December 01, 2010

Another Clark County Cop Kills and Walks

This time, a man a month into a trial separation from his wife goes to their home at 1:15 AM apparently attempting to catch her in the act of cheating. He succeeds, and gets four bullets for his trouble. The shooter—a Henderson Police officer—walks away without so much as a corner's inquest, and his department declared the shooting justifiable self defense.

Check out my latest disturbing look into questionable law enforcement oversight in my latest post at Pajamas Media.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at December 1, 2010 11:00 AM

Obviously you consider him guilty because he was committing fornication and she was committing adultry. But neither are crimes in the State of Nevada. But stepping out with someone's wife is no justification for assault but clearly the officer was acting in self-defense, unless you support the private application of the death penalty for personal wrongs.

Posted by: Federale at December 5, 2010 04:02 PM

Well Federale, how feminist of you.

1) This trial separation, was ... probably her idea? Just a guess. And the man's home, it was still his home ... no? .... I'm just wondering if a man had summarily asked a woman to leave, and then she returned and had a NORMAL reaction to seeing her marriage bed being defiled - if the women being shot to death would be so summarily excused.

2) My problem is that while it's nice, cut, and dried to monday morning quarterback - a person walking in to seeing their WIFE (and she still was) having sex with another person is not to take notes, politely inquire, or to call your therapist.

3) Gotta wonder if during this "trial separation" the man was being fed a line of "let's get counseling" and all the while she's laying the groudwork to use the legal system to financially rape the man because "he voluntarily abandoned the home" (but, of course not his financial obligations).

People react to that kind of life altering betrayal and harm badly. While when women do it we excuse it, ignore it, and blame the victim - when a man does it we just bury him and excoriate him.

Lesson in life : You want to be chivalrous? Do it on your time, on your dime, and with your life. Don't stand on other men's necks to make yourself appear taller so you can feel good about yourself and how civilized you are.

Maybe I'm reading into your post too much - but somehow I doubt it.

Posted by: LSBeene at December 7, 2010 02:24 PM


Are you saying that type of indiscretion sanctions violence, including death? Or, am I reading into your post too much?

Posted by: Buck Turgidson at December 8, 2010 02:09 PM

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