August 09, 2011

Typical Leftist Wants to Introduce Us to the Reeducation Camps

Via SayUncle, proof that the violent totalitarianism the pervades leftist ideology remains deeply rooted in their fragile psyches:

Many times I've riffed on a dark, delicious fantasy about rounding up Tea Bagger types and sentencing them to green re-education camps for minimum one-year terms. Not to punish per se but to expose these contemptible morons to facts, to truth, to the way things really are and how they're being played by the rich, and the fact that Boomers have taken almost everything and that diminished lifestyles and economic security are being bequeathed to Genx and GenY for decades to come, and that the best is definitely over.

Like Chance, I'd invite Mr. Wells and any assembly of his friends he can muster to try to make his fantasy a reality.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at August 9, 2011 09:55 PM

If someone or someones come to my door on such a mission it will be make my day time.

Posted by: Parker at August 9, 2011 10:41 PM

All I can say is any time he feels froggy, all he has to do is jump. Always love it when someone like that goes all "Keyboard Conan". Someone who apparently won't put forth the effort to get where he wants, and feels that should entitle him to the earnings of someone who did, doesn't exactly come across as terribly intimidating.

Posted by: GVii at August 10, 2011 01:55 AM

I wish there were such camps. I would then burn one to the ground and then report them to the EPA for their uncontrolled carbon release. Then I would report them to Fish and Wildlife when they try to rebuild. I would demand a full environmental impact study complete with an inventory of rare flora and fauna. We could even demand remediation for all the toxins in the soil resulting from the fire. The fun would last for years.

Posted by: Professor Hale at August 10, 2011 07:47 AM

Professor - don't be silly. Rules are for the little people. They don't apply to those who know what is best for us!

YOU would have to follow those regulations for some large construction project, such as mowing your lawn; Liberals do NOT. They're better than you are. Smarter. More moral.


Posted by: Orion at August 10, 2011 09:35 AM

I would even release some endangered species on their property and encourage them to breed the rabbits (the species, not the lefties). Rare voles, mice, roaches, owls. Heck, I would even pay some old woman with a camera $100 to claim she saw an ivory billed wood pecker and produce a grainy photo or something flying away. That claim alone would tie things up for 5 years.

Posted by: Professor Hale at August 10, 2011 09:51 AM

It could get right interesting if the sh*tweasels were to try edumucating my ornery ol' *ss.

Posted by: maxx at August 10, 2011 05:16 PM