July 06, 2011

Quick Takes, July 7, 2011

ITEM: The Muslim—Sisterhood? Imagine that an aide of one of our most important cabinet officials was a member of a family with strong ties to Islamic extremists. Would this concern you? Remember Anthony Weiner? Remember his poor wife, Huma Abedin? She’s the deputy chief of staff for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and as such, has direct access to all manner of our most important secrets. Go here to Pajamas Media to discover that she has apparently never been vetted, and why, in the Muslim world, guilt by association cannot be routinely dismissed as it would in American society.

ITEM: Just Ignore The Bastards! That’s what’s being discussed in the Obama Administration: just ignore the debt ceiling and spend as much as Mr. Obama wants. After all, he’s “The One” and he won. Why not? Go here to discover what the Constitution—you know, that annoying, outdated, anachronism that stands in the way of true Socialist progress—has to say on the topic. As Boo-Boo Bear would have said: “Mr. Public isn’t gonna like this Baracki!” Neither is the Constitution.

ITEM: Life Is Full of Irony: Last 4th of July, Chris Logan attended a golf tournament and was nailed on the temple by a golf ball. His visit to the emergency room led to the discovery of a cancerous tumor on his thyroid and his eventual cure. A year later, he met the golfer that, in a very ironic way, saved his life. Go here for the story.

ITEM: There’s Nothing Exceptional About America: I know because our President has said so to foreigners, particularly to foreigners. Tell it to Edvard Tchivzchel, who in 1991 was on a tour of the US with the Soviet State Orchestra. Surprisingly, his wife and son were allowed to tour with him. Despite being constantly watched, he was able to defect and his family and he became US citizens in 1999. He now conducts the Greenville Symphony Orchestra. Go here for the story of a man who has no doubt about the exceptional nature of America.

ITEM: And In the Never-Ending Wisconsin Soap Opera: Ann Coulter, in her new book “Demonic,” argues that it is virtually always liberals rather than progressives who are violent, who resort to force and brutality to impose their political views, views that cannot stand on their own merits. Another Ann, Ann Althouse, makes a similar argument here. Should not the courts privately resolve any differences they have, out of public view? Indeed. However, Wisconsin seems an alternate universe these days. Read the whole thing.

ITEM: Who Is Responsible For All The Financial Wreckage? Go here for a Washington Post Column by George Will for a concise explanation of what led—in large part—to our massive mortgage debacle and all of the related consequences.

ITEM: So America Is Not An Exceptional Nation? So says our very own President. Go here to read a gratifying article on our newest citizens. They have no doubt about the value of being Americans and about her place in the world. Rather a shame our President doesn’t share their views. Wasn’t he supposed to be the smartest man who ever lived or something? Be ready to shed a honest tear of pride—for them and for America, not for Mr. Obama.

ITEM: Brain Drain At NASA? With the final space shuttle flight scheduled for Friday, the New York Times (here) tells us that the “A” team of scientists may be heading for the exits and more fulfilling work elsewhere, doing, you know, like actual space and science stuff. Of course, NASA head Charles Bolden tells us “We’re capturing the brainpower,” and “We’re not adrift.” “And the vision is not gone. And we have a plan. We have a very sound plan.” Hmmm. I know this is the NYT, but why isn’t Mr. Bolden’s plan listed in the article? Isn’t this the same head of NASA who not long ago told us that President Obama’s new primary mission for NASA was making Muslims feel good about the scientific accomplishment of their ancient ancestors? Why yes, I believe he is. Read the whole thing.

Our future in space now seems to be in the hands of Burt Rutan. We could do much worse. As a matter of fact, we are doing much worse under Mr. Obama. Take the “Burt Rutan” link; absolutely take this NASA-related Rutan link, and google him too. Rutan is the most important aeronautical and space pioneer/genius about whom you’ve never heard.

Did you know that one of his designs has already flown in space? Three times?

ITEM: British Class: You’re the Prime Minister of England addressing US Marines at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan on the Fourth of July. How do you avoid stepping in it up to the knee? How do you actually show some real class without insulting your hosts? Go here to find out.

ITEM: Mitt Romney Steps In It Up To The Knee: Mitt Romney is the presumed front-runner for the Republic Nomination in 2012. Mitt Romney keeps saying things that make Republicans wonder if he actually is a Republican, like essentially agreeing in word and deed with Mr. Obama on some of the biggest issues of our time. Go here for his bizarre confusion on whether Mr. Obama caused our economic crisis, made it worse, didn’t cause it or make it worse, or maybe things were caused or something, but aren’t really worse after all, and possibly, Mr. Romney is a three headed space alien who is here to kidnap women, because Mars needs women! Read the brief article and its conclusion. If the most compelling argument for voting for Mr. Romney is because he’s likely not to be worse than Mr. Obama, the evidence for that proposition is fading more rapidly every time Mr. Romney opens his mouth.

UPDATE: Go here for a brief NYT article. Apparently Mr. Romney now thinks that President Obama has made the recession worse—or something—for the moment anyway. This is the best Republicans can do? Oh well. At least he looks presidential, you know, the tasteful swatches of gray around the temples, the young, vital, open-necked dress shirt look and all...

ITEM: An Unhappy Fourth of July: Go here for a Washington Post article by Robert J. Samuelson. He applies labels to conservatives and liberals that I suspect will find disfavor with most. His analysis is not completely without merit, but see what you think.

ITEM: Nominations For Best Example of Irony For July, 2011 Are Now Officially closed. Man rides his motorcycle without a helmet with 550 others to protest a mandatory helmet law…you can see what’s coming, can’t you? Go here for the story.

ITEM: When You’ve Lost Evan Thomas: Remember Evan Thomas, the Editor of Newsweek, the self described “journal of elite liberal opinion,” which is so elite it was recently sold for an entire dollar? Remember that he called Barack Obama a “god?” Apparently his faith is faltering. Go here for the shocking—to Mr. Obama and those who still regard him a deity—story.

ITEM: It’s All For The Kids, Really! At the NEA convention (here) we learn of a budget shortfall of from $14 to 17 million dollars for the coming year for the teacher’s union. More than 39,000 active members have jumped ship. The NEA has a bold plan to reduce costs by $4.8 million dollars: lay off “about 20” staffers. Uh, that’s $240,000 per staffer. It’s all for the kids. The NEA says so. Be sure to read the article, but take your blood pressure meds first.

ITEM: What The Frack Is Going On In New York State? Did I read this correctly; Democrat Governor Anthony Cuomo is lifting New York State’s ban on hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” to expand energy development, in…New York State? Could impending economic doom actually have the effect of whacking some Dems with the reality stick? And perhaps the biggest and most disturbing question is: what is a New York Dem. doing with evangelical hair? Go here for the hair and the story.

ITEM: Mr. Obama Talks: By now, you’ve read many dissertations on Mr. Obama’s recent deficit teleprompter reading (here). Two things to consider: (1) He remains the very Marxist dictionary definition of the class warrior, and (2) he has no intention of trying to stop spending America to destruction. Many don’t realize that the tax break on corporate jet travel he now wants to remove was established in his own stimulus bill! Of course, no one read that either. In a classless society, is it a good thing for the President of The United States to constantly try to stir up class envy and hatred? Once upon a time, being envious of the accomplishments and possessions of others was a sign of poor upbringing and weak character. I submit that among rational Americans, it still is. Discuss.

ITEM: Adventures In Leading From Behind, #10,382: Go here to Hot Air for a story by J.E. Dyer on the dangerous farce that is the latest “Gaza Flotilla.” Particularly damning is Dyer’s spot-on assessment of Mr. Obama’s fecklessness in the defense of Israel, the freedom of the seas, the suppression of pirates, and, well, you name it. Can you say: “let’s all urinate on our faithful, democratic ally Israel, kiddies? I knew that you could!”

ITEM: Claire Berlinski and Common Sense: Go here for a brief essay by the bright and beautiful Claire Berlinski about air travel safety. If you haven’t read Berlinski before, this is a good introduction. Good points. Rational thinking. Not fond of the TSA. CY likes!

ITEM: Who’da Thunk It? In Michigan, more and more women are getting concealed carry permits. What would possess otherwise reasonable, gentle, nurturing people to do such a thing? Urban decay, skyrocketing crime rates, rape, robbery, the usual stuff. I wonder if the Lamestream Media would find this to be “unexpected” too. Discuss. Go here for the story and be sure to take the link to the original article. Women with guns; works for me!

ITEM: Common Discussion Department: You know how you’re often sitting around with the boys, relaxing, talking, and knocking back a few, and that same question, always, I mean always, comes up: “what were the five best inventions of the founding fathers?” Yeah? Happens to me all the time too! Go here to find the answer. A link to information about Nikola Tesla is an added feature.

ITEM: Sunday In The Park With Boobs: I’m not kidding, that’s the URL to this article. Here at Quick Takes, we like to “expose” you to the unusual, the interesting, the “titillating” (I am soooo ashamed of myself. Heh-heh). Did you know that it is apparently legal to go topless in NYC? For women to go topless in NYC? Well, apparently it is, and there are pictures—and an entertaining story written by one Jamie Peck, a "prominent" pioneer in the "forefront" of the NYC “fresh air and sunlight might make them grow bigger” movement. Warning: For some reason, this one took a great deal of time for my browser to load. Sub-warning: Oh yes, there are nekkid breasts. Pretty, well-aired and sunlit natural ones. I can’t imagine why this story would be so popular. Discuss.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award Of the Week, Economic Disaster Division: Jeffrey H. Anderson’s article at the Weekly Standard (here) begins thus:

“When the Obama administration releases a report on the Friday before a long weekend, it’s clearly not trying to draw attention to the report’s contents. Sure enough, the “Seventh Quarterly Report” on the economic impact of the “stimulus,” released on Friday, July 1, provides further evidence that President Obama’s economic “stimulus” did very little, if anything, to stimulate the economy, and a whole lot to stimulate the debt.”

No! I’m shocked, shocked! to hear of this! Surely it can’t be true! Yes it is. Read the whole thing and don’t call me Shirley. Oh yes, and be sure to secure easily breakable items first.

ITEM: Can Congress Mandate Weight Watcher’s Membership For Obese Americans Under the Commerce Clause? On ABC (here), George Will asks this question. Watch liberals be what liberals are and say what liberals say. Our Congressional overlords certainly know the answer. Warning: Christiane Amanpour is in this clip!

ITEM: It’s In The Water, Isn’t It? That Has To Be It! Go here for more news from Wisconsin, the birthplace of progressivism, that superior, peaceful, tolerant and diverse philosophy for superior beings. See the tweet of Graeme Zielinski, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Zielinski is not the only one. Do these people have any idea how idiotic they look? Discuss.

ITEM: It’s That Easy? How, oh how to be an award-winning blogger? This is a question we often ask ourselves here at CY. OK, OK, so we’ve never actually asked ourselves that question, but the lovely, bright and entertaining Susannah Breslin (here) tells us how to do it. Her first suggestion: Write about sex. It’s that easy? I somehow think most folks would rather have Susannah write about that than me. Probably even my wife. Take the link to her most-read post. Yes, it’s about sex. Maybe I should start reading romance novels for pointers…

Editor’s Note: See “Sunday In The Park With Boobs” above. Who knows? It might boost readership...or something...

Author’s Note: What am I writing? I am my own editor!

Editor’s Note: Shut up.

ITEM: When In the Course of Human Events: Astute readers will recognize this as the beginning of the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Go here to the blog of the stunningly bright and lovely Michelle Malkin for its full text. The point? Substitute “Barack Obama” for “present King of Great Britain” and see how frighteningly well it fits. It will be good for you to read it again anyway. What’s that? You’ve never read it? I rest my case. Everyone needs to read it, and read it again. It’s that important.

ITEM: Has There Ever, Ever Been a More Embarrassing Vice President In American History? No. Dan Quail wasn’t at all what the Media portrayed him to be. Go here for a brief story by Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin. Does the fact that we have become utterly numbed by such foolishness and unwarranted arrogance and bravado worry anyone else? Discuss.

ITEM: Tax Them Darned Corporate Jets! Go here for a concise article by Michael Barone who explains who really cares about corporate jets, and reminds us of the fact that real Americans actually build, maintain, pilot and otherwise earn their living in the private aircraft industry. Yes, if we tax corporate jets, not only will the revenues amount to pocket change over decades, we’ll throw highly trained Americans out of work! It’s a Socialist dream two-fer!

ITEM: Again? Regular readers know of our coverage of the bizarre and unprofessional behavior of the police in the Erik Scott and Jose Guerena cases. Go here for the story of another police-caused death that speaks to a sickness in American law enforcement that has, and will cost lives.

ITEM: He Said WHAT?! Speaking Tuesday about his Thursday invitation for Congressional leaders to meet to work out the looming debt ceiling debacle (here), Mr. Obama said that the required “balanced approach,” would require considering “spending in the tax code.” “Spending(?!) in the tax code?!” Even for a man used to the rhetorical mutilation of reality, that’s a world-class oxymoron. Correct me if I’m wrong, gentle readers, but isn’t the tax code all about vacuuming money up in massive quantities? And isn’t budget legislation, such as the kind the Democrats illegally refuse to produce, about spending? You know, I’m almost convinced that Obama fellow is really talking about tax increases.

ITEM: It’s Lysistrata All Over Again! In Barbacoas, Columbia, the townswomen have decided to withhold their feminine charms from the men folk until they build a road the village needs. The men have responded by staging a hunger strike. A hunger strike?! So now they’ll be starving for food and love? I think the women have the better tactics in this one. Go here for the story.

NOTE: “Lysistrata” is one of the few plays by Aristophanes that survives today. First performed in 411 BC, Lysistrata convinces the women of Greece to join her in withholding sex until the men of Greece stop the Peloponnesian War. It’s a comedy. I suspect the men wouldn’t have been as amused as the women, then and now.

And on that “you go girls” note, I must thank for you stopping by, wish you a fond farewell, and once again invite you to return again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

Posted by MikeM at July 6, 2011 07:46 PM

"Brain Drain At NASA? With the final space shuttle flight scheduled for Friday, the New York Times (here) tells us that the “A” team of scientists may be heading for the exits and more fulfilling work elsewhere, doing, you know, like actual space and science stuff."

This is entirely appropriate. Now NASA can employ more Imans. The Imans are needed to ensure NASA's outreach to Muslims accords with Islamic principles.

Posted by: davod at July 7, 2011 07:55 AM

Conservatives need to stop being hypocrites here. Doing the wrong thing for the right reason is still doing the wrong thing.

And going to a foreign country to protest your own government is the wrong thing no matter how wrong you might think Obama is.

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill said it best:

"When I am abroad, I always make it a rule never to criticize or attack the government of my own country. I make up for lost time when I come home."

He understood the complete uglyness to what Beck is doing. The line that Beck crosses into acting in very unpatriotic way indeed.

We might not like it but Obama IS our President. When the lefties were going "not my president" during Bush we were legitimately angry because they were not attacking the man they were attacking the office. So are we if we are now taking our disagreements outside our shores.

Disagree with Obama's policy - okay, there's places, there's opportunities to do that. But when you go to another country then you are not attacking merely Obama you are, whether you feel this way or not - YOU ARE ATTACKING AMERICA.

You have become no better than the Left who I have spent a lifetime hating for their attacks against America. You have become traitors!

Posted by: Steve at July 10, 2011 02:31 PM