June 11, 2010

Captain Kick-ass Deceives About Drilling Moratorium

The seven experts who advised President Obama on how to deal with offshore drilling safety after the Deepwater Horizon explosion are accusing his administration of misrepresenting their views to make it appear that they supported a six-month drilling moratorium -- something they actually oppose.

The experts, recommended by the National Academy of Engineering, say Interior Secretary Ken Salazar modified their report last month, after they signed it, to include two paragraphs calling for the moratorium on existing drilling and new permits.

In plain English, Salazar committed fraud, and no doubt at the request of the White House.

The Administration insists it did nothing wrong, even as it commits fraud and threatens the economies of already battered Gulf states.

Obama knows cap-and-trade is a dead issue, and had the "temporary" moratorium placed with the idea of driving oil rigs out of the Gulf.

...because the floating rigs are scarce and in high demand worldwide, they will not simply sit in the Gulf idle for six months. The rigs will go to the North Sea and West Africa, possibly preventing the U.S. from being able to resume drilling for years.

They said the best and most advanced rigs will be the first to go, leaving the U.S. with the older and potentially less safe rights operating in the nation's coastal waters.

Obama intends to force the price of oil up (further impacting the economy) and subject our coastlines to an even greater threat of ecological disaster for purely political reasons.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 11, 2010 12:51 PM

At this point I am fantasizing about a president in 2013 with large enough majorities to clean out 40 years of insane rules and laws. Repealing Obamacare. Opening all the places where there is actually energy to responsible mining. Opening the Yucca Mountain Repository for nuclear waste. Banning efforts at "fairness" in free speech. Finishing the border fence. A flat rate or other rational income tax. etc. Make your own list. The price of the next 2+ years will be great, but perhaps there really is a silver lining.

Posted by: Tregonsee at June 11, 2010 02:02 PM

I am beginning to wonder if we will be able to survive till 2012. If we survive, consider all the damage that will have been done. Also, I am concerned that the fools that put this idiot in office have not changed in any way. They seem to be totally unaware of the impact he is having on every aspect of our lives.

Posted by: David at June 11, 2010 02:33 PM

@ David, I totally agree with your statement.

Posted by: gDavid at June 11, 2010 07:23 PM

Now now, don't work yourselves up. Don't you know that a word--take "fraud" for example--means only as much, and no more, than Barack Obama intends it to mean at any given moment? How can we have the hope and change this country so desperately needs if our president can't warp reality by his mere utterances? You see? Fraud isn't fraud if Obama (or his minions) say it isn't fraud! Bankrupting the nation is change! Allowing the most evil terrorist regime on the planet to continue to kill Americans while building nuclear weapons is hope! It's so much easier if you only accept Obama as The One.

Posted by: mikemcdaniel at June 11, 2010 11:14 PM

Tregonsee, I am afraid David is more right than you hope he isn't. Not much of a silver lining - and the 2 1/2 years left could destroy our Republic beyond repair. In less than 7 months EVERYONE'S taxes will be rising by a huge amount. That will mean billions of dollars out of consumer hands - which is 70% of our economy. Next, we all will have added to our taxable income the cash value of that portion of our health plan that is paid by the employer. This kicks in in 2011. For a family of four that could be an extra $10-15,000 on a w-2. He/she will have to pay taxes on this fantom income as if it were real income - yet the cash didn't go through your hands. MORE pain for the consumer and less consumerism!!! Next, take all this and extrapolate it to the entire domestic economy and you have an economic DISASTER!!!! No silver lining......... 15-17% real unemployment and businsses closing down for lack of....BUSINESS!

Posted by: mixitup at June 11, 2010 11:17 PM

Obama ignored professional advice and imposed the drilling ban purely on ideological grounds. All those rigs will disappear, allowed to drill in other countries' waters, they may never return. Ironically some will go to the North Sea and Brazil, two areas that supposedly have higher safety standards than the US does. I can't see any Western foreign company daring to commit drill or to do new business in the States while the North American Chavez is in power.

Perhaps Obama's BP Jihad is simply a ruse to offload BP's assets onto more favourable business partners, such as Petro China or Gazprom.

Posted by: Jimmy Mac at June 12, 2010 04:24 AM

Jimmy Mac has it dead right. This isn't about safety or science. It's about politics.

Bobby Jindal related the contents of a conversation he had with senior WH adviser Valerie Jarrett. Jarret asked Jindal "why the rigs simply wouldn't come back after six months."

We have dealt with incompentence in Government before, and we have dealt with radical progresssivism in Government before. But I don't think we've ever seen such a unique and poisonous combination of idiocy and progressive radicalism.

It is a truly "historic" presidency, indeed.

Posted by: Dave at June 12, 2010 09:57 AM

When you think about everthing this guy and his administration have done, you have to say that they are either the stupidist people that could be collected or they are intentionally trying to irreparably harm the US. If harm is intended, it is meant to be something we can not recover from. The economy, health care, business, energy, foreign policy have all been targeted and either subjected to complete incompetence or intentionally undermined to the point that recovery will not be possible.

Posted by: David at June 12, 2010 01:09 PM