February 10, 2011

Murder in the Service of the Obama Agenda

It is no secret to anyone that Barack Obama is an advocate of harsh gun control, and that he would use any means, ethical or unethical, to further his agenda. While a director on the board of the Joyce Foundation he approved a plot to undermine the judiciary by corrupting Second Amendment scholarship. Had that plot succeeded, Heller could very well have had a very different outcome.

Obama Administration officials should now be held responsible for a plot within the Justice Department to manufacture evidence of cross-border weapons smuggling. This policy has been directly connected to the murder of a Border Patrol Agent, and likely contributed to the deaths of an unknown number of Mexican citizens as well.

Since the earliest days of his Presidency, Barack Obama has tried to use Mexican drug cartel violence as an excuse to restrict the rights of American citizens. Common sense—actually, any sense at all—would dictate that the way to clamp down on Mexican violence spilling into this country would be to develop a robust physical barrier system to stop illicit border crossings. Instead, the administration has used the porous border as an excuse to float easily debunked lies in the service of his domestic gun control dreams.

We just never grasped how far this cynical Administration was willing to go to further that agenda.

Manufacturing evidence as an academic and activist was bad enough, but it appears that the Administration's desire for domestic gun control was directly responsible for a plot where the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) allowed straw buyers to purchase fully-functioning firearms in the United States and smuggle them over the border into Mexico.

The goal of the plot was to let enough guns cross the border in large enough quantities so that Mexican authorities could then capture the weapons after battles between government forces and cartel members. The guns would then be turned over to the BATF for tracking, "proving" that American guns were going to Mexico, justifying restrictions on American gun owners.

It is an entirely Machiavellian plot, revolving around planted evidence. An American government agency specifically allowed firearms to be smuggled into another country, knowing that those weapons would be used to murder members of the military, law enforcement, and civilians alike. In fact, their plot relied upon those weapons being used. If they weren't used in gun battles with authorities and captured, they couldn't be tracked. If these guns weren't killing Mexicans, the Obama Justice Department would have very little political capital to expend towards domestic gun control legislation.

Killing to make a point
Sadly, the Administration's plot has worked. Mexican cops, federal agents, soldiers, and civilians have almost certainly died as a result of this scheme. On our side of the border, the bodies are likely piling up as well. Evidence clearly shows Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed as a result of this plot. The rifle that killed him on December 14, 2010, was one that BATF agents allowed to go south.

It will come as a shock to none that the immediate reaction to the exposure of this plot has been an attempt to cover up the scheme and punish those who have leaked the knowledge of it's existence.

If agencies of Iran or Syria directed weapons to be smuggled into our country to be used against our citizens, we would rightly view that as an act of aggression, and quite arguably an act of war. The BATF, the Justice Department, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama Administration have committed this same unlawful act, and an independent investigation into criminal charges must be launched. Any and all federal agents and officeholders that instigated, knew of, or approved this action are accomplices to the murder of a federal agent, as guilty as if they'd pulled the trigger themselves.

An independent investigation cross-referencing the weapon serial numbers of the guns our Administration's plot let slip across the border to the firefights the weapons were used in will provide us with chilling figures, and more importantly, the names and faces of those killed by these weapons so that Barack Obama would have the political capital he needs to push for gun control.

In it's war against our Constitutional rights, the Obama Administration has all but declared war upon an ally and neighbor. If this doesn't approach the standard of "high crimes and misdemeanors, nothing does.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at February 10, 2011 12:31 PM

I have enjoyed cy's blogging on the Henderson cops, but this, if true, is far beyond that pale. Can we get some urls to follow, or research info so we can check some of this out ourselves.

Posted by: TimothyJ at February 10, 2011 05:20 PM

go to sipseystreetirregulars and waronguns. They are the ones who got this ball rolling

Posted by: george at February 11, 2011 07:47 AM