 2010

Did Obama Lie About His Role In Selling His Old Seat?

An improperly-redacted copy of a subpoena issued by the defense in United States v. Rod Blagojevich sure makes it look that way. What the subpoena alleges Obama did is at odds about what he claimed publicly.

We know Barack Obama lies. What we don't know is whether or not he has been dumb enough to get exposed as a criminal as well. I certainly hope not.

The thought of "President Biden" is almost too much to bear.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at April 22, 2010 02:50 PM

I'm not so sure. While Biden has been a reliable liberal and generally wrong on every major issue before Congress during his tenure, there is little evidence that he is a socialist true believer intent on destroying democracy and capitalism. He might well be better than Obama, though it would surely be a matter of degree.

Posted by: mikemcdaniel at April 22, 2010 04:53 PM

Oh yea. Like this would change anything if true. We had another president lie, er, mistate the truth, and look what it got him.

Posted by: Trent at April 22, 2010 05:01 PM

Who would that be Trent? I trust you are talking about William Jefferson Clinton.

Posted by: Zelsdorf Ragshaft III at April 22, 2010 06:33 PM

CY - I would have to agree with mikemcdaniel. Biden would be controllable because he is a stumbling buffoon that very few would take serious, and Harry & Nancy would think him easy to manipulate. His boss though is a whole different animal - he is evil and a pathological ideologue that is systematically tearing down this country so that he can rebuild it in his socialistic/statist vision.

Posted by: mixitup at April 22, 2010 08:22 PM

bring on Biden..... he's an improvement over Ear Leader.

Posted by: redc1c4 at April 22, 2010 09:58 PM

Biden is responsible for VAWA, which is designed to ruin lives and eliminate liberty. 'Nuff said.

Posted by: Pablo at April 22, 2010 09:59 PM

Given that it would likely be in concert with Vice-President Pelosi, I wonder how long President Biden would reign before he was suddenly found ... deceased.

Posted by: Wayne at April 23, 2010 09:25 AM

If you want to be kept up at night worrying about the line of succession, think about president Nancy.

Joe Biden may be dumb as a box of rocks, but he's malleable. And he passes my "would I have a drink with this guy" test. Obama surely does not pass that test.

Given that Congress will almost certainly be in better balance after this year's elections, Biden will not be nearly as great a threat to our liberty as Obama is.

Posted by: John of Virginia at April 23, 2010 09:31 AM

I see no reason why Biden would choose Pelosi to be his VP. And Biden would be too happy talking all the time to actually do anything. Which is cool with me.

Posted by: buzz at April 23, 2010 03:27 PM

buzz, Nancy already is in the line of succession: No. 3 as Speaker of the House.

If Biden becomes president, until he gets a Veep, she's next.

Posted by: John of Virginia at April 23, 2010 08:32 PM

Amen to that, as one of Ann Coulters titles to her commentary "Joe Biden Assassination Insurance". If one thinks Obama has handlers, wait for President Biden. I doubt Biden could tie his own shoes with-out someone doing it for him.

There was a reason he was one of the most senior Senators and his own party would not give him a chairmanship on a committee. That is unheard of. I never understood that pick. If I was a conspiracy nut who assume things with-out any evidence I would think it was some plot to set-up a puppet, or insure Obama stays inline.
Its not like he was not going to get reelected from all indications. Something just has never smelled right about that pick, unless Obama really is that stupid. If he lied to federal investigators, then I would say he really is dumb to pick Biden.

Posted by: Brian at April 24, 2010 08:37 AM

I just have one question. Where is Rezko???

Posted by: dgj at April 24, 2010 09:42 AM