January 20, 2006

What is Short, has Glowing Eyes, and Captures Terrorists?

A Jawa.

On March 12th of 2005 (later updated on March 14th) I wrote a post about a series of messages on the jihadi forum about how to make various weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical weapons, by a poster calling himself ahmed_assalafil. I had first heard about Ahmed's messages from a website that I frequent which monitors jihad forums, Internet Haganah. Included in Ahmed's messages was the claim that the poster had information on how to make a nuclear bomb, along with some rudimentary (and erroneous) instructions on Hydrogen bomb construction. He was seeking help translating the allegedly secret materials into Arabic.

Head over to The Jawa Report for the rest of the story about how a blogger played a part in convicting Jordanian-born, would-be terrorist Mohammed Radwan Obeid.

While you're there, make sure to wish Rusty a happy two-year anniversary.

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