December 04, 2010

TUF 12 Finale Tonight

The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP versus Team Koscheck is tonight on Spike TV.

Those of you into MMA mma betting have already probably made your calls for tonight. While I've watched season 12—well, I've DVR'd it and fast-forwarded through the Real World crap in the house to get to the actual bouts—I don't have that good of a handle on the undercard fights as I have on past episodes, and won't hazard a guess on who will beat who among this season's TUF fighters. I will take a stab at the main event, though.

Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson of Team GSP made it to the finals, and on paper seem to present the opportunity for a good fight. I'd be surprised with a first round knockout or submission with these two fighters, and predict this fight goes to the third round, and maybe even to the judges. While I admire Johnson's heart, I think Brookins is the more tactical fighter and will be able to stick to his game plan better, particuarly if they keep it on their feet. Brookins wins by ground and pound stoppage in the third or in a unanimous decision.

Stephan Bonnar, one-half of the TUF 1 finale (along with Forrest Griffin) that put on arguably the best fight in UFC history at any weight class, is stepping in the ring against Igor Pokrajac. is a Croatian and a training partner of Mirko Mirko Filipović (AKA Cro Cop). Pokrajac is 1-2 in the UFC, while Bonnar has won just one of his past four fights. He once tested positive for horse steroids after a fight, and if he loses again to drop his record to 6-7 in the UFC, he may be sent to the glue factory. I think both fighters understand that a loss may be the end of their appearances in UFC events, but think Bonnar is the better fighter, and will pull out a submission in round 2.

Kendall Grove is an imposing 6'6" at 185, but is spotty. If he shows up wit his "A" game this could be a good fight. If he doesn't, this one will be over quickly, with BJJ expert Demian Maia tying him into a knot to climb back up the middleweight ladder towards another title shot. Maia in round one by triangle choke.

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