April 26, 2010

Breitbart: Audio Shows John Lewis, Andre Carson are Liars

He's right, you know.

If they weren't lying they'd stick to their guns instead of trying to hide or change the subject. There is a certain amount of disgust one must have for Civil Rights veteran John Lewis, Andre Carson, and other Representatives and hangers-on of the Congressional Black Caucus who apparently hoped to incite Tea Party protesters, failed, and then later decided to lie and claim racial epithets were hurled because their attempt at bigotry trolling failed.

John Lewis, who spent his life presumably fighting for equality, now seems little better than racists such as David Duke, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton.

Indeed, it's amusing to watch liberals fume and huff over Duke's most recent comments about the Tea Party, but absolutely refuse to address the cesspits of racial hatred of their own racially-exclusive caucus and it's most recent orchestrated attempt to smear law-abiding citizens peaceably assembled to protest flawed legislation.

Until these faux liberals can admit the racism in their own midst, admit that minorities can be racist, and indeed, that some of the minorities who are the worst offenders hold positions of power in this Democratic Congress in general and the Congressional Black Caucus in specific, then they are simply not worth our further time or attention.

Breitbart has exposed real racists on Capitol Hill. Watch the liberals scatter as they try to avoid admitting that the bigots and liars are their own ignorant brethren.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at April 26, 2010 08:16 PM

As painful as it may be to uncover the bankruptcy of the CBC's leaders, this is an important moment for America as it signifies the transition to a post-racial society.

Most are misled in believing the status of post-racial occurs following the removal of race from discussion. Instead, the post-racial condition occurs when everything becomes racist. Derrida recognized this emergence through his famous deconstruction of Rousseau, Levi-Strauss and Saussure by uncovering the intrinsic phonocentrism in their thought and criticism of writing, but furthermore realizing that the criticism of writing was present in both binaries (writing/speech). Racism is equally inherent in all aspects of our society. Unable to un-remember the concept of race we apply to the human object, the equalizing alternative is to realize that everything is racist.

Lewis, Carson and others were correct to "hear" racism in the glances, utterances, chants - regardless of what was said or imagined. Race is in every facial expression and every word expressed. But they may not realize that this same racism is equally expressed in their thoughts, motions, and accusations as well. Nothing cannot be racist today. From an infant crying to the shuffle of Robert Byrd's feet, all invoke the racist violence imminent in our mere existence. Condemned to universal racism, humanity's again free to grapple with this condition that privileges no skin color, no ancestry, no economic class. In the era of Obama, we are all both master and slave.

My genuine appreciation to the CBC for allowing us to arrive at this transitory moment. America, we're all racists now. Now we may move on to new challenges.

Posted by: Hatless Hessian at April 26, 2010 10:33 PM

Audio Shows John Lewis, Andre Carson are Liars

Technically speaking, audio "shows" nothing.

Also: Worse than not being a post-racial society, American is devolving into an oligarchy-ruled post-consumer society. Who cares about the oligarchs... but if we're not consumers, Americans have no identity at all!

Posted by: Miss Kublik at April 27, 2010 11:12 PM