August 22, 2011

Lee Booth Properties Being Searched By U.S. Marshals

My favorite gun company-acquiring felon still isn't of interest to a corrupt North Carolina BATF, but he has at least drawn the attention of lawyers who believe Booth may have parts and equipment belonging to Pace Airlines.

His properties are being searched today by U.S. Marshals acting on behalf of the Pace bankruptcy trustee.

As I understand it, they are searching for parts that Booth claims he does not have that belong to the bankrupt airline. I suspect that one or two small parts would not be a big deal and could be written off as a legitimate accident, but if the Marshals discover substantial Pace materials, then he could be in a bit of trouble.

I'll update when I find out more.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at August 22, 2011 10:09 AM

You wrote a week or so ago that this was about to happen.

I hope they gave him notice so they could watch and see if he tried to hide it or take it off his property.

Unless the same people who are apparently protecting him from his gun problems wanted him to have notice.

Posted by: Veeshir at August 22, 2011 07:03 PM