May 18, 2010

"Family Values" Rep. Souder Quits in Disgrace Over Affair

There are few things more galling than someone claiming the moral high ground when they are actually bottom feeders. I feel sorry for Souder's family, and the family of his promiscuous staffer, but the two of them actually involved in this apparently long-term affair deserve whatever humiliations come their way.

The most shocking thing about this affair is that the other person was, in fact, a woman.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at May 18, 2010 11:19 AM

Rather than seeing this as a negative, we should be celebrating. We don't need these duplicitous slime-balls in positions of power or in the Republican party. They have poisoned our party, making all too easy for independants to say,"Well they are all the same." Shine sunlight on all their affairs; turn over every rock. The American public is ready to forgive honest mistakes, even stupid actions.

Posted by: garrettc at May 18, 2010 01:17 PM

This kind of thing really pisses those of us who spent time in 'Nam off.

I should mention that my time in Vietnam was spent at the airport, as part of a flight layover. Didn't want to give you the wrong impression.

Posted by: Kevin at May 19, 2010 03:05 AM

Maybe I don't pay close enough attention, but I've never seen any Democrats run for office on a platform of, "Of course I'll cheat on my wife!"

Posted by: flenser at May 19, 2010 01:45 PM

OK, it was an affair. So I suppose it is worse than Newt G promoting "family values" [Contract With America] and then after election promptly getting a divorce and re-marrying.

I am not totally against divorce, far from it - but it rankles when a "holier than thou" rails against it for months and then dumps the spouse. NG lagely seems good enough, but I cannot forget it.

Posted by: John A at May 19, 2010 07:08 PM

Affairs of the heart are just that, and the heart is illogical. People can espouse family values, believe in them, think that ideal is best for civilization, yet not live up to them. We are all human especially in this most delicate, intricate and complicated of human emotions. Marital relations and what goes on behind close doors is impossible for anyone else to judge.

Posted by: Jayne at May 19, 2010 10:11 PM