September 07, 2011

Quick Takes, September 8, 2011

ITEM: Louis Renault Award: Illegal Labor Division. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has now extended the full protection of American labor laws to illegal immigrants. I'm shocked, shocked! Let's see if I have this right: They're in the country illegally. They're subject to immediate arrest and eventual deportation. Secretary Solis' actions violate many immigration and labor laws. Millions of Americans are unemployed and we're in serious economic trouble. Well of course! The first thing any rational person would want to do is to extend full labor protections to illegal immigrants! Go here, but be close to the bathroom in case of sudden nausea.

ITEM: Mr. Obama Has No Economic Clue? Who says so? Rep. Ron Johnson (R, WI), that's who. Go here to the Washington Times for an interesting article with what Mr. Obama always lacks: concrete, coherent proposals about what to do.

ITEM: Oh Dear! Look at this quote from an article by James Delingpole in The Telegraph:

“Green jobs” are a chimera. Though diverting taxpayers money into the renewable energy sector may indeed “create” jobs in the renewable energy sector, it will cost many more jobs in the broader economy."

When the British (the British?!) are recognizing that "green job" are unicorn horns and fairy dust, we had better get with the program. Go here for the whole article.

ITEM: The Romance And Beauty Of The Revolutionary Lifestyle. I didn't think it possible, but this article at The Mail almost—almost makes me feel a bit of pity for Jane Fonda. Why any woman could imagine that leftists care about women is beyond me.

ITEM: He Said WHAT?! I "pulled our country back from the brink." Does Mr. Obama have any idea what "brink" means? Heck, does he have any idea what "pulled" means? "Country?" I know he's on intimate terms with "I." Go here for the story.

ITEM: "Blustering, Opportunistic, Craven And Hopelessly Ineffective All At Once." Go here for the always insightful Michael Barone's commentary on Mr. Obama's recent failed attempt to force the Congress to listen to yet another "major speech" on his, rather than their, time frame.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Murderous Union Thug Division: On Labor Day, Teamster President Jim Hoffa fired up the faithful by encouraging them to "take these sons-of-a-bitches [the Tea Party] out." Knowing the modern labor movement, that was expected. But I was shocked, shocked(!) to discover Mr. Obama expressing his solidarity with Mr. Hoffa (here). Is this the new civility about which Mr. Obama has spoken?

ITEM: Isn't The Cold War Over? For America, it is, but in a very real sense, Israel has never had less than a hot war. And now, nuclear attack looms large. Read this brief but very informative article from the Jerusalem Post that explains the likely consequence of a nuclear attack. Does Mr. Obama care? Discuss.

ITEM: Media Backpedaling? Go here for an interesting Hot Air story about several prominent Lamestream Media reporters backing away from ObamaCare. Perhaps they have seen the handwriting on the wall for 2012 and don't want to seem to be entirely wrong when the fake Greek columns come crashing down? Discuss.

ITEM: Are Environmentalists Losing Enthusiasm For Wind Power? An interesting question being posed at the Volokh Conspiracy (here). My take: Not at all. They've never had any enthusiasm for power production of any kind and consistently practice bait and switch. We're absolutely against coal generated power, but we love windmills—until anyone actually tries to build any, and then they oppose those too, just as they oppose a solar power plant, in of all places, the Mojave Desert. Something about disturbing a lizard, I think.

ITEM: How Much Worse Can It Get? At The Truth About Guns, which, with CY has been much involved in keep the Gunwalker and related scandals alive, we discover that Federal prosecutors from California are now taking over all Gunwalker related cases in Arizona. That would be the 20 some cases of low level straw purchasers that have been the entire "catch" of the idiotically conceived and implemented debacle. By all means, scroll down a bit and take the link to Bob's latest PJM article on the topic (Gunwalking in---Indiana?). The hits just keep on comin'!

ITEM: Romney On The Ecomeney: John at Powerline has an interesting article on Mitt Romney's "day one" economic repair plan. It makes interesting reading and seems far more reasonable than anything we've seen in, well, 2.5 years, but by that measure, increasing the national debt by anything less than a trillion a year seems reasonable. I still have many reservations about Mr. Romney, with RomneyCare heading the list. Discuss.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Lamestream Media Division: I was shocked, shocked(!) to learn that John King of CNN interviewed Teamster President James Hoffa Labor Day evening, an interview begun with videotape of Hoffa's "let's take these sons of bitches out…" quote, yet did not so much as hint at Hoffa's lunatic rant. Considering that Hoffa was the opening act for Mr. Obama, and considering Mr. Obama's frequent hectoring about civility, one might be tempted to think that Hoffa's comments would be worth at least one question, but noooooooooo! I'm shocked, shocked!

ITEM: I Heard A Song The Reminded Me About The Way We Were. "What was it?" The Way We Were. Ah, remember those halcyon days of old when Barack Obama promised to get the federal investigation into Teamster corruption called off if he became President? Remember how that was one promise he kept? You don't suppose there's any connect…nah, of course not. Not with a Chicago machine politician in the White House. Michelle Malkin doesn't share my opinion (here). She's so smart and lovely, I'm not sure I share my opinion!

ITEM: The Redoubtable VDH Opines: "The White House is in danger not just of becoming far more polarizing than even Bush in his latter years, but of descending into such incompetence and petty spitefulness that it inhibits economic recovery at home and the very sense of American confidence abroad." I've always enjoyed Prof. Hanson's writing and has books, but I do have one small addition: To whatever degree Mr. Bush was "polarizing," it was due in large part to an incredibly hostile and activist media and Congress. With the media firmly in Mr. Obama's pocket and democrats, as always, shamelessly shilling for him, what's his excuse? Read the entire article and discuss.

ITEM: What's Noble Eagle? Go here to read about our military pilots responding to threats over America. It's good indeed to know they're there. The F-15 footage is also very cool indeed.

ITEM: "Barbarians?" Did He Actually Call Us "Barbarians?" Indeed he did. Vice President Joe "the Sheriff" Biden, speaking to an organized labor crowd on Labor Day said: "you are the only folks keeping the barbarians at the gate." So, those who oppose extortionate union contracts and lunatic, ruinous federal economic policies are "barbarians?" So be it! Honey, where's my loincloth and broadsword? Arrrrrrr!

ITEM: It's Official: Being Compared With Jimmy Carter Will Be A High Point of the Obama Administration. Go here for a brief and illuminating story about the massacre of the English language in the service of progressive policy.

ITEM: Moose Kisses! Awwwwww! If you're in the mood for cute, visit Zoo Borns for a substantial dose.

And with that calming influence, I'll thank you for visiting, and encourage you, once again, to stop by next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

Posted by MikeM at September 7, 2011 10:15 PM

I actually HAVE a broadsword...and a bastard sword, cutlass, rapier, katana, wakazashi, and a two-handed sword. Not wall-hanger decoratives, either. I do not, however, have a loincloth.

But I've got a sarong.

Posted by: Barbarian Dave at September 7, 2011 10:47 PM

I don't have a sword, I do have quite a few knives. I do not, however, have a loincloth or a large cloth body wrap. What's sarong about that?

Thanks for another great Quick Takes."

Posted by: Secesh at September 8, 2011 04:27 PM