June 04, 2010

Carradine's Widow Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

She claims the French company handling the actor's last film ( the perfectly titled Stretch) "failed to provide proper services to protect him."

Which is what... bungie cord instead of rope?

I suspect the trial will end in a hung jury.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 4, 2010 02:09 PM

I'm knot surprised.

Posted by: Mary in LA at June 4, 2010 03:52 PM

Will the award take a large bight out of the company's budget?

(Seriously, though, I was very sorry when Mr. Carradine died. And what a sad and undignified way to go!)

Posted by: Mary in LA at June 4, 2010 03:55 PM

If she wins, will she then go out, celebrate and tie one on?

Posted by: arb at June 4, 2010 04:57 PM

I wonder if the lawyers for the defense will give her enough rope to hang herself or at least let her tie herself in knots before the judge gives her the long drop and dismisses the case.

Tarheel Repub Out!

Posted by: Tarheel Repub at June 5, 2010 11:44 AM

No noose is good noose.

Posted by: Adirondack Patriot at June 6, 2010 08:23 PM

I knew a woman who died in the same embarassing way. Carradine's wife needs to let that go.

Posted by: Odins Acolyte at June 7, 2010 01:37 PM