August 18, 2006

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fisk

As the Islamic Armegeddon apparently approaches just four days hence,
I thought I'd take this opportunity to mention all the thinks I'm going to miss as a result.

Car Swarms
Sadly, this uniquely Palestinian cultural curiosity is about to expire, along with those who practice it. I never quite understood the odd fascination with retrieving bits of flesh from martyrs "liberated" of their earthly chains courtesy of the Israeli Air Force, but it was an interesting custom to view all the same. I'll have to find another pointless expression of impotent rage to fill this void in my life. Is Randi Rhodes still on the air?

"Differently-Abled" Suicide Bombers
Say what you will about their people skills and willingness to accept those of other beliefs, the various terrorist groups in the Middle East have always believed in diversity, even allowing the mentally infirm and gullible a direct shot at paradise.

If only we cared enough to extend equal opportunities across all strata and mental levels of our society, perhaps we could be as great a culture. Then again, Cynthia McKinney was elected twice, so perhaps we're doing better in this regard than I originally thought.

The price is certainly going to go up. Of course, glass will become much more economical, so it might balance out.

Arab Media
I'll be honest: they've provided me a lot of material in past weeks, and I'm going to miss their fine original craftsmanship, which was openly appreciated in our own media outlets as well. Bill Keller is going to have to find a new mentor, but no doubt he'll land on his feet on a nice marble floor. So long, Qana Chameleons, and thanks for all the Fisk.

No, not really.

You may look at this admittedly short list and ask, "hey, what about all the things in the "Great Satan" and the "Little Satan" that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadabbracadabrajad has promised to destroy as he brings forth the holy cleansing fire of the Hidden Imam?"

And I'll look back at you with a smile on may face and say those four sweet, magic words, "North Korea-designed missiles."

I'll see you on the 23rd.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at August 18, 2006 11:09 AM | TrackBack

Cy, a great post again, though I got to disagree with you.

Even if Mahmud Ahmadinif@cked will launch an attack on Israel we have some means to defend against it (the Hetz 3 ani-ballistic missile).

But yes, the Israeli response will be quite quick and definatly devastating.

Albeit, you'll still have your palestinians and at least a part of the Arab media so don't be so sad.

See you on the 23rd.

F. Sgt. Alex

Posted by: First Sergeant Alex at August 18, 2006 12:12 PM

You have the audacity to disparage the great and powerful hummus!?!? To the streets my brethren. The comic strip jihad will be nothing compared to the hummus one!

Posted by: The Moderate Muslim at August 19, 2006 10:48 AM

I couldn't get your trackback to work, so just wanted to let you know that I linked to you in a post I did about the irony that, within weeks of Hezbollah's being accused of shipping handicapped kids into Qana to use them for Israeli target practice, the "Arab Group" at the UN made a medium to-do about occupation forces abusing handicapped people during times of war.

Posted by: Bookworm at August 19, 2006 11:18 AM

hummus has been known to raise HDL. thats why these creeps only die from strapping ecplosives around their chests.

Posted by: jay tel aviv at August 19, 2006 05:43 PM


Happy trails to you,
Until we meet again.
Happy trails to you,
Keep smilin' until then.

Posted by: Eg at August 19, 2006 08:10 PM