June 24, 2005

Duncan Whines

Duncan Black, better know as Atrios of Eschaton mewls:
Ken Mehlman Says Liberals Want Our Troops to Die

So this is the nice quiet RNC chief who is so unlike that nasty Howard Dean:

Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman, speaking in Puerto Rico, said there was no need to apologize because "what Karl Rove said is true."

I'm with you, Duncan. I feel your pain...
Though Mehlman never made that comment, did he, Duncan? You made it up....

And I can't imagine where some might get the idea some liberals want out troops to die...

No, I can't imagine where people might get that idea at all...

Update: Welcome to all those coming in from Instapundit. If this is your first time here, please try the main page and have a look around.

Update: Leftist Ward Churchill rears he head to suggest the fragging of officers is a more effective way to protest war:

"For those of you who do, as a matter of principle, oppose war in any form, the idea of supporting a conscientious objector who's already been inducted [and] in his combat service in Iraq might have a certain appeal," he said. "But let me ask you this: Would you render the same support to someone who hadn't conscientiously objected, but rather instead rolled a grenade under their line officer in order to neutralize the combat capacity of their unit?"
I think we've got the new liberal meme well established.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 24, 2005 12:05 AM | TrackBack

I knew the lefties weren't too smart, now I know they are downright stupid. Look at the sign. How stupid, the american combat troops were pulled out of South Vietnam in 1973 and the government turned over to the people. It was the liberals and idiot congress members that made the statement that the U.S. would no longer support South Vietnam in 1975 that led to the takeover and resulted in somewhere between 3 and 5 million people being slaughtered. The blood of millions are on your hands, not on the U.S. military who won the war. Even the traitorous NYT has admitted we won, and the left wing liberal communist snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Evidently they (the lefties) are still on a guilt trip about being responsible for the slaughter and can't afford to admit they were wrong. That would surely result in a total mental breakdown for those that aren't already crazy and a lot of them are in mental facilities today. Today they are trying to convince others to join their cause so they can tell themselves they aren't the only crazy ones, kind of a share the guilt ploy.

Posted by: scrapiron at July 24, 2005 07:52 PM