August 29, 2008

First Sarah Palin Facts

  • Unlike Dick Cheney, who shoots small birds with a 28-gauge shotgun, Sarah Palin hunts moose. When she shoots a lawyer, they'll stay down.
  • Single-handedly responsible for the booming political "-ILF" industry.
  • Husband Todd Palin's name is actually Yup'ik Eskimo for "Russell Crowe."
  • Palin's son Track is so tough that when joined the Army it was decided that he will be deployed to Iraq... as an MRAP.
  • A, combat pilot John McCain knew how to flew aircraft. A bush pilot, Sarah Palin knows how to land them.
  • Unlike Barack Obama, whose basketball skills consist of losing pick-up games, Sarah Palin was a state championship point guard... and won it playing on a broken foot.

Add your own in the comments, and we'll "promote" the best.

Update: I surrender.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at August 29, 2008 10:10 AM

When asked about alternative energy in lights of the current crisis, Palin said, "I'd be more than happy to drill in Pelosi's head to power the country on hot air."

Posted by: Lord Nazh at August 29, 2008 10:22 AM

CY,that was way to funny,but I couldnt agree more.A 30.06 is just alittle bit more intrusive dont ya think. :)

Posted by: 1903A3 at August 29, 2008 11:16 AM

Ooooo...spooky. A creationist vice presidential candidate. Darwin knows that's never happened before...

Heck, I'm practically a militant atheist and I don't care.

More important are her views on tax law and foreign relations.

Posted by: Urban Scorpion at August 29, 2008 11:42 AM

It is a great day, for the country, for the GOP and for the cause of women in our Republic...

Posted by: Carlos Echevarria at August 29, 2008 12:01 PM

sorry to delete the comment you were responding to, Urban, but I don't care for lies. The only direct comment she's made about creationism is this:

"Teach both. You know, don't be afraid of information.

"Healthy debate is so important and it's so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both.

"And, you know, I say this, too, as the daughter of a science teacher. Growing up with being so privileged and blessed to be given a lot of information on, on both sides of the subject creationism and evolution.

"It's been a healthy foundation for me. But don't be afraid of information and let kids debate both sides."

She--the daughter of a science teacher--supports a free exchange of ideas so that people can decide on their own which they want to believe. What a scary idea, this concept of intellectual and religious freedom.

I guess to fanatical atheists, that freedom is close enough to creationism for them to go on a bender, but it isn't intellectually honest.

Full disclosure: I'm not a creationist, but I'm offended by them, either.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at August 29, 2008 12:13 PM

Just think, in 4-8 years "PILF" will be part of the American lexicon.

Seriously, the media won't be able to give here the "Linda Tripp" treatment, and every attack on her will remind liberal feminists of how the MSM treated Her Royal Thighness.

Posted by: Smarty at August 29, 2008 12:15 PM

I only hope she influences some of McCain's policies. This definitely cinches my vote for McCain as I was hoping he'd pick a real conservative for VP. She doesn't believe in global warming, but McCain seems to certainly believe there's an anthropogenic element to it. I'm curious as to how that will play out.

Posted by: Skeptic at August 29, 2008 01:58 PM

Palin has the power to make liberals' heads asplode. She is going to really make this an interesting race.

I wager we're going to see sexism from the Left so extreme that it will surpass anything they ever accused the Right of perpetuating.

I'm still trying to mentally diagram that last sentence... I think it came out correctly.

Posted by: Russ at August 29, 2008 02:09 PM

Russ, the construction isn't the problem, its the philosophical yoga required for the media to avoid the fact that it's coming.

Disavowal is their only choice, not even Chuck Norris (now I must run to the ends of the earth and hide for using the Name), could kick the sexism hard enough to spin it.

Posted by: Gus Bailey at August 29, 2008 02:31 PM


So tough Chuck Norris is too scared shoot hoops with her.

(Apparently her nick name on the high school basketball team was Sarah "Barracuda" Palin)

Posted by: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at August 29, 2008 04:00 PM

Sarah Palin looked at the sea, and it not only stopped rising, the ice caps refroze.

Posted by: twolaneflash at August 29, 2008 11:42 PM

Sarah Palin saw that there was oil and natural gas in her native Alaska, and there is! She felt the winds blow, and knew they could generate electricity, and they can! She knows that the greatest impediment to our Nation being self-sufficient in energy is the Federal Government, and it is! Sarah Palin, Truth and Change We Can Believe In!

Posted by: Tom TB at August 30, 2008 09:57 AM

All of this delicious contempt and bitterness oozing from the libs' heads over Sarah Palin makes a wonderful popcorn topping. The aroma of lib defeat and fear is an unexpected enjoyment (schadenfreude anyone?). Hollywood is reported to be self-medicating and entering therapy for PTSD (post-traumatic Sarah disorder). The fall tv season and expected holiday movie releases may be postponed due to celebrity dysfunction. Ronald Reagan reruns will be used to fill the schedule.

McCain/Palin for '08 & 8!

Posted by: twolaneflash at August 30, 2008 12:03 PM