April 07, 2005

Liberalism Kills

The left keeps ramping up their paranoid delusions and their rhetoric and actions get more and more violent. It was only a matter of time before they started murdering people "for the cause."

In this instance, frequent Indymedia poster and Evergreen State College graduate (yes, that Evergreen) Andrew Mickel murdered a 31-year-old policeman, shooting the new father in the back and then bragged about it on more than a dozen Indymedia web sites in a ranting manifesto.

Read the whole sickening thing. Mickel is hardly the first leftist assassin in American history.

(hat tip and comments: LGF)

Note: This murder was in 2002. Mickel was convicted and is now in the sentencing phase of is trial, and stands to face the death penalty. At least he has a chance. It is more than he gave Officer Mobilio.

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