August 06, 2011

Making The Grade

I just didn't expect it this early. I mean, Gov. Rick Perry (R) of Texas has not yet actually placed himself in the running for the 2012 Presidential race, so perhaps it's a bit premature for the Left (I was going to say the Media, but what's the difference?) to attack him. But then again, it's a different world these days, except when it's not.

By that I mean that one of the most tried and true Leftist attacks is to brand any Republican stupid, usually as evidenced by his SAT score or his undergraduate grades in college some 30-40 years ago. This particularly Leftist cannon has already been fired at Mr. Perry with the claim that he received a C or D or three in some of his undergraduate classes at Texas A & M, which college must, to any sophisticated journalist, surely consist of a pothole-filled dirt road leading to an outhouse and a renovated fried chicken restaurant.

Well, return with me now Gentle Readers to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Sen. John Kerry (D, N. Vietnam/Jane Fonda) was running against George W. Bush, both graduates of sainted Yale. The Left ran the usual academic attacks against Mr. Bush, representing him as an accented Texas dolt with a C or D or three in some of his undergraduate classes. Boy, wasn't that good for a few laughs around the more chic bistros frequented by the self-appointed elite? Well yes, until that is, it was revealed that Mr. Kerry's grades within those ivy-covered walls were even lower. Ooops. Suddenly that line of attack more or less disappeared as the attacks on the Swift Boat Vets—for daring to attack Mr. Kerry by stooping to revealing his actual record (such as his smiling portrait on the walls of the North Vietnamese War Museum shaking hands with equally smiling Communist murderers)—ramped up.

Now we have Governor Perry, a man with a long record of actual accomplishment and success in such insignificant endeavors as running a business and creating a climate conducive to jobs and economic growth, compared to the diametrically opposed record of Mr. Obama whose economic policy consists primarily of saying: "it's George W. Bush's fault! Nyaaah!"

"Oh yeah?" Say Obama sycophants and the press (but I repeat myself). "Perry got Cs and Ds at some no-name school in some backward, red state where everybody marries their sister—or something. So there! Nyaaah!"

Very well. Let's see Mr. Obama's grades then. In fact, let's see his undergraduate and graduate transcripts so that we can see not only which intellectually demanding courses he took, but how the most brilliant human being (a man who was actually able to swat a fly!) ever to walk the Earth fared. This information is currently classified somewhere above top secret in a classification so secret that no one, not even Mr. Obama, knows what it is. Wouldn't it be simple fairness for Americans to see Mr. Obama's brilliance? Wouldn't it be best to spread the grades around, so to speak? If Mr. Obama's supporters publicize Mr. Perry's grades, why shouldn't Americans expect to see Mr. Obama's grades?

How about it Mr. Obama? To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, a man whose words you seem more than willing to misuse: "Mr. Obama, tear down this wall behind which your grades hide!"

Posted by MikeM at August 6, 2011 05:44 PM

Some years after working in a large business, running a branch office, responsible for the P&L, budgeting, sales, ops, training, you name it, I went back to school (after five years of college in another major not related directly to business) to study business. One of my first courses was Econ 101. First week the prof had us read chapter 1 and be perpared to discuss and test on it. I did. During the discussion the man effectively said the opposite of what the book said and I asked him if grades were to be reflected on what the book said or what he said, having read from the book after his statements. He said the correct test answers would be what he said.

I knew better having practiced the lessons in business for several years what he mused about for much longer. Chapter 1 was correct. I dropped the class.

For Perry, or even BarryO, to have made a middling or low grade in a course is a "so what" moment for me. Living the life offers a much more vivid reflection of one's abilities than theory any day.

Posted by: Robert17 at August 7, 2011 09:34 AM

I'll bet you won't find Rick Perry's writings reflecting his frequent use of illegal drugs, or his attendance at a church whose pastor shouts "God damn America!"

BTW, where are Obama's grades?

Posted by: Diffus at August 7, 2011 10:56 AM

Texas A&M: because any place else is just day care.

Barry, show us your transcripts or shut the heck up!

Note to Rick: It would be better to be president of the Republic of Texas...just sayin'.

Gig 'em Aggies!

Posted by: Capt 45 at August 7, 2011 01:09 PM

Perry has a huge problem, the people he associates with. You take a good look at the American Family Association and you'll see how bigoted and short-sighted a group they are. So long as Perry associates with the AFA, the more the general public will come to oppose Governer Perry as a prospective candidate, and as an individual.

For Rick Perry to win the Republican nomination he needs to repudiate the AFA and distance himself from that group. Doing anything else means losing the nomination.

Posted by: Alan Kellogg at August 7, 2011 07:09 PM

Don't get too excited about Perry. He headed Gore's efforts in Texas and is a born again Repubulican, RINO. I also suspect he has ties to the Christian Coalition. In short, he is another Bush. We need a real conservative or libertarian in the office.

Posted by: david7134 at August 7, 2011 07:37 PM

I be happy to see proof that the nitwh actually ATTENDED any classes at any of the schools he supposedly went to.

Posted by: emdfl at August 7, 2011 10:22 PM

I might indicate that even if Obama had the best grades in the world, it means very little. One of the little known aspects of affirmative action programs is grade adjustment. I saw this first hand as a professor in a medical school. Certain people were compensated for as it was felt they needed the better grades and opportunities.

Posted by: david7134 at August 8, 2011 12:17 PM

David is correct. I saw it many times as well.

Posted by: carol at August 9, 2011 12:20 AM