October 05, 2010

The Long Gray Line Sets Its Sights on Las Vegas Metro PD Over Erik Scott Shooting

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If I were a betting man, I'd take the Army.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at October 5, 2010 09:13 AM

Your article stated incorrectly states, “Police were called to the store after an employee described Scott as both armed and acting as if he were under the influence of narcotics.”
This is where any civil suite should begin.
Scott was described by COSTCO security not as if he were under the influence of narcotics, but as a ‘tweaker’, under the influence of crystal meth, crank; ripping open packages, throwing product around, being confrontational; AD… is he taking off clothing? Such was communicated to the responding LEOs by dispatch; efforts by security, casually walking ten feet behind him, to walk-back-the-cat to no avail.

The coroner, medical professionals, and multiple layman witnesses testified 180 degrees the opposite; he was on heavy downers, appearing drunk.

LEOs, numbers two and three, posted on either side of the exit door with shoulders to the wall. LEO number one was straight outside the door, on the canopy drip line, facing in. All three waiting should their deranged tweaker madman to come out.
Out a downer, not matching the tweaker profile, shuffles, he nearly walks away (as was suggested by store security before when they said weapons are not allowed here). THEN, our store security specialist of unknown reliability fingers him. RAPID adrenalin driven staccato (READ, ‘LEO tweaker’) commands follow… The shambling medically certified ‘heavy on downers’ man has not enough time to say, “…. Huuuhhhhhhhh,,,,,, Whhhhhaaaaatt?” Less than six seconds. Good thing for LEO that he actually did have a gun…

…the inquest took the coroners / medical professionals determinations and ruled 180 degrees apart – Behaviorally, they were looking for a blue-eyed white guy, and killed a grey-eyed old lady with blue hair when ‘somebody’ nobody knows pointed at him. Good thing she was armed.
And the coroner said they could not determine the ranges the shots were fired from – or chose not to – a false statement? Forensic handbooks for decades showed standardized tests on how to determine if the shot was barrel close, or say ten feet, or more; and type of firearm. The ranges suggested by the SGT (backstop) should leave not only powder burns, but partially burned power in the wounds. What of the LEOs uniforms, where are they? I would expect some spray when standing within ten feet of someone shot more than a half dozen times. Of the witnesses, did any actually witness the shooting and position of the shooters?

As a finer note, having some respect for the ADA, what does Scott’s last hearing test show? Nothing quite like gunning down the deaf or blind because you are a fearing for your life.

Posted by: Druid at October 5, 2010 07:05 PM

Sheriff's deputy mistakenly fires eight shots at robbery victim, misses


Typical LEO quality?

As mentioned above, it is just dumb luck that the alleged tweaker Vegas LEOs expected was carrying.

Posted by: Druid at October 5, 2010 09:29 PM