March 29, 2011

Erik Scott Case at Pajamas Media

The good folks at Pajamas Media have been kind enough to post my recent article on the Scott case, available here. Regular readers who have been following the case on Confederate Yankee will find it to be a summary of recent developments for those who have not been regular readers. Even so, the comments are entertaining, and PJM is a fine site that is worth your while.

I'll be posting another update--10.3--on the case at CY within a day or two as some additional information has been made available on some of the newer developments.

Posted by MikeM at March 29, 2011 07:25 PM

Police are a statutory construction of the law. There is no Common Law or Constitutional basis for police officers. The first paid police force, in the English speaking world, was in England around the 1830's.

Police have gone from a paid police force relieving people of the individual responsibility of law enforcement to a tool for statists. Court, including the US Supreme Court, have ruled that police are not required to protect you. Contrast these ruling to in MA for example requiring occupants to leave their home should an intruder enter it. Yep, the intruder has to be left alone in your house until the police the ones who do not have a duty to protect you get there.

Posted by: Mark at March 30, 2011 02:00 PM