June 08, 2010

How Fed Up Are Some Americans With Mexico? Very.

Polls have showed strong support for Arizona's immigration law even in blue states, but I was under the apparent delusion that people were drawing a distinction between illegal aliens from Mexico in the United States and Mexicans in Mexico.

If the commenters responding to this Yahoo! News account of a Mexican teenager begin shot to death by a U.S. Border Patrol Officer are any indication, I was way, way off.

Scanning through the first two pages of comments (which now number more than 1,200), it seems that many Americans have had it with Mexicans, period. Deluged with a constant stream of news about drug cartel torture, rape and murder, illegal immigration, and a hypocritical Mexican government that champions illegal immigration of the U.S. while violent crushing it on their own southern border, it isn't hard to understand their negative opinions. Our most common recent perceptions of our southern neighbor aren't flattering (to put it mildly), and Mexico has directly brought that negative attention onto itself.

Many commenters seem to care less whether or not the shooting was legally justified, and some seemed actually thrilled that the teen was dead. That Mexican authorities may have been captured on video crossing the border into the U.S. to retrieve the shell casing—perhaps to try to frame the U.S. officer as being inside Mexico by placing the casing on their side of the border—certainly doesn't help issues.

The incompetence of the Mexican government to handle corruption and criminality along the border has led to "corrective action" before.

The Mexicans need to get their house in order before a 21st Century America determines another punitive expedition is in order, and finds their own Patton to to cheer.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 8, 2010 08:25 PM

Well, when do we say enough is enough. Most of us already know that answer,when its too late ,Americans are being executed daily and found with their hearts cut out of their chest's.It certainly won't happen during the term of our "glorious leader".
Its amazing how frustrated Mexican's are with the US attempting to defend its own borders from people committing crimes.Try crossing the border illegally in 100 plus countries around the world and see what kind of receptopn you get.

Posted by: Bill at June 9, 2010 05:48 AM

I dont feel any sypathy for the goblin either.

any one who thinks this was unessasary needs to step up and let me and ten of my buddies throw rocks as big as we can find at your head.

stones have been used to kill for eons.

and think about it clearly for a moment you go into a foriegn country and throw rocks at the police?

Posted by: rumcrook¾ at June 9, 2010 10:57 AM

Fed up with Mexico? Yes. Forty and Fifty years ago I was hearing people recount how they were ripped off when traveling in Mexico, with the connivance of Mexican police and officials. Now it's far, far worse and what's more the Mexican government conspires to undermine American laws and sovereignty. There are many wonderful aspects of Mexican culture, but that is no reason to tolerate all the !#@$%. As for that rock-throwing illegal, no sympathy.

Posted by: pst314 at June 9, 2010 12:16 PM

I went to Mexico in the sixties to build churches with our local group. At that time, we lived and worked among Mexicans of several different classes and occupations. I can assure you that the Mexicans have a deep, absolute hate for people from the US. I was never as glad to be out of a place in my life (except for an Indian reservation).

Looked at the comments an was amazed at the response, 95% totally against the Mexican state.

One trick to be aware of. We had a very attratctive 19 year old go with a group to Mexico a few years ago. She went in a bar and paid for a drink. On trying to leave, the police arrested her, they just happened to be sitting in the back. They took her to jail on trying to pass conterfiet money. Her family had to pay $5000 to get her back.

Posted by: David at June 9, 2010 01:28 PM

I've been to Mexico a few times. I like Mexico. Especially the Yucatan. I like Mexicans. But I will not go back there. I have nothing but contempt for the corrupt Mexican government, and its elites that defer addressing any Mexican social and economic problems by herding their excess, unemployed and impoverished population to El Norte, and encouraging antipathy toward the U.S. and indifference to its laws. Guys like Calderon and his ilk are well-coiffed and articulate parasites. How dare he scold Arizona for its laws. How dare the Democrats give him a standing O in the Congress of the United States. To hell with Calderon and the caballo he rode in on. And to hell with the Democrats. I'd like to see a mass of them spit-roasted at the polls in November.

Posted by: zhombre at June 9, 2010 05:19 PM

Throwing rocks at people armed with guns is always a good idea, just look what it's done for the Palestinians! Now hand the kids mother his Darwin award, she did such a wonderful job raising him that she earned it. FEH.

Posted by: Rip VanBullwinkle at June 9, 2010 07:11 PM