September 26, 2010

If It's Rampant Voter Fraud... must be Democrats. And you can smell it all the way to the Obama Administration.

Most of the findings focused on a group called Houston Votes, a voter registration group headed by Steve Caddle, who also works for the Service Employees International Union. Among the findings were that only 1,793 of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted appeared to be valid. The other registrations included one of a woman who registered six times in the same day; registrations of non-citizens; so many applications from one Houston Voters collector in one day that it was deemed to be beyond human capability; and 1,597 registrations that named the same person multiple times, often with different signatures.

Caddle told local newspapers that there "had been mistakes made," and he said he had fired 30 workers for filing defective voter registration applications. He could not be reached for this article.

The SEIU are, of course, Obama's brownshirts, and have specialized in intimidation and corruption. Their leader, Andy Stern, was Obama's top visitor to the White House.

Stern resigned from SEIU several months ago. Does anyone know if he's allowed to play with matches?

And yes, that is the same Houston district where the fraud is so rampant. Dead and fraudulent Democratic voters can be expected to turn out in droves November 2nd, across the country.

The question is whether enough real voters who are tired of these games turn out to assure that this fraud goes for naught. As the saying goes, "if it ain't close, they can't cheat."

Posted by Confederate Yankee at September 26, 2010 08:47 AM

One thing -- how many registrations any person has is meaningless. You can only vote once. So I want you to show me how the boogey man is going to come up with thousands of BODIES who are willing to risk arrest to try to vote more than once. This whole thing is rightwing fairytale that only the braindead base buy into. I work as a polling place volunteer and in 20 years we have never had a documented case of voter fraud.

Posted by: Jeff at September 26, 2010 10:32 AM

You are correct, it doesn't matter how many registrations one person has, it's how many people take advantage of those registrations, since many localities don't require positive identification. Also, flooding the offices with thousands of bogus forms overwhelms the system, causing the workers to approve applications without proper scrutiny due to time constraints, simple,ingenious and proven effective

Posted by: Paul B at September 26, 2010 10:53 AM

Jeff, do you live in Houston? Do you live in Texas? Oh, I see.

Posted by: Fred Beloit at September 26, 2010 11:54 AM

Fred, I live in Houston, Texas. I have for my entire adult life.

The problem with Harris County is that the Republicans who have been in charge of voter registration (Paul Bettencourt and Leo Vasquez) slow walk registrations -- they have been sued over it twice -- the first suit was settled and required the office to live up to its duties -- it hasn't, hence the second suit -- and that those Republicans have been sharing voter registration information with the county Republican party, but not the county Democratic party.

This is not about SEIU. It's about Republicans making a last stand, as they will lose this office in November. If you doubt that prediction, just look at the GOP's candidate for the race.

Posted by: Michelle at September 26, 2010 12:08 PM


So the thousands of fraudulent registrations by a liberal group are because of the GOP stalling voter registrations?

Wow. I'm amazed. I guess logic escapes you.

Posted by: tm at September 26, 2010 12:27 PM

tm -- that's funny -- "fraudulent" registrations? ha ha.

The GOP responsible for voter registration slow walks all registrations. Of course they are going to bellyache about all of the "thousands" of registrations submitted. Vasquez is whining about having to do his job.

I guess that logical to you ;)

Posted by: Michelle at September 26, 2010 12:44 PM

Having worked with voter registration, and been involved in several instances of multiple voter registration, some need to be informed that a person that registers under 10 different names and addresses can vote 10 times.

Posted by: dahni at September 26, 2010 10:44 PM


one more time please...

What does the Republican Party have to do with registering illegal aliens to vote?

What does Sears and Roebuck have to do with registering illegal aliens to vote?

What does vanilla ice cream have to do with registering illegal aliens to vote?

What does anything have anything to do with registering illegal aliens to vote except the fact that Houston Votes, a voter registration group headed by Steve Caddle, who also works for the SEIU, decided to do it?

Posted by: Adriane at September 26, 2010 11:54 PM

I only hope that stories like this eventually results in a lashback which cleans up voter registration and meaningful voter ID legislation. In the meantime: "If it's not close, they can't cheat"

Posted by: Formerly known as Skeptic at September 27, 2010 02:54 PM

yah, the GOP is responsible for voter registration delays when Dems submit hundreds of thousands of fraudulent registration cards in a town with only a few thousands inhabitants.

Perfectly logical.

Posted by: JTW at September 28, 2010 03:41 AM

How does someone vote twice? By being registered in more than one precinct, like the situation... in Houston.

Posted by: Phelps at September 28, 2010 06:59 PM