October 31, 2010

KTVA Reporters Deserve Firing For Attempts to Rig Election

There is not more accurate way to describe this story. Reporters and news managers at CBS News affiliate KTVA have been captured plotting a string of so-called "October surprises." They expressly discuss ways to fabricate news stories they hope will damage the campaign of Senate candidate Joe Miller.

This is a morally reprehensible and indefensible act of conspiracy to defraud the viewers of KTVA and any other citizen that may pick up these vulgar fictions.

The entire news staff of KTVA should be investigated by the appropriate authorities to determine if state and federal laws have been as badly broken as has been the public's trust.

As a news outlet, KTVA is now hopelessly compromised. They've utterly destroyed their credibility. Thee is little choice for the station owner but to fire the entire news staff. None of them can be trusted.

And they have no one to blame but themselves.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at October 31, 2010 02:31 PM

Do you REALLY think the station owner is going to fire ANYBODY? This will be buried by ABCNNBCBS and their dead-tree fellow travelers. It will make sites like this on the Internet, which is why Congress is looking to give the President the capability to SHUT DOWN the Internet for several months if he declares an emergency.

I DO see it has made Drudge, which will force the matter a little bit. But with Tuesday so close, expect it to die soon.

Finally, do you REALLY expect the state or federal "Law Enforcement" and "Legal System" to do ANYTHING about this? I would hope you're not THAT foolish.

Posted by: Mark Matis at October 31, 2010 05:07 PM

You must just be feeling pissed to think that ANYTHING will happen to any of the staff that did this. Look at the New Black Panthers on the steps of a voting precint and what the DOJ did to them. NOTHING!!!!!

Posted by: inspectorudy at October 31, 2010 06:05 PM

Imagine the tables were turned and this newspaper had a recording of executives of some big business discussing doing something unethical. If the company came out and said "It's unfortunate because what you heard does not reflect our business ethics. You're misinterpreting it." Would the newspaper say "Oh, I see" and back off?

I'm just asking.

Posted by: John at October 31, 2010 11:03 PM

Sarah says it like it is by calling them corrupt bastards. I love that. Why have men become such wimps in this country?

Posted by: Ron at November 1, 2010 10:47 AM

Their defense has been absolutely Marxian.
Who you gonna believe, me or your lying ears?

Posted by: Veeshir at November 1, 2010 11:53 AM