March 05, 2010

Pentagon Attacked by Anti-Bush Nut/ 9/11 Truther

Patterico has the details.

Two police officers were wounded in the attack. The shooter was fatally shot during the attack. His name was John Patrick Bedell of Hollister, CA. According to MSNBC, he had prior arrests for cultivating marijuana and assaulting cops.

Update: The shooter was a registered Democrat, not that the fact will keep dishonest, ideologically-driven propagandists such as Peter Grier from attempting to smear those on the center right..

Posted by Confederate Yankee at March 5, 2010 06:18 AM

The news just said that the guy was bipolar with a long history of mental issues. Being a Democrat as well, could he be in the Obama administration?

Posted by: David at March 5, 2010 07:22 PM