July 15, 2010

Busted for Fraud, Think Progress Decides to Play Cover Up... Poorly

Oh, Think Progress... aren't you clever?

You apparently didn't like us promoting your video, and so you marked the version linked in that previous entry as "private", blocking access to most users.

Uh, guys?

Merely blocking that video and replicating it elsewere doesn't do you any favors, or save you any embarrassment. Amusingly, it it indicates that you know you have a problem, but that you simply don't care to correct your lies.

I'd feel sorry for you, if you had souls.

But your offending article is still online. Your video may change locations, but is easily relinked. The more often you do it, the more obvious your panic becomes.

About the only thing you can do at this point to save face is to issue a retraction, but we know that isn't likely to happen either, is it?

That wold require humility and integrity, two character traits that have rarely burdened you.

Keep playing games, my friends.

We'll keep busting you.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at July 15, 2010 10:24 AM

How Pathetic.

Posted by: Dolly at July 15, 2010 11:05 AM

No wonder their comment section now requires registration.

Posted by: Randy Rager at July 15, 2010 11:06 AM

Excellent work. Linked previous and this one too. Keep rattin' these fookers out.


Posted by: Patrick in Detroit at July 15, 2010 11:13 AM

Great work...I remember seeing the guy with the lisp at a TH meeting in another video...I should have time-machined it!!

Posted by: DefendUSA at July 15, 2010 11:43 AM

Wow. . .for a bunch of people that have been exposed as complete and total frauds, you'd think they'd be a little more humble.

Amazing that there's something with the handle "just the bleepn facts" that may be the single dumbest, most ignorant, complete and utter mouth-breathing piece of filth that I've come across on a political site on the internet. And, boy howdy, that covers some ground.

Think Progress is the Mos Eisley Cantina of the internet political landscape. A wretched hive of scum and villany.

Posted by: TheGonz at July 15, 2010 11:57 AM

Think stupid.

Posted by: dissident at July 15, 2010 12:26 PM

They added an update apologizing for the bad clip. It seems they do have "souls" after all. No need for the hysterics, mate.

Posted by: Deebaser at July 16, 2010 12:43 PM