July 11, 2010

Black Rifle Update

Last week I asked you for advice on M4 carbines. Specifically, I was trying to decide between a pair of exellent rifles, the Noveske Rifleworks 16" Light Recce, BASIC, and the Daniel Defense DDXVM and was wondering which I should go with.

As it turns out, the answer, according to you, was neither.

There isn't anything wrong with either of these firearms, but as more than one experienced reader pointed out, I'm not going to need such high-end carbines for the kind of shooting I am most likely to do. I'm not SWAT, or a security contractor in the Sandbox.

Regular reader Mike McDaniel, Down Range TV's Michael Bane, and Sean from I am to misbehave were among those that pounded into my head that a solid, basic carbine without all the bells and whistles would suit my needs just fine. I didn't need a $1,500-and-up rifle.

And then Blake pointed me to this gem of a page, a comparison chart of major AR brands based upon key features.

After reading through that thread, comparing all the features, listening to the practical advice of experts (and then submitting to gun geek lust just a little bit) this is what I ended up ordering on Friday.

Meet the Bravo Company Machine Mid-16 Mod 2.

It has all the key features I could hope for, plus some nice extras (quad-rail, rear BUIS), and at a very reasonable price.

Mike McDaniel suggested an excellent list of add-ons to enhance the functionality of the carbine, without paying "tacti-cool" prices for stuff I don't need. I've ordered the basics.

Now I need to start thinking about a carbine training course, and training gear.

But that sounds like another blog post, for another time...

Posted by Confederate Yankee at July 11, 2010 07:48 AM

Looks like a bargain. Myself, I have four rifles in 5.56, none of them an AR. Most recently I got a Robinson XCR with the 16" heavy barrel. Very nice piece, and it's piston actuated. Costs about the same as what you ordered.

In fact, all the reading I have been doing lately on the Bushmaster ACR/Masada makes me wonder why anyone would pay twice as much for what is functionally the same rifle as the XCR.

Posted by: Steve Skubinna at July 11, 2010 01:26 PM

May I make a reccomendation:

A reticule or a red dot sight. Makes life and aiming easier. Mostly the aiming part though.

They're kinda pricey though, and I still recommend learning to aim that thing on iron sights first.

Posted by: chaz at July 11, 2010 09:58 PM

Bob: Also a minor suggestion: While some of the 'bling' for an M-4 variant is nice, keep weight considerations in mind! Each peice of "pimp my carbine" adds to the overall weight, and thereby causes changes in it's handling characteristics whilst putting lead downrange. Remember: Learn to shoot with it both ways, encumbered and unencumbered, so that you know how it handles under ANY circumstances. I mean hell, check my FB pics to see what a $200 DD Tax stamp will get you, if you want to go "whole hog" LOL! (Then again, here in Iraq, I NEED extras like that in my current line of work... thats why the ATF and Sheriff were so kind enuff to sign off on my paperwork)

Posted by: Big Country at July 12, 2010 12:30 PM