June 22, 2010

Mexican Cartels Threaten U.S. Cops

While Obama dithers and panders, the drug lords smell weakness and openly threaten American police:

Police officers in a small Arizona border city are on heightened alert following a tip that a Mexican drug cartel will put them in its crosshairs if they conduct off-duty busts.

The threat stems from a marijuana seizure made this month by two off-duty police officers riding on horseback in an unincorporated area east of Nogales, a city of roughly 20,000, Police Chief Jeffrey Kirkham told

"The word was that these particular officers would be targeted if they were ever in that area again and were not on duty and intercepted any drug trafficking," Kirkham said. "It said they should look the other way."

The unidentified officers were able to confiscate roughly 400 pounds of marijuana during the seizure in early June at a known smuggling corridor along the U.S.-Mexican border where there is "relatively no fencing," Kirkham said. No arrests were made, and the smugglers were able to retreat into Mexico.

These police officers did more off duty to protect this nation and our children from drugs than President Obama has ever has on the job. As a result of the Obama Administration pandering to illegal aliens in hopes of converting them to Democratic voters, law enforcement officers on the border are forced to go armed at all times.

The government's continued indifference is a betrayal of the men and women who do they best they can to protect us and our children from violent cartels and the poison they sell.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 22, 2010 05:32 PM

Wanna bet the cartels are contributing more to Obama's campaign than Arizona cops? It's the Chicago way, after all.

Posted by: Mark L at June 23, 2010 07:46 AM

But Obama sent 1200 troops to the area, according to the Dem. talking heads. Or is he thinking about it? Or is he trying? Regardless, he feels something should be done. He just hasn't had time with the golf and ball games.

As Leno said, Obama was so mad when he found out that Hayward was sailing that he missd his putt.

Posted by: David at June 23, 2010 09:08 AM

Yeah, because 400 pounds of pot is an existential threat to the very fabric of our nation.


Sorry. The absurdity of that particular bust just irks the crap out of me.

The greater point that Mexican drug dealers are threatening US peace officers is not so droll.

Oh, almost forgot. Mark L., don't be so damn stupid. We have more than enough legitimate ammo against President Barry without doofuses throwing out silly, crazy accusations like that one.

Now. If you you have some actual proof of such support, knock yourself out.

Posted by: Casey at June 24, 2010 01:27 AM