July 28, 2011

Quick Takes, July 28, 2011

ITEM: It's Happened Again. Go here for a summary. "It" is another mass shooting by a single man, apparently a 32 year old described by the Norwegian police as a Christian fundamentalist, right-wing extremist. Of course, in a nation that is essentially Socialist, "right wing" almost certainly has different connotations than in America. But what is clear is that using a "machine-pistol" he killed approximately 90 people on an island accessible only by boat. By strict definition, a "machine-pistol" is a fully automatic weapon in pistol caliberhighly unlikely in Norway--but there are no confirmed additional details available.

At this point, one lesson is abundantly clear: This kind of murderous rampage is possible only in gun-free zones, which pretty much describes Norway. Many Norwegians own guns, but virtually no one is allowed to carry guns, and for the most part, the police don't either. From media reports, the shooter killed, unrestrained, for 60-90 minutes before the police could respond. Don't expect the media to understand this. They will almost certainly, as usual, use this as an opportunity to lobby for greater citizen disarmament. I've no doubt the Obama Administration will do the same. One capable innocent with a handgun could have stopped this. One. John at Powerline (here) concurs.

ITEM: Our National Debt in 1:24: Go here to view a very powerful video submitted for the PowerLine Prize. It says what needs to be said very well indeed. Go here for another fine effort.

ITEM: How Not To Be Unemployed: This is the title of an article by Susannah Breslin at Forbes (here). Good advice from a woman who knows. By all means, read it all.

ITEM: Don't Tax You, Don't Tax Me; Tax That Corporate Jet Behind The Tree! Hold on there, Buckaroo! That's not what you'd be saying if you were billionaire and Obama supporter Warren Buffett. Go here for a brief and informative story and video on the real issues relating to the latest iteration of Mr. Obama's never-ending class warfare.

ITEM: If I Were Him, I Wouldn't Worry About An Invitation To The Next White House Command Performance. Go here for an interesting story about Vegas gazillionaire Steve Wynn. It seems that Mr. Wynn thinksgaspthat Mr. Obama is very bad for American business and that the economy won't improve until Mr. Obama is gone. How could anyone think this, particularly when Mr. Obama himself tells us that things are so good, 80% of Americans are just dying to have their taxes raised?

ITEM: Thirty Million Americans Live In Poverty: What, exactly, does that mean? Go here for an interesting story at PowerLine that outlines the facts. One thing is certain: The poorest Americans are certainly the envy of far, far more than 30 million of the residents of the rest of this small, blue planet. By all means, read the whole thing.

ITEM: Oh! It Blew Up In Her Face! Ka-Blooey! Go here for a brief and delicious video of MSNBC talking head Contessa Brewer interviewing Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL). Arguing economics, she arrogantly demanded to know if Rep. Brooks had a degree in economics. Turns out he actually doeswith honors. Ka-Blooey!

ITEM: It Takes A Licking And Keeps OnCalling and Receiving? Go here to see what happens when you drop your iPhone 13,500 feet onto a rooftop. Amazing. NOTE: We're professionals; don't try this at home.

ITEM: How Can You Tell When Barack Obama Is Lying? Go here for Michelle Malkin's list of victims of evil insurance companies, insurance companies that will be brought to heel by the wonders of ObamaCare! Except, the people Mr. Obama awarded much-coveted victim status really aren't victims at all. But that means that the answer to the question is: His lips are moving. Indeed.

ITEM: It's That Right Wing Fox News Again! So, did News Corp., parent company of Fox new follow the lead of the rest of the media? Did the employees of News Corp. donate to Democrats by a margin of eight or nine to one over Republicans? Not so much. It's actually 51% Republicans and 49% Democrats. You'll never guess which political figure got the most boodle. Yeah, you will. Looks like "fair and balanced" isn't just hype. Go here for the story.

ITEM: The Party's Over: At 5:556 EDT, July 21, 2011 the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed, ending America's ability to fly into low orbit for the foreseeable future, and arguably ending America's manned space program. Our only means of flying men into space is now the use of Russian capsules employing 1970s technology. But cheer up! NASA Chief Charles Bolden has a new mission direct from Mr. Obama: Helping Muslims to feel good about the scientific accomplishments of their ancient ancestors. I guess if we want to boldly go where no man has gone before, we'll have to rely on Star Trek.

ITEM: Finally! Conclusive Proof of Global Warming! That's right gentle readers. Go here to Hot Air, which is reporting on the NYT's recent indisputable, settle-it-once-and-for-all proof of anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming. The proof? Oh! Sorry! It's like, you know, I mean, really hot--in July. Quit laughing! I mean reeeeallllly hot! Sweating and everything! Stop that! It's not funny! Now that they've cleared that up, I await stunning and conclusive proof that the oceans are wet and that it tends to be dark at midnight.

ITEM: Just Like The Flintstones, They'll Have a Gay Old Time! In QTs from last week, we reported on the National Institutes of Health spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to study medical issues of enormous practical importance such as how the penis size of gay men relates to, well, their satisfaction (I always thought you couldn't get no satisfaction). Now we discover (here) that the NIH has spent another $300,000 to deal with another medical conundrum that's right up there with seeking a cure for cancer: Why do gay men have sex and use drugs at professionally produced gay dance parties? I don't know. It sort of seems like the NIH is more than normally interested in gay sex. And now that you mention it, what's a "normal" interest in gay sex in the first place, particularly if you're not gay? How can we get some satisfaction about this? Discuss.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, National Destruction Division: Go here for a brief reminder of the EPA's regulatory war on productivity, jobs, the economy, and national survival. Particularly, I was shocked, shocked! to learn that the EPA is about to put into effect rules that seem specifically targeted at destroying electric generating capacity in Texas, the most productive, free, and economically dynamic state in the union these days, and a solidly red state. Surely the Obama Administration would never engage in thuggish retribution? Surely the Obama Administration would never do anything to harm the economic viability of one of the few states helping to keep America from economic doom? Of course the Obama Administration would do that, and quit calling me Shirley!

ITEM: First Class TemperamentNot! Go here for a revealing story about the new Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel and his less than calm response to a reasonable question by a female reporter. Remember, gentle readers, Emanuel was often touted as the sole rational, calm and reasonable voice in the Obama White House. This man is running one of America's largest cities. We're in the very best of hands.

ITEM: 2012 Election Preview: Presidential Press Secretary Jay Carney provided a look (go here) into what will almost certainly be Mr. Obama's campaign rhetoric in 2012: "The economy is vastly improved from what it was when Barack Obama was sworn into office as president." Right. Ignore that man behind the curtain; Neville Chamberlain secured peace in our time; scientists don't want drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and Janet Napolitano says things on the southern border are better than ever! A mind is a terrible thing to waste, Jay.

ITEM: U.S. Taxpayers Take A Bath! Or: "Mr. President! The taxpayers are revolting!" "They certainly are." When Barack Obama took over Chrysler and GM, we owned a Dodge Caliber. It was a decent car, but sensing that Mr. Obama would do as well running the auto industry as everything else he touches, we decided to support the only U.S. manufacturer who did not succumb to the siren song of Socialism and have been happy Ford owners since. But now the Treasury Department has announced that it sold the taxpayer's remaining 98,000 shares of Chrysler stockat a $1.3 billion dollar loss. Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability Tim Massad said, essentially, well, yeah, but we dumped our investment at a loss six years earlier than we expected, so you know, it's like all good and stuff! What good news! Go here for the entire disaster. I don't know--$1.3 billion still seems like quite a bit of money to me. You?

ITEM: And Now It's Time ForGuess That Date! Yes gentle readers, in what year was this headline featured? "U.S. Budget Deficit Hits Record $438 Billion For Year?" Was it (A) 1934, (B) 1963, (C) 1972, or (D) 1981? It's (E) None of the above. The year was 2008. Isn't it amazing how just over two years of Barack Obama has so devalued the apparent worth of hundreds of billions of dollars that $438 billion doesn't sound like much anymore? Go here for an enlightening bit of perspective, courtesy of the invaluable Mark Steyn.

ITEM: Politically Incorrect: Have you found yourself annoyed by the tired, cowardly character assassination that passes for being brave and politically incorrect when uttered by leftists, leftists such as the distinctly unfunny and just plain mean comedian Bill Maher? Well, Steven Crowder shares your pain and has produced a great little video (here) illustrating just what being politically incorrect means. If you're not familiar with Crowder and his work, you've missed one of the brightest and genuinely funniest comedians extant. Take the time to see this one.

ITEM: GodAnd Ronald McDonaldHave Delicious Senses of Irony. Go here for the story. What story? With the First Couple doing their best to destroy the economy and turn children into skeletal model-waifs, which company is thriving despite their best efforts? C'mon, I gave you a major hint!

ITEM: "Note That There's A Restaurant Called Hooters But None Called Testicles." So says Advice Goddess Amy Alkon (here). If you haven't read Alkon, this is a good chance to make her acquaintance, so to speak. Direct, rational, funny, smart: what more could you want in a woman, or an advice goddess, for that matter? My favorite English parallel: "If you can be quizzical, why can't you be testicle?"

ITEM: Beauty: Popular music has produced a few truly magnificent singers. Among them are Karen Carpenterwho sadly died far too youngand Alison Krauss, like Carpenter a consummate musician with an achingly expressive, beautiful voice and the ability to find the soul of a song, to truly sing the music instead of the notes and rhythms. July 23rd was her birthday and Powerline (here) has a brief story and a video you really want to see. If you've not heard Krauss, you're missing real beauty. Take the chance to experience it.

ITEM: No One Is That StupidRight? Imagine a federal cemetery, a cemetery serving as an official final resting place for our military dead. Imagine that the director of that cemetery is preventing any mention of God from being used in services in that cemetery. Insane, right? Can't be happening, right? Apparently, it is. Go here for the story of one Arleen Ocasio, director of the cemetery in Houston, TX (of all places), and the testimony of state lawmaker John Culberson (you knew he had to be a Republican, didn't you) who went "undercover" to see for himself after Obama Administration officials denied that it was happening. According to Culberson, it is indeed happening. See what you think. Secure breakable objects first.

ITEM: A Cuteness Overdose That Just Keeps On Giving: Go here to Zoo Borns for photos of the cutest beasties--born in zoos all over the placeyou've ever seen. This is the kind of site you should bookmark and visit whenever you feel the need for one of those "Awwwwwww!" moments. Winnie-The-Pooh cute.

ITEM: Lets Go There And Figure Out How They Do It! So say the officials of many states who are sojourning toTexas! Thats right. The Lone Star State has, from 2001-2010 created 732,000 jobs, more than any other state. Arizona, in second place, had only 92,000. California recently sent a high-level delegation and apparently don't speak Texan, because they're still circling the toilet bowl on the way down. How did these Texans do it? Go here to find out.

ITEM: Mr. Obama gave a speech the other night on the Debt Ceiling debacle. Class warfare, false choices, lies, it's everybody else's fault, all talk, no plan, you know, the usual. Go here, if you care.

ITEM: What? How Is This Possible? And in a related story, the White House Press Corps (that's "core," not "corpse") actually took Obama Press Mouthpiece Jay Carney to task and dared to demand to know why Mr. Obama has no debt ceiling plan! Mr. Carney's response? Mr. Obama don' need no stinkin' plan! He gave a good speech onceor something. Well, as long as you put it that way Go here to see the most transparent administration in American history in action.

ITEM: Shovel Ready? Yeah. Not so much. Go here to PowerLine for a cute video on the true nature of the Obama stimulus that even Mr. Obama admitted was never shovel ready, although, they did give cocaine to monkeys. I can't think of a better use for taxpayer funds, can you? Perhaps measuring gay penises or something like that. Or maybe gay monkey penisesthat would be better! Discuss.

ITEM: We're In The Very Best Of Hands: Go here to see a video of a Congressman questioning ATF higher-ups about Operation Fast and Furious. See the higher-ups pretend to be unable to understand or answer simple questions. See how well our tax dollars are being used to destroy our rights and kill law enforcement officers in two nations. Makes you proud to be a citizen of the world.

ITEM: The Clinton Legacy. Remember those glory years for the Democrats: The Clinton years of amazing economic success driven by Democrat policy? Yeah. Me neither, but a great many Democrats and of course, the Lamestream Media remembers it fondly. But as Mr. Reagan was fond of saying, it's not so much that what the Dems know is wrong, but that so much of what they know just isn't so. And so it is with this myth. Go here for the facts by the invaluable Mona Charen. If you haven't read Charen, this is a fine introduction.

ITEM: The Joys of Austerity: Mr. Obama has announced he has a plan to save $4 trillion dollars! Well, he's announced it, but he actually, sort of, really, has no plan at all, actually. But because he's Barack Obama, his word is reality, except when it isnt, which is actually all of the time, particularly when it comes to spending. To get a very readable and worthy take on our upcoming fiscal reality, go here to read the mandatory Mark Steyn.

ITEM: Yummy Goodness and Political Philosophy: Our very own Brigid has managed to combine wonderful writing and photography on the most essential of the food groups: bacon--and politics. Go here for a rare treat.

ITEM: Middle East Overview: Take a few minutes to navigate over to The Mellow Jihadist, which is not, by the way, an Islamist Looney site, to read a post with many interesting links. It's sort of a quick recent history of what's up thereabouts written by a former military officer who knows whereof he speaks. Interesting indeed.

ITEM: Be Prepared! Who knew that there were at least five different typesof sluts? Of sluts. Viewer Warning: This short article contains a photograph of an attractive female posterior and of a female making an obscene gesture. Oh yes, and the kind of language you find in such disreputable places as your local cinema, and, well, life. I mention this because I know how sensitive, sheltered and gentile CY readers are. Go here to "the Frisky" for the vital story. Hey, with all of the horrendous stuff we end up reporting, I think we can all use a bit of frippery, or friskiness. Sorry: no extra credit for inventing your own kinds of slutsor for gay penis jokes.

And with that observation, I must thank you once again for stopping by and urge you to visit us again next Thursday at Quick Takes! May you have such a ridiculously lovely week that your enemies melt down in frustration!

Posted by MikeM at July 28, 2011 01:19 AM

That was the most interesting 10 minutes of the past 3 years of my life (not meaning to laugh at your melt down).

Poverty to a liberal is a dirty word, There's always going to be "helpless" people because they don't help themselves, make these taxes into voluntary taxes if you enjoy socialism and nation building you should have that right, and i should have the right to not participate. The same goes for immigration, my country is my house would you let 20 families from Mexico or from any country come stay in your house rent free and you get to pay for their food, medical care, schooling, etc. The answer is probably no.

I don't even think we need a giant border bureaucracy, "If you build entitlements, they will come." Take away the incentive and watch what happens, And if some do still keep coming, then GREAT that's who we need here people who know nothing is free and are searching for independence.

"ITEM: How Can You Tell When Barack Obama Is Lying?" Well when his mouth is moving that would be a good indication.

It's scary to think, gay men's penis sizes is one of the more "normal" studies they conduct.

I think the most notable thing about the past 50 years of car companies isn't the socialist "bail out" but it's the fact our government is so "In the moment greedy" that it has pushed almost every single car company to produce their cars in other countries such as Mexico, "American Cars" are really Mexican Cars at heart. It's capitalism doing it's job, not evil capitalism.. Companies are doing the smart thing, lowering their overhead and production cost. If the tax rate in Mexico is 60% lower then here, Of course they're going to start making them there. And if Toyota or Hyundai pay their employees in China $8 an hour with no benefits, and GM pays their employees on the average $30 an hour WITH benefits. And Hyundai is making their cars in Korea or china and getting taxed at a rate 50-90% lower then US companies, how the hell are we suppose to compete? The answer, this is the only time you'd ever hear me say tax ANYTHING, but we need a legitimate import tax so US companies can compete.

Posted by: KeplerTheSovereign at July 28, 2011 11:52 AM

My favorite part of the week....reading "Quick Takes"! As always, thanks!

Posted by: carol at July 29, 2011 01:32 PM