July 31, 2010

A Nation on the Edge of Revolt

Ernest S. Christian and Gary A. Roberts wonder aloud whether the power grabs of the Obama Administration and the ruling class mentality of entrenched Democrat and Republican political machines will lead to a second Revolutionary War.

I'll lay it out bluntly for you; either the American people—not extremists, but good and decent patriots like your neighbors and yourselves—will revolt and destroy the ruling class and reform our government based upon first principles, or the United States we know as our forefather conceived it is dead.

I do not state this as hyperbole. I do not state this to incite violence. I state this as nothing more or less than an observation of both history and current events. While we are a relatively young nation, our government is the oldest on the planet. Since our founders met in Philadelphia, the French have gone through five republics. Every nation in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and North America has seen governments rise and fall, but our resilient democratic republic, the "Great Experiment," has soldiered on.

All cultures and governments, however, rot. This inevitably comes from inside, as a cancer. Our politicians view the people as rubes and subjects, and treat them as such. They imagine themselves a ruling class that exists for their own edification, at the expense of the nation as a whole.

When nations reach this point, they either collapse, or the people reform or replace their governments.

We have arrived at that time. Reform increasingly seems to be a fleeting option. Republicans and Democrats differ only in how they plan to loot the public coffers. Our present Congress and Administration are merely more transparent in their corruption and disdain than their predecessors.

Our would-be ruling class has abandoned the principles that founded this nation. They are attempting to establish a state of affairs where the people serve the government and the government determines your success or failure. Corruption no longer matters. Sovereignty no longer matters. The rule of law no longer matters.

They have won in a bloodless coup.

Or so they would like you to think.

Whether they actually win or not depends upon how much you love your family and your nation and the principles that made this nation great. Our founders themselves believed in the right of revolt, and knew better than any of us that governments must be replaced from time to time. They were wise enough to provide us with a constitutional framework that will outlast any government, including this one. We can dispose of this government, and restore the Constitution that has served us and the rest of the world so well for so long.

We stand at the brink.

We are on the right side of history. Our would-be rulers, fat on self-appointed largesse and drunk on their own purloined power, imagine us subjects, not free men and women.

Revolution is a brutish, nasty business. Innocents will fall along with patriots and the corrupt, and success is not assured.

In a letter to James Warren in 1789, Samuel Adams foresaw our current state.

A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.

The question for you, my fellow Americans, is simple.

Will you fight, or will you surrender your liberties?

I pray for peace.

But I prepare for war.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at July 31, 2010 10:07 AM

On August 27th, 1974, I took an oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. As far as I am concerned, no one has released me from that oath, and although I've grayed considerably since 1974, I am ready to continue to fulfill that oath.

Like you, I pray for peace, but am prepared for war.

Posted by: GrAy Wolf at July 31, 2010 10:54 AM

Funny that when Bush and the Republicans were doubling the national debt, trampling civil liberties, and making up reasons to invade sovereign nations there were no Tea Parties and no talk of “revolution.”

Now, all of a sudden you’ve reached the breaking point and America as we know it is finished unless the government is overthrown. I’ll ask you the same question I ask every TPer griping about out-of-control spending and having their constitutional rights taken away.

Where were you for 8 years?

Posted by: Desperado at July 31, 2010 12:23 PM

"Whether they actually win or not depends upon how much you love your family and your nation and the principles that made this nation great."

It is actually much more simple. Whether they win or not depends on whether the people of the United States continue to vote for the stooges of the Democratic and Republican parties. Freedom and independence today begins with freedom and independence from the Democratic and Republican party machines, from the tyranny of the two-party state and the duopoly system of government.

Have no doubt, the Democratic and Republican Parties, the political class as such, are literally at war with the people of the United States. They have been for some time. It is no coincidence that so many millions of Americans are locked up in cages; that more and more everyday behaviors are criminalized year after year; that the police state is becoming ever more corrupt and ever more powerful; that we are under constant surveillance etc.

Posted by: d.eris at July 31, 2010 12:45 PM

Most people on the left are incapable of comprehending simple English.

"Ernest S. Christian and Gary A. Roberts wonder aloud whether the power grabs of the Obama Administration and the ruling class mentality of entrenched Democrat and Republican political machines will lead to a second Revolutionary War."

Emphasis added for the benefit of our lefty friend.

Posted by: flenser at July 31, 2010 12:47 PM

poor "desperado"..... still trying to blame everything on Bush.

its so sad when a one trick pony comes up lame.

Posted by: redc1c4 at July 31, 2010 12:55 PM

Ironically, I read the same IBD article last night, and it put me deep in thought. My wife could not miss the sober expression on my face afterwards and asked what was wrong, and all I could do is shake my head.

Your post today encapsulated the same sad realization I had last night. Revolution against both ruling parties is no longer a matter of IF; it is a matter of WHEN. And the WHEN is likely sooner than any of us could possibly anticipate.

Posted by: AtticusNC at July 31, 2010 01:58 PM

Desparado summates the problem that we have. A good number of Americans do not realize that the effort to change our government back to the original concept began in the 70's. Since we have had a sucession of presidents and Congress's that have been variably responsive to the will of the majority. Bush was not a conservative and really did get us into a considerable amount of difficulty. But Obama is clearly trying to destroy the country, and succeeding. I don't think November will help, and desparado, this in no longer a game. People are serious and willing to sacrifice everything to restore our freedom.

Posted by: David at July 31, 2010 02:08 PM

I'm sorry. The question is NOT "Will you fight, or will you surrender your liberties?"

We have surrendered our liberties. They are gone. (For those that appear not to be gone, see recent legislation and the backlog of regulations yet to be promulgated.)

The question is, "We will we put up candidates (and elect them) willing and able to use the tiny foot-holds left to overthrow the masters we have installed??

Posted by: Larry Sheldon at July 31, 2010 02:20 PM

Seriously though... where were you guys during the Bush years? Because whatever you think of Obama, Bush was doing at least as bad or worse, and most people on your side of the fence were cheering him on the whole time. Can you really blame the rest of us, moderates and liberals alike, from thinking that just maybe this whole thing is a put on? It's easy to claim that you're against anyone who expands government and increases debt, but you didn't even try to do a damn thing about it until your opposition came into power.

Anyway, the really nice thing about our government is that you don't need a military revolution to change things. If enough people agree with you, or if you can convince them, you can take power in a clean, orderly fashion, and make all the changes you want. Given that this hasn't happened, I'm curious what you think the result of a coup would be. Once you throw all the current politicians in jail, what do you think would stop people from voting for an equally corrupt or inept group to replace them? Or are you planning to rule by military dictatorship for a while, and do away with that pesky "voting" thing?

We have free elections, a press that's free for the most part (certainly more free than it was a couple hundred years ago), and a populace that is one of the most educated and well-informed on the planet, both now and throughout history. We're basically as close as humans have come to direct self-governance. Just because your side isn't in control doesn't mean that government is some evil group of scheming egomaniacs. They're the people we elected to run the country. They are literally an extension of our collective will, empowered by our votes to use their best judgment and make the decisions they're making. If you don't like it you're welcome to try to educate people or convince them of your views, but frankly, to talk with any seriousness of armed revolution is disgusting. You're openly supporting violent takeover because you don't like how the majority of people in the country voted a couple years back. What gives you the moral standing to say that your preference is more valid than theirs, or to forcibly replace it? Absolutely sickening. I'm ashamed to share a country with you.

Posted by: TMN at July 31, 2010 02:21 PM

Wow. I'm not at ALL prepared for war. We just blew off all of my shells shooting skeet. Plus, they weren't even game load.

Posted by: Kevin at July 31, 2010 02:24 PM

And by the way. Wasting any more energy on crap like "Funny that when Bush and the Republicans were...."

That is not even nonsense.

This is not a Republicans versus Democrats thing.

This is a progressive socialist totalitarian (of which Bush among others is a reasonable example) versus a fondness for freedom and liberty (I wish I had access to the word "libertarian), but I don't---it too has been spoiled) thing.

Posted by: Larry Sheldon at July 31, 2010 02:25 PM

And if you think you have an argument for "Republicans versus Democrats), let me ask you to count the number of Bush policies, programs, and edicts that Obama has embraced and count the number that he has set aside, and report the difference.

No comment about any of them individually, just a number--positive if the latter is greater, negative if the former is.

Posted by: Larry Sheldon at July 31, 2010 02:28 PM

I'll agree this has nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats when someone can point me to one thread in this blog talking about the need for a revolution prior to Obama.

Posted by: Jim at July 31, 2010 03:50 PM

I'm sure if Bush went as far left as Obama by doing his best Chavez imitation by taking over the auto industry, banks, and now health care you'd probably have read lots of anti Bush threads here.

But back on topic, when half the population is sucking off the government then we've already given up our freedoms. They aren't going to vote to get our freedoms back, they just want their "free" money.

Posted by: Capitalist Infidel at July 31, 2010 04:10 PM

A liitle tired of "well Bush did this" and "tea partiers are that". Why don't ya'll grow up. The jerk in the WH now is the mosr devisive, arrogant incompetent clown ever elected surpassing even Carter. He along with the other elitists now sitting are pushing you as hard as they can, daring you to react. Why? Simple. Start trouble and Obama can enact martial law and remain "king". Having said that I took the oath also and am prepared and hoping if the staus quo doesn't change in November change will be forthcoming.

Posted by: A Nobody at July 31, 2010 04:15 PM


The people who revolted in the First Revolution were likewise in the minority.

Those who were content to serve their masters adapted quite well to liberty.

Me personally? I have not changed in ten years my stance on freedom. I screamed just as loud against dead-elephant party president Bush, FYI.

Pick your side now.

Posted by: Justin at July 31, 2010 04:46 PM

If anyone would take the time to look at the polls, they would find that at least 70% of the American people do not agree with the direction our government has taken over the last few decades. The problem is that our system is broken. The will of the majority, particularly the paying majority is not being heard or inacted. I just returned from Europe and can assure you that the world is waiting for November. If things don't change significantly, then you can expect violence.

Posted by: David at July 31, 2010 05:09 PM

I am tired of this where were you when Bush (pick your point) I can tell you that the militias started ramping up under Bush and I will bet most of us have never accepted the need for the patriate act among others. But really it does not matter. Both parties stink! the system has failed before either got into office. The question now remains when will the system be changed. Pick a side or one will be forced on you. Nothing is left but to rebuild. The only question is how will it be rebuilt and what will it look like on the other side....

Posted by: s4r at July 31, 2010 05:42 PM

Thank you, TMN. We have a chance to “overthrow” the government every 2, 4, or 6 years, They’re called elections. Just because you lost the last one doesn’t mean it’s time to take up arms.

What a bunch of sore losers.

Posted by: Desperado at July 31, 2010 05:59 PM

Our votong system is so will control that we can not win at the polls. It will take an over throw of the present system and from from all the people I visited with don't have the balls They are to interested who on the sport page.What a decoy they got all the masses into. Neil

Posted by: Neil` at July 31, 2010 06:05 PM

Seditious much?

Posted by: Sirkowski at July 31, 2010 06:07 PM

Seriously though... where were you guys during the Bush years? Because whatever you think of Obama, Bush was doing at least as bad or worse

Seriously though, what will it take for you guys on the left to learn to read? This is an attack on the Ruling Class, not on your precious Obama.

We have free elections, a press that's free for the most part

There's the problem. A lot of Dems (not all) support the Ruling Class, and see themselves as part of it.

Regardless of which so-called "party" has power, the government does what it wants and not what the American people want. I'd think you lefties would get this - after all, your Big Issues used to be Gitmo, wiretapping, ending the war in Iraq, scrapping Bush's tax cuts. The fact that the Dems in power have done a U-turn on all these issues should bother intelligent lefty voters.

Posted by: flenser at July 31, 2010 07:10 PM

Ever noticed how many Canadian lefties troll American political blogs? It's quite remarkable.

Posted by: flenser at July 31, 2010 07:17 PM

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

The ruling class is far from importing a permanent voting majority in the shape of the tax takers -- granting amnesty to those who broke into our country will seal the fate of this Nation.

The top five percent of income earners in this country pays the majority of the taxes -- but casts five percent of the vote. This is unsustainable.

I will fight.

Posted by: Jim at July 31, 2010 07:21 PM

"someone can point me to one thread in this blog talking about the need for a revolution"

A while back, some Che loving Liberals were here commenting that they wanted to murder everyone that didn't agree with them. They even promised me that they would kill me last. Those might have been the same Libs who gloated about being canibals. Remember them? 52% remember?

I personally think that bloody revolutions are to be avoided if possible.

I'll look for it. I love teaching lessons.

Posted by: brando at July 31, 2010 08:25 PM

I found one! Che in full effect. Those Libs had mental problems. One even thought I was commenting from space! I couldn't talk em out of it, no matter how hard I tried.

Posted by: brando at July 31, 2010 08:43 PM

Desperado, what an uninformed nitwit you are. Since when do elections change anything? Did the election in 2008 end the Iraq War? How about the war in Afghanistan? The revolt is coming, and it is coming against ALL politicians. Obama has pushed the people over the edge. We are all now aware of his deceit, how he ran as a moderate but has governed from the far left. The American people are not a far-left people, anymore than they are far-right. We need balance. We need debate and serious consideration of the right thing to do, not sleazy quick power grabs. No more partisanship and cheap lies, telling us you're doing one thing while actually doing another.

The pols need to be afraid of the people. They need to understand that their livelihoods are in danger if they don't do our will. The rule of government lies in OUR hands, not theirs.

As a proud Virginian, I stand with Patrick Henry: Give me liberty, or give me death. Sic semper tyrannis.

Posted by: KSterling at July 31, 2010 08:43 PM

The people who revolted in the First Revolution were likewise in the minority.

Those who were content to serve their masters adapted quite well to liberty.

That's a completely faulty comparison, because the first American revolution was against a monarchy, and in favor of a democracy. I'm still waiting to hear what system you want in place at the end of your takeover -- if it's another democracy, what do you solve through bloodshed? If it's something else... well, we can discuss that once you provide a straight answer.

Posted by: TMN at July 31, 2010 09:13 PM

Obama has governed from the far left? Now who’s uninformed. A far left president would have brought all the troops home immediately, nationalized the banks, and insisted on single-payer health care. Obama did none of these. In fact, he went out of his way to compromise with Republicans and alienated his base in doing so.

Sic semper tyrannis? Isn’t that what John Wilkes Booth shouted after he shot Lincoln?

Posted by: Desperado at July 31, 2010 09:16 PM

A far left president would have brought all the troops home immediately, nationalized the banks, and insisted on single-payer health care. Obama did none of these. In fact, he went out of his way to compromise with Republicans

It's almost like you're agreeing that there is no real difference between the "two parties", that they constitute a "Ruling Class" with no interest in taking input from the voters. In other words, you're agreeing with Owens.

Posted by: flenser at July 31, 2010 09:29 PM

the first American revolution was against a monarchy, and in favor of a democracy. I'm still waiting to hear what system you want in place at the end of your takeover -- if it's another democracy

We don't have a democracy now, we have the outward trappings of a democracy with none of its substance. The government pursues its own constant course regardless of which party is in control. All the real power has been shifted to people the public can't vote out - bureaucrats and judges. Power hates accountability.

Posted by: flenser at July 31, 2010 09:36 PM

World English Dictionary definition: "Sedition: incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government"

Pretty much defines the behaviour of every parasite lefty "activist" group for the last 40 years. From ANSWER (front for the Revolutionary Communist Party)and BAMN - By Any Means Necessary - to the pig-butt stupid "anti-globalization" pisants throwing bricks through Seattle storefronts and overturning police cars. Not to mention the Jackass in Chief telling his drooling parasite minions to "Get in their face".

In the US of A, our Government is DEFINED BY, and has its powers LIMITED BY the Constitution. Notwithstanding the lobotomized botox queen shrieking "ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOU SERIOUS?.

God Damn right we're serious. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and the folks discussing their willingness to defend the Constitution are, by definition, Patriots.

Snarky parasites who aren't clear on the concept shouldn't use words that are better applied to themselves and their nazi masters.

And a note to the dip stick with the "where were you for the last 8 years" comment:

1) I was supporting Democrats until they finally crossed the line into SUBVERSION and TREASON by bypassing, undermining, re-defining and otherwise ignoring the Constitution.

2) Bush was elected in November 2000. That is TEN years ago. Not eight. You shouldn't even have to use your toes to grasp that number.

3) For crying out loud, next time you connect to the Hive Mind at Socialist-Nazi-DNC Central, download a new phrase. One sentence propaganda chants get really tedious when repeated word for word by the teeming "progressive" lemming horde. The phrase was stupid the first time we heard it.

Heh. That was fun.

Posted by: CFM at July 31, 2010 09:56 PM

We don't have a democracy now, we have the outward trappings of a democracy with none of its substance. The government pursues its own constant course regardless of which party is in control. All the real power has been shifted to people the public can't vote out - bureaucrats and judges. Power hates accountability.

1) Judges at the highest level have always been appointed rather than voted for. It's intentional, and designed to make sure they aren't subject to rapid shifts and political maneuvering. However, it's completely false to say that we have no control over this, as they're appointed by people we elect. Which brings me to

2) Bureaucrats are also appointed by people we elect, and unlike judges can be fired pretty much at will.

So yes, you don't get to vote for them directly. You do get to vote for the guy that appoints them. So yet again I'm going to ask, if you don't agree with the guys we all voted for last time around, what makes you think you'd agree any more with the guys we vote for after the revolution?

Oh, and to claim that judges and bureaucrats hold all the power is ludicrous. Congress and the President still make the laws. If you don't like the laws they're making, get together enough people to vote them out. It sounds like a lot less work than armed revolt, and a lot more sane as well.

Posted by: TMN at July 31, 2010 11:08 PM

Judges at the highest level have always been appointed rather than voted for.

Judges at the highest level used to stick to the law and not interfere in political decisions.

Congress and the President still make the laws.

Congress made laws making illegal immigration illegal. The President (regardless of party) does not enforce that law.

Often Congress and the President promise one thing on the campaign trail and deliver the opposite in office. For instance, Obama was against the individual mandate until he got elected, and then was for it.

to claim that judges and bureaucrats hold all the power is ludicrous

When the peoples elected representatives pass law which the Ruling Class does not like, there are two ways those laws are gutted. One is for the courts to strike them down on some pretext, the other is for bureaucrats to undermine them if they do become law. In many cases judges literally make the law - does Roe ring any bells?

Bureaucrats are also appointed by people we elect, and unlike judges can be fired pretty much at will.

Yes, I remember how the left supported Bush when he fired a bunch of bureaucrats.

Posted by: flenser at August 1, 2010 01:17 AM

"It's almost like you're agreeing that there is no real difference between the "two parties", that they constitute a "Ruling Class" with no interest in taking input from the voters. In other words, you're agreeing with Owens."

Not at all. Just pointing out that Obama is not “far left,” he's a moderate Democrat. There is a difference between the parties. Republicans, by and large, look out for the upper 2% of our society. There are Democrats, though not enough for me, who still care about the middle-class and working people. The recent debate over unemployment benefits made this clear, as does the Republicans desire to extend all the Bush tax cuts.

Posted by: Desperado at August 1, 2010 01:18 AM

Wow. I hated Bush II even more than Bush I and Reagan combined. And yet in all those years I never seriously considered sedition, because I have some faith in the American system.

Yet here a moderate Democrat president (not socialist enough for my tastes, but you can't always get what you want) incites CY to pick up his carbine and wave the flag of rebellion. Good luck with that.

Posted by: Black Bart at August 1, 2010 03:04 AM

The comments of the Statist trolls have one common theme; none of what's happening to the country is fast enough for them. They are so full of hate for this country and what it has provided them (the ones who are actually Americans anyhow), that they cheer on a charismatic demagogue and his syncophants as they try to take control of every aspect of our lives.

The spending of GW Bush took the country on a slow roll down the wrong path. (Why were his approval ratings so low, Marxists? There aren't that many of your kind in this country even though you'd like to believe otherwise. Those numbers represent the Tea Party and other people you like to denigrate as not caring about the issue).

Obama took over, and instead of slowing things down, he mashed the gas down and took us toward the cliff at an even faster pace. If GW Bush was the irresponsible teenager who got hold of mom and dad's credit cards for a spending spree, Obama represents the teenager who doubled down by selling the cars, emptying the savings and mortgaging the house.

Posted by: iaimtomisbehave at August 1, 2010 06:01 AM

Great post, and that's how I live, prepared!

Desperado, MANY and I mean MANY of us were doing a lot of bitching about GW's and the DEMOCRAT congress doing damage...BUT it took the straw on the camel so to speak and the Healthcare debacle was in large part it. We have woken up, when will you?

Posted by: Robert at August 1, 2010 06:17 AM

For the few here advocating changing the system, I think you misspeak. What most are advocating is changing the direction.

For the liberals here trying to advocate moving us further toward socialism or communism, Good luck. That direction is the issue. Obama and the far left Dem leadership and law making/dialog are the catalyst for the serious level of anger.

What will make the difference, is a change (huge) in the Congressional makeup. Change a handful of laws restricting access by the monied groups to the Congress critters. And finally, change the tax structure so that everyone has a stake in the Government's decisions.

There's nothing in that set that's revolutionary, BUT IF THEY CAN NOT BE ACCOMPLISHED WE WILL BE ON A REVOLUTIONARY TRACK.

Change the direction not the system!

Posted by: CoRev at August 1, 2010 07:46 AM

To the "blame Bush" sycophants, I have a few questions:

Which sixth of the national economy did Bush nationalize?

Which two major manufacturing companies did Bush nationalize?

Which quarter of American oil and natural gas production did Bush shut down?

"Release the crickets."

Posted by: Dave at August 1, 2010 10:46 AM

'Desperado' comments, above: "The recent debate over unemployment benefits made this clear, as does the Republicans desire to extend all the Bush tax cuts."

What we working fools need, 'Desperado', is JOBS, not unemployment 'benefits'. JOBS come from investment. Investment happens when you refrain from taxing into oblivion those with the money to invest.

Here is another way to look at it, 'Desperado'. It does us working fools a lot more good if 'Joe the Plumber' invests his money in a business than it does if President 'Robin Hood' Obama takes Joe's wealth and 'spreads it around'.

Anyone who is pro-worker is also pro-JOBS. JOBS is what we need, not crocodile tears from you and others like you who pretend to have our interests at heart. Take your pathetic offer of 'benefits' with you when you are thrown onto the ash heap of history. We don't need or want your charity. We want JOBS.

Posted by: David Davies at August 1, 2010 03:28 PM

Well gee whiz, where was Code Pink and its allies back when Clinton was dropping bombs on Serbs? Two can play the facile "oh yeah, where was...when" game.

For one thing, there was plenty of agitation in conservative circles about Bush. That you were unaware of it does nothing to delegitimize the concerns now raised by the Tea Party groups. If Bush was nationalizing entire swaths of the economy, proposing new energy taxes and allowing income tax rates to revert to higher levels during a severely weakened economy, twisting the Commerce Clause to mean Congress can now mandate economic activity simply because you are drawing a breath, transitioning into a static economy of state-backed enterprises through permanent "too big to fail" bureaucracies, and so on, then yeah the Tea Party movement might have become visible a few years early. But it wasn't Bush. It's your Sun King doing all this, so I guess it's he who gets to inherit the sh*t storm.

Posted by: MissAnthropy at August 1, 2010 08:17 PM

Ah yes, David. The old trickle-down theory. Cut taxes on the rich and they will create jobs. So explain this?

Posted by: Desperado at August 1, 2010 10:56 PM

"Obama is not 'far left,' he's a moderate Democrat."

Wrong. He is far-left; he's merely doing as much as he thinks he can at this time.

And why do you put 'far left' in quotes? Do you not believe there is any such thing?

Posted by: pst314 at August 2, 2010 11:09 AM

I don't think you understand what is going on. No one is debating issues. I am glad that you surf the net and find tables of data that don't really have much meaning. It is clear, if you take Economics 101, that the government does not create jobs and that it is a negative factor in all respects. Most of the people that I know would employee more if the government would get out of the way.

But as I said, no one wants to argue those issues as they don't have any bearing at this point. The main issue we are confronted with is changing the structure and direction of our government. From what I gather in reading other sites and the mood of those around me, we are looking at a very dramatic change. Time will tell.

But keep trolling, maybe you will accidently learn something.

Posted by: David at August 2, 2010 11:50 AM

Don't carer whqatr Bush did or did not do. It's the heads of the left I want.

Posted by: Odins Acolyte at August 2, 2010 11:50 AM

"Ah yes, David. The old trickle-down theory. Cut taxes on the rich and they will create jobs. So explain this?"

Ye Desperado, I can count on one hand the construction jobs I've recieved from hose poor folks out there. If that rich guy doesn't decide that e needs a remodel on a kitchen, roof, bathroom because your ilk decided to raise his already high tax rate then I don't get to do that work which translates into my employees not working either so they hurt, can't buy that appliance needed or feed their children.

Economics n Ameica has always been that "trickle down" type which built the greatest nation on Earth in the shortest time frame in history.

Simopler explainations here:

Posted by: warpmine at August 2, 2010 12:38 PM

Way to go, TMN, keep it coming.

Most of these cats wouldn't know a real revolution if it came to their house and shot them in the face. They don't know anything civil war or the meaning of the world "coup." They've spent their entire lives living in the warm embrace of a powerful, stable nation. They've never known anything else.

They know they like their guns, and they have some vague sense that their guns will help them in a time of social chaos, but they've never used their guns in that context and they don't really know anyone who has.

Maybe a few folks on here are from other countries and know a real revolution. Maybe there's some Yugoslavs or Liberians who know about revolution.

But the vast majority are bitter O-haters who don't understand the difference between what they don't like and what's evil.

Posted by: beetroot at August 2, 2010 03:17 PM

To those lefty commenters who do not think those of us who have guns know how to use them. Lest you forget, many of us served this country in the military. Some of us spend a bit of time at the range honing our skills. Many of us do understand the difference between what we do not like (socialism) and evil. Obama is evil. He has used lies to advance his evil agenda. He does not follow our laws and he is unqualified for the job he holds. By the way, does anyone know the difference between a naturalized, natural and natural born citizen? Obama, by definition is a natural citizen. It is not about where he was born but the citizenship of his parents. His dad was a British citizen.

Posted by: Zelsdorf Ragshaft III at August 2, 2010 07:09 PM

Reading Machiavelli's Discources regarding a corrupt people is useful, since people haven't changed much at all since his day. The Democrats represent the extreme in corruption that Machiavelli described in this discourse. By mouthing platitudes about standing for the poor and middle class while double-dealing themselves into vast wealth and power, the left is the epitomy of corruption.

Statists (socialists, communists, fascists, nazis) live for the hope of tyranny--and being in charge. Obama, and his coterie of leftie kooks and outright racists, believes that the only answer is more government. In their feeble minds, the elite always have the right answer for everyone. Never mind that humans always look out for themselves and that the elite always hate true liberty for individuals. Of course, the personal benefits (wealth, power, status) are just reward for knowing the "right" path.

So it is time to be ready to risk life, property, and sacred honor. The federal government under the left is moving to eliminate competing power bases in the states as well as removing as much individual liberty as possible. Power-addicted ciphers like Obama want everyone to depend upon the federal government for all the crumbs that dribble to their plates. Now that is real trickle-down economics!

But things never happen abruptly until past the tipping point. I do not believe we are there yet. The USA still only has 20% or so internal enemies who would subvert the Constitution and our Republic in order to create their Fifth Reich. Or, in Machiavelli's parlance, only 20% or so of our people are corrupt and cannot be trusted to keep liberty alive. There are more people who oppose their lies and treason, so there is still hope.

There will be some violence as the thug arm (Acorn, SEIU, La Raza, New Black Panther, Nation of Islam, etc., etc.) of the leftists attempt to intimidate the USA into accepting the tyranny of statism and tribal politics. But that is just the way it has to be.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." Ronald Reagan

Posted by: iconoclast at August 2, 2010 09:13 PM

Desperado says: "Ah yes, David. The old trickle-down theory."

No. The question, from the point of view of the poor working fool, is how best to make use of the rich guy's money. We could have some of you Obama-drones show up at his door with government guns and just take it from him. And then hope that some of it 'trickles' down to us in the form of table scraps from the gorging government hogs. Or, we could encourage him to put that money to work, providing new products (or better old products) and creating the need for employees. JOBS, that is. More than 'trickle-down' benefits, which you think will make us forget that everything Obama has done is a JOB killer.

Posted by: David Davies at August 2, 2010 09:57 PM

This topic sure got a lot of folks fired up. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out our country is in dire trouble. Progressives have held power in both parties for a long time. Why would a millionair want to spend a fortune for a job that pays squat. Not to mention being bored to tears in congress. Makes one think. Why has the govt helped end manufacturing in this country? We the little people need desperately to get involved. I know, I have kids to raise and the last thing I want is a shooting war with my own government. But.... if it happens I wont back down either. My forefathers didnt.

Posted by: capt26thga at August 2, 2010 10:09 PM

I would like to ask you a question and do not need/require a personal reply, just answer here or perhaps better a reply in new post.

I've read you for a number of months (years) primarily because you have been a 'level head' or a 'voice of reason' even re. other conservative blogs; and, here, once before - you said the time was not now.

the question: What has changed your mind? What event or piece of information has happened or transpired that has moved the hands of the clock of destiny closer to midnight? What has changed your mind that you now "advise" us to: "prepare for war"?

(for the vets here my oath was on 17JUL1968, my father's 31JAN1943)

Posted by: TN_NamVolunteer at August 3, 2010 01:27 AM

And John Galt stands by, approving.

Posted by: SInner at August 3, 2010 12:18 PM

I can think of at least three "bloodless coups" in the past 15 years.

- SCOTUS ruling in Bush v. Gore
- Clinton impeachment
- Gray Davis recall

Posted by: Burt F at August 3, 2010 12:18 PM

The revolution that's needed is not violent. The revolution we need is a return to the forgotten principles which used to ensure our liberty.

Nullification, interposition and reclaiming usurped sovereignty by the states.

civil disobedience & jury nullification by the people.

One thing is sure. The answer to our problem does not lie in Washington, DC.

The states and the people can put Washington back into its cage, peacefully, if we do it together.

Posted by: scp at August 3, 2010 11:45 PM

"And now let us consider the case of the rich, industrialized and democratic society, in which, owing to the random but effective practice of dysgenics, IQ's and physical vigor are on the decline. For how long can such a society maintain its traditions of individual liberty and democratic government? Fifty or a hundred years from now our children will learn the answer to this question."

Aldous Huxley, 1958

another prediction, i thought you might like it

Posted by: supermelon928 at August 3, 2010 11:54 PM

I hate the liberal elite that tries to "save lives" and "save starving children". Not even a couple of hundred people starve to death in this country every year. Should we worry about the good of the community? or should we let the strong be strong .. I say we hold on to our stereotypes and fight any kind of evolution in human society.

Posted by: george at August 4, 2010 05:11 AM

All of my retired military and police friends have been sensing a coming situation. All of them are quietly stocking up and quietly waiting to get through what is coming.

I'm glad I found your blog today!

Posted by: NC_Steve at August 5, 2010 05:09 PM

I see two rebel camps - one says that Obama is just like Bush and the system needs to be rebooted. The other camp says that Obama is some sort of secular Anti-Christ. So if the "Anti-Christ" overthrows the government and implements their one-party version of the Bush era, will the "Obama is just like Bush" crowd fight it out with them?

The Civil War was unusual because there were not large scale rebel fratricide. Looks like the rest of us will need extra popcorn for this one.

Posted by: Burford Holly at August 5, 2010 09:35 PM

You pretend "patriots" are laughable... whatever you may think of it, it is our democratically elected, constitutional, legitimate government. Why do you morons think you are the only one with guns and the ability to fight? There are millions who are willing to fight for their country against your uprising and put you down like dogs. And of course, they won't need to because you will be wiped out by the finest, best trained fighting force in the world-- the US military. You are living in a fantasyland and will get dropped in your tracks. But at least your ends will make good, if gruesome, headlines.

Posted by: trupatriot at August 6, 2010 01:19 AM

I am having a dificult time understanding the solutions raised for both points of view. I'm a southerner, a christian, a Graduate Economist w/ Political Science co-major and a former Marine.. I've given up on trying to understand the reasoning behind the socialist leaning liberals and I refuse to believe an armed revolt (I am also a Patriot to the Constitution of the United States of America and will be involved should it come to pass) is the only solution the conservatives have left to solve the problem of a President in the White House who has all but forgotten the Constitution. I can't believe it is midnight yet and if we use our heads and enginuity, just maybe, with hard work and organization we can wrest the control of The House from the idiots. Not for the Republicans but the people. I'll wager if there is a large % of the Senate seats taken then some of those Democrats who aren't really far left liberals just may not be so anxious to ride the train of doom with Harry. It'll take work but it probably won't spill blood. After the taking (we are going to take back the House and a large majority of the contested Senate seats) the hard task will be reviving the goose that lays the golden egg (as someone aforementioned, return the trickle down). It is not beyond repair yet, but , the clown is trying hard to get it FUBAR. I have faith in the goodness of the majority of the peoples of these United States and I don't believe the overwhelming majority will sit idly by and drink any more of obama's "kool aid". Voices will rise to a high pitch and some of them will listen.. Hopefully it will be enough to stem the tide.. Fight the pen and paper fight and the internet fight first, then if no one is listening.............. Saddle up and Semper Fi

Posted by: SliVen33 at August 6, 2010 03:04 AM

It's really sad that you people fall for the propaganda your "news" and information" outlets feed you. you've been brainwashed to the point of completely denying reality and creating your own delusional version of it.

Liberals aren't your enemy. Democrats and Republicans are just different flavors of the same puppets. They all work for the top 2% of income earners. Oh sure they give lip service to different groups of supporters. But if you get past the rhetoric and look at the RESULTS of the legislation you'll see that what the Dems pass is actually watered down versions of what they promised and that in actuality their bills favor those people at the top again.

All this talk of letting the tax cuts expire is just that. You watch. They won't let them expire.
Or if they do they'll create enough loopholes to render them useless.

The way I see it the big money guys who really run things want to keep us divided. That way we don't focus on the big problem. The common enemy.
The status quo where money buys whatever law you want.
They shipped all our jobs overseas. They've let the billionaires keep their offshore accts. They've taken all our money and spent it on war and tax cuts for the rich.
and what do we do? Exactly what they want us to do. Fight each other over nothing and ignore them. The corporate media is not our friend.
They keep us divided. It's in their interest.

The top 2 % have decimated the middle class. Stealing several trillion over the past decade and we'll have to pay it back + interest.

Posted by: hobodeluxe at August 6, 2010 06:43 AM