June 12, 2011

"Gay Girl From Damascus" Actually a Che-Loving, Jew-Hating Douche From Georgia

Didn't much care about it before and so I can't pretend to be outraged now, but is is funny that so many "educated" rubes got sucked into buying this.

"I'm not a government-abducted Syrian lesbian. I'm you."

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 12, 2011 10:51 PM

One of the immutable principals of leftism is that the ends always justify the means. Lie, cheat, steal, whatever! Just as long as it advances the cause.

Posted by: GunRights4US at June 13, 2011 09:58 AM

That's because leftism is lies.

Posted by: Rob Crawford at June 14, 2011 12:16 AM