August 31, 2011

Quick Takes, September 01, 2011

ITEM: I'm All For "Normalizing" Women's Breasts! Just show me how you do that, and I'll lend a hand—or two (cue Groucho eyebrows and mustache)! Sadly, like Lori Giganto at Pajamas Media, I'm not convinced that people consider breasts anything but normal—and pretty darned neat. Oh well. Check out the story anyway; there are links and pictures of, well, normal and pretty darned neat stuff, including a link to an organization called "" whose motto seems to be "FREE YOUR BREASTS." "FREE YOUR MIND." Well hey, as long as it's for freedom! Mom and apple pie, I'm not so sure about.

ITEM: Duty, Honor, Country. Go here for an uplifting and immensely sad video that clearly explains why dogs are known as "man's best friend." If this one doesn't make your heart swell with patriotic pride, you're an Obama supporter. If it doesn't make you want to hug your dog, you don't have a heart.

ITEM: The Future Of Unionism: Over the years, I've been occasionally ambivalent about George Will, but he certainly redeems himself (I'm sure that redeeming himself in my eyes is his number one priority) with this article on the self-degradation of Wisconsin unions. One can only hope that the Wisconsin trend will continue throughout the nation. More and more, Americans are realizing that we can't afford liberalism and never could. Recommended reading.

ITEM: And Ann Coulter Wants This Guy To Run for President? Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, has some real problems. Among them, he's far too squishy on the Second Amendment, and now, has imposed a one-year moratorium on fracking in NJ. Some might consider this a not unreasonable and perhaps necessary political maneuver in a blatantly leftist state, but it is, nonetheless, another little bit of worrisome. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Irony Overdose of The Day, but boy, does it feel good! Professional golfer Paul Azinger beautifully takes Mr. Obama to task, not only on golfing, but on job creation. This sort of zinger doesn't come along every day, gentle readers. Check it out here.

ITEM: And This Guy Is A Republican?! Big Brother in the Big Apple. It seems that lunatic anti-gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now planning to put traffic cameras at every NYC intersection. Has he ever seen NYC traffic? Such devices are about revenue, and actually make intersections more dangerous, which in NYC would be an accomplishment akin to Mr. Obama making the French look muscular and manly by comparison—which he did in Libya. Go here.

ITEM: Even The UN Is Afraid Of Chuck Norris! Rightfully so. At Politico, Norris takes the UN to task (here) for their latest stealth gun control scheme, ready to be served up to Mr. Obama just in time for the 2012 election. The Tatler's take on the issue is here.

ITEM: The Evils of Deficit Spending. You absolutely have to see this one, gentle readers. At least George W. Bush had to fight several wars and deal with the economic fallout of 9-11. What's Mr. Obama's excuse? See what The One has to say about it. Deliciously ironic. If the Republicans don't use this to horrific effect for 2012, the idiots deserve to lose (we don't). Discuss.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award of The Millennia: Mr. Obama is a Socialist? I'm shocked, shocked! For those not familiar with Stanley Kurtz's book on Mr. Obama's socialist upbringing, connections and orthodoxy, this Powerline link provides substantial illumination. It's definitely worth your time for the embedded video alone. The "Meeting Young Obama" link is also very revealing. You'll find yourself thinking, "well, that explains a lot."

ITEM: Sub-College English 101. Jack Cashill, for those who don't know him, is a prolific and wide-ranging author who has deconstructed Barack Obama's Dreams From My Father and has concluded that he did not write it as he has claimed. Rather, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers wrote the book. Cashill's definitive video summarizing the evidence in his book on the subject can be found here.

However the subject of this item is something nearly as rare as the Higgs Boson: A letter Barack Obama wrote, while President of the Harvard Law Review, on a matter of law. Cashill concludes that Mr. Obama's writing is far below the standard of that in the book he claims to have written. As a teacher of English, it is, at best, sub-college freshman level writing, to say nothing of the reasoning—such as it is. Go here for the article and a link to the letter itself.

ITEM: ObamaCare Mandates WHAT?! Among the many things we're now finding out is in ObamaCare now that it has been passed is that women will get free birth control, and also, breast pumps. Penny Young Nance, CEO of Concerned Women For America, thinks that a bit--inflated. She has a point (perhaps even two—heh-heh—I'm soooo ashamed of myself)—here.

ITEM: Who'da Thunk It? According to those infamous climate change denying racists at CERN, anthropogenic global warming is not all it's crackpotted up to be. What's CERN? The home of the Large Hadron Collider, the most important high-energy physical lab in the world where one or two smart folks are known to hang out from time to time. Having done real—as opposed to Al Goreish—science, they've discovered that the dominant factors influencing Earth's climate are the Sun and cosmic rays. Who could have imagined that it is the most powerful energy source in our solar system, combined with one of the most powerful energy sources in the known universe, that affects our climate? Sort of explains the Medieval Warm Period, doesn't it? If this be racism, sign me up. Go here to decide whether you want your climate racist badge and secret climate racist decoder ring.

ITEM: Firm, Unchangeable Convictions Department: Having had their collective nether regions repeatedly and soundly kicked and having shot themselves in both feet, Wisconsin Union dysfunctionaries continue to kick themselves in the private parts by vandalizing a Catholic school and via the latest: trying to ban Republicans from a Labor Day parade. The ban was hastily lifted, however, when the Mayor of Wausau made it clear that if Republicans were excluded, the Labor Council would be footing the entire bill for the parade. So much for worker solidarity. Power to the people, right off! Go here for the brave, socialist worker story.

ITEM: Our Brave, Green Future: Mr. Obama gave more than a half billion dollars in loan guarantees from the "Stimulus" to a solar technology company known as Solyndra based in Fremont, CA. At an appearance at Solyndra in May of 2010, Mr. Obama praised the company as the future of green jobs. Yeah. Not so much. The company has now gone, quite abruptly, bankrupt, no doubt in the most environmentally sensitive way. No solar goodies, no green jobs, more than half a billion of taxpayer money down the green commode. Go here to read about the real future of green jobs.

ITEM: Melson Awaaaaay! And the wheels on the Obama bus go kerthumpity thump! Acting ATF director Kenneth Melson is being reassigned to what sounds like a job without actual work or responsibilities. The lovely, charming, and charmingly lovely Michelle Malkin has the story here. As regular readers know, Bob has done most of the heavy lifting on the Gunwalker story, and has added several great posts to the CY site over the last few days. Be sure to scroll down and read them as well.

ITEM: Not Exactly Grizzly Adams. A grizzly bear and her cubs lumber into your backyard and menace your wife and children. So you, sensitive metrosexual that you are, reason with the bear and appeal to its environmental sensitivity and natural respect for inter-species diversity. The bear eats you and your entire family. Messily.

Pity poor Jeremy Hill of Idaho who, when faced with the same situation, decided not to be eaten, shot the bear, and foolishly behaving as a law-abiding citizen, called the authorities. Local authorities declined to charge him. The feds—surprise, surprise, are throwing the book at him. Anyone surprised? Go here, but take your blood pressure meds first.

ITEM: Mr. Obama Is All For Creating Jobs, Honest! Except for the fact that his Administration is promulgating thousands of regulations that will destroy far, far more jobs than any lame job creation idea he can possibly propose, he's a regular job-creatin' machine, that Obama. Go here to National Review Online where Andrew Stiles explicates the problem. Secure breakable items first.

ITEM: That Dumb Rick Perry Never Flew Jets! The Beldar Blog (here) does something liberals rarely do: correct a mistake. Apparently some have been suggesting that because Perry primarily flew the C-130—a four-engined turboprop—he never flew jets. Not so. AF pilots fly the T-38 (and other jet aircraft) as part of their training and as part of getting in required flight hours throughout their careers. It's an interesting story and look at USAF culture.

ITEM: Gibson Rocks On! If you haven't read my piece on the Feds' raid on Gibson, by all means, scroll down a bit. Bryan Preston, at the Tattler, reinforces the idea that the raid was politically motivated. No! Mr. Obama would surely never do anything like that! Not a graduate of the Chicago Political Machine? Yes he would, and don't call me Shirley.

ITEM: Gunwalker Reassignments: Why are all of those federal bureaucrats involved in Gunwalker being reassigned? The Washington Examiner suggests some reasons here.

ITEM: So If We Have Sex With Women, They'll Fall In Love With Us? Well, sort of. Go here to The Frisky (gad, I love that for the name of a website, but I could never pull that one off) for the low down on post-orgasm attraction and temporary insanity.

And while we're still contemplating the infinite ramifications of the last item, I must sincerely thank you for stopping by, and once again encourage you to drop in once again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

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