February 13, 2011

Story of O

Via email.

What... me worry?

Posted by Confederate Yankee at February 13, 2011 01:48 PM

Fortunately -- especially for Obama -- we have a mostly functioning electoral process.

(Pleas note, I did not say "democracy". We are NOT a democracy. And I don't want us to be one!)

Posted by: MikeM_inMd at February 13, 2011 03:15 PM

I've been sayin' this to everyone who asks why our government has been sticking their nose in Egypt's bussiness. Well because they don't want the people to see how they have the ultimate power in the end. Now if only it was written into our Constitution! ;)

Posted by: Midwest Patriot at February 13, 2011 03:58 PM

Funny, the last time Egypt was a relevancy - it was under a different dictator - the Pharaohs.

The the moslems came and rendered the most depraved sort of dark ages.

Moslems cannot function in a democracy. If there is not an omnipresent death threat - they are rudderless.

Posted by: me at February 13, 2011 11:06 PM