May 11, 2010

You're Fat and Stupid: White House Manufacturers Another Epidemic Requiring An Intrusive Big Government Response

They can't stop meddling:

A White House report warns, "The childhood obesity epidemic in America is a national health crisis."

The review by the Task Force on Childhood Obesity says one out of every three children is overweight or obese. The task force is a key part of First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign to solve the problem of obesity within a generation. President Obama ordered the comprehensive review of the issue.

The report includes familiar themes, emphasizing the importance of improved nutrition and physical activity. It also calls for some new and dramatic controls on the marketing of unhealthy foods.

The task force wants junk food makers and marketers to go on what amounts to an advertising diet. It says media characters that are often popular with kids should only be used to promote healthy products. If voluntary efforts fail to limit marketing of less healthy products to young viewers, the task force suggests the FCC should consider new rules on commercials in children's programming. It also challenges food retailers to stop using in-store displays to sell unhealthy food items to children.

The advisory panel proposes better food content labeling on products and vending machines. Restaurants and vending machine companies are urged to display calorie counts. The experts say the FDA and USDA should cooperate with the food and beverage industries to develop a standard system of nutrition labeling on the front of packages. The study also suggests that restaurants should re-evaluate portion sizes, improve kids' menus and list more healthy food choices.

Are there really people over the age of 12 with working brain cells that don't yet know that high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie meals are unhealthy?

Like Obamacare, this latest initiative is about control, not health. It is the latest attempt by progressives to usurp power over even the most mundane parts of our lives, and turn a once-free nation into obedient servants.

Michelle Obama is joke of a face for this campaign. Her last paying job was to find a way to dump hospital patients back on the street, and her parenting skills include subjecting her daughters to a racial supremacist church.

Don't tell us how we should raise our kids, Michelle, when you've set such a horrible example for your own.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at May 11, 2010 12:26 PM

They will continue to hammer this issue, once they get into something new they will never leave and can only get bigger. It may be a small issue, but it can create a big issue down the road.

Posted by: Picric at May 11, 2010 01:00 PM

Stop subsidizing HFCL and making cane/beet sugar uneconomic to produce & use.

See what happens then.

Posted by: SSG Jeff (USAR) at May 11, 2010 02:25 PM

Sorry - make that HFCS, not HFCL. You know - High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Posted by: SSG Jeff (USAR) at May 11, 2010 02:26 PM

I have a theory. That is that we are seeing a world wide epidemic in obesity as a consequence of the liberal emphasis on "healthy diets". For years they have been insisting on low fat diets to reduce the tendency to cardiac disease. The only problem is that you can diet all day long and it want do a damn thing. The consequence is that you wind up eating a high carbohydrate diet to give the taste and satisfaction that fat gives. The fat actually has less to do with weight gain than the carbohydrates. Thus, more food, more calories, more fatness.

The other problem, get little Billy off his ass and make him play outside with the perverts and quit watching him all day long and keeping him from doing what kids should naturally do. Like fight, run, be obnoxious, etc.

Posted by: David at May 11, 2010 02:27 PM

One of the left's good old standbys, "It's for the kids." Disagree and you're some kind of inhumane monster who hates kids. Presidents have been doing the kids health stuff forever. When I was a kid it was Kennedy pushing health, in all those years it hasn't helped much I'd say.

Posted by: NevadaDailySteve at May 11, 2010 04:37 PM

Did you know that 27% of potential recruits to the Armed Services in the United States are too obese to be admitted? If you frame it as a national defense issue you might get the attention of one or two conservatives.

Issue two:calories and portion size. Stop with the American size portions! Even when the nation was chopping forests and building rail roads the portions at meal times were smaller. Now Americans are sedentary and eat even more of the same diet.

Hurrah for Michelle! She's starting at the right place.

Posted by: Steve Schwab at May 12, 2010 07:25 AM

fat vs bread

It is not what you eat, it is how much and how often. And "Nanny" has been giving some terrible advice, resulting in horrible policies. A few weeks ago, several school districts in the UK came under fire - seems their "healthy" food programs (e.g. five portions of fruit/veg per diem) were actually unhealthy - they are adding back fish, whole milk (yes, with fats), even occasional red meat...

Posted by: John A at May 12, 2010 03:53 PM

Sorry, but I'm not falling for the obesity epidemic crap. I've been the same height since high school, but my "recommended" weight has dropped precipitously.

I went from just right to obese solely because they redefined what it means to be obese.

Are there people who are too fat? Duh. Is there an epidemic? No. It's manufactured from the get-go.

Posted by: DoorHold at May 16, 2010 09:02 AM