September 14, 2011

Quick Takes, September 15, 2011

ITEM: Can He Pull It Off? Can Rick Perry defeat Barack Obama? Josh Kraushaar at National Journal thinks he can, and his arguments are persuasive. See what you think. Discuss.

ITEM: Rational Information On Social Security: Go here to find out some essential, little-known facts about social Security and why we should be worried if our feckless politicians won't do anything about it and soon--very worried.

ITEM: The Majesty Of The Law and Progressive Justice: Remember the much bandied-about incident between Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Ann Walsh Bradley (Progressive) and David Prosser (Conservative)? Bradley charged Prosser in a fury and then cried "victim," claiming that Prosser choked her. Go here to read about the police investigative report. It might give one reason to be seriously concerned for Bradley's mental health, if one lived in Wisconsin, except that just about every self-identified progressive thereabouts seems to be in the same tipsy boat these days. Rational WI attorney Ann Althouse's take is here. No, I don't mean there is any such place as "Rational, WI." I think that would probably be illegal in Wisconsin. I mean that Ms. Althouse is rational. You'll see.

ITEM: Bailout! When Barack Obama took over GM and Chrysler, I traded my nearly new Dodge in on a Ford Escape, and haven't regretted it for a second, philosophically or mechanically. I've since purchased another new Ford and it's simply a fine car. As long as our government has anything to do with GM and Chrysler, I won't so much as touch one of their products. Go here for a brief video that expresses similar sentiments, as well as a bit of patriotism.

ITEM: As The Weiner Turns: Wouldn't that be a great name for a soap opera set in a predominantly Democrat, Jewish Congressional district in New York City? It would be ruled by Democrats since 1922 until…September 13 when Republican businessman and political novice Bob Turner defeated the Democrat anointed to take Anthony Weiner's seven-term seat. Go here for the story. Oh yes, the White House tells us this win—by 8 points--and another Republican landslide in Nevada are not a referendum on Barack Obama. Of course not! Who would imagine such a thing?!

ITEM: The Very Definition of Chutzpah: DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (who happens to be Jewish), blathering about the Turner upset in NY-9, claimed that Barack Obama will always receive the Jewish vote because of his strong record on Israel. Do the Israelis know about this record? Aren't those guys--you know--Jews? And NY Dem. Senator Chuck Schumer (who also happens to be Jewish) blamed the loss on the fact that NY-9, the district he once represented, is just too darned--Jewish. Perhaps he ought to have a chat with Ms. Wasserman-Schultz to see about a bit of story synching. Go here for the hilarity. There has to be a "a Jew walked into a bar…" joke in this somewhere.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Agriculture Division: I was shocked, shocked(!) to discover that the EPA is now regulating farmers out of business. I know the geniuses at the EPA are trying to reduce us to a medieval standard of living (living?), but they do know we need to eat—don't they? Farmers are concerned. Go here to find out why.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Wasting $528 Million of Taxpayer Money Division: I was shocked, shocked(!) to learn that the Obama White House pressured government budget analysts who knew that solar panel maker Solyndra was in deep financial trouble to support that $528 million loan to Solyndra in time for a Joe Biden "ain't green grand?" photo op. As readers know, Solyndra recently went belly up. Ain't no sunshine when they gone. Go here to read the sad story.

ITEM: "Everyone Knew That The Plant Wouldn't Work: So says an ex-Solyndra employee who recently told Mark Levin that the company was producing such poor quality solar panels that at least $100,000 a day had to be thrown away. You don't suppose that sort of thing could, you know, over the long term, lead to bankruptcy, do you? Go here to find out.

ITEM: Surely They're Not Going To Do It Again? Not with the FBI and just about anyone else with a badge and gun investigating Solyndra? Yes they are, and don't call me Shirley. Go here to the beautiful and bright Michelle Malkin to learn, among other things, that the Obama Administration continues to dole out megabucks for green failure. They really can't learn from history, can they? Lord Acton was right.

ITEM: You Don't Say? "With South Carolina an early presidential primary state, many expect Republican hopefuls to hammer this issue as an example of this administration’s policies hampering job creation."

I'm referring, of course, to the NLRB's attempt to prevent Boeing from opening up its multi-billion dollar South Carolina plant at the behest of union machinists in Washington State. It seems South Carolina cruelly doesn't allow union bosses and thugs to run the state, so the NLRB is playing the heavy: "nice little state youse got dere. Be a shame if anyting was to happen to it." The House of Representatives is poised to go after the NLRB. The Dem-controlled Senate seems less interested (surprise!) Go here for the story.

Just a thought: With unions an ever-shrinking portion of the public sector, is behaving like particularly vicious and spoiled little thugs the way to make friends and influence people? Discuss.

ITEM: Remember The Good Old Days of Communism? You know, when citizens on every block were paid informers for the state? When every phone was tapped, every apartment was bugged, children were encouraged to turn in their parents, and everyone betrayed everyone? Remember the starvation, the alcoholism, the brutality, the dehumanization, the crushing, state imposed poverty of mind, body, spirit and bank account? Well happy days are here again! The Obama Campaign has established "Attack Watch" where all good socialists can inform on anyone daring to disagree with the Dear Leader, The One, His Most Majestic Highness, Barack H. Obama, Defender of the Faithless, Protector of the Holy Union Halls, Bard of the Teleprompter, to the glorious worker's revolution! Honey, where's my "Che" t-shirt?

ITEM: Oh Yeah, They Deserve This! Go here for a fine parody of Attack Watch! Let the laughter at these humorless and witless twits commence and never cease!

ITEM: Uh, the Dems Are Voting Against It?! It seems Mr. Obama's glorious Stimulus II which we must pass "right away" without reading it or knowing what's in it (it's the Obama way!) is already being shot full of holes by his own party (Uh-oh! I'm using such uncivil language. I must remember to chastise myself later). Hmm. Could losing NY-9, Mr. Obama's job approval in CA(!?) dropping to record lows and his overall approval going down in flames have anything to do with it? Ed Morrissey at Hot Air thinks so. Me too. Go here. See what you think.

ITEM: Fast And Furious—Again: It keeps getting better and better, unless of course you're a Mexican citizen being killed with guns our government shipped to Mexican drug cartels. Three more F & F guns have turned up in murders and related mayhem in Mexico. Go here for details. Remind me again why a special prosecutor hasn't already been appointed?

ITEM: Lawyer Becomes Stripper! No, it's not an Onion parody; it's the real thing. Go here for the interesting story about "Carla," drowning in law school debt, who turned her financial life around when no other options were possible. It's at once sad and heartening. At least this is a woman relying on her own resources to pay her bills rather than claiming victim status and taking a ride on the public gravy train. Food for thought.

ITEM: Has Obama Learned Anything? Peter Wehner at Commentary has an interesting, brief article by that name. He concludes:

" If you dig beneath the rationalizations and the excuses, the field of strawmen, and the barrage of attacks on the motives of his opponents, one can only wonder: In his quiet moments, during times of self-reflection, has Obama –an educated and literate man — learned much of anything from all this?"

Notice Wehner's careful parsing: "an educated and literate man." Mr. Obama presumably has the credentials of higher education, though no confirmation of his educational accomplishments is available. And as a result of all that exposure to educational opportunity--substantial evidence exists to indicate that he did not avail himself of that opportunity—he has presumably gained some degree of literacy as evidenced by his ability to swivel his neck like a deranged automaton while reading a teleprompter. What may be missing is any real evidence of intelligence—other than the kind of feral cunning necessary to survive in the snake pit of Chicago machine politics—and common sense. Without them, Mr. Obama has no chance to learn anything (I know; I'm assuming he might actually be open to learning anything. Can't be cynical 100% of the time.). Discuss.

ITEM: The Post-Foreign Policy Presidency: You must go here to read Ambassador John Bolton's most recent article on Mr. Obama's foreign policy fecklessness at National Review online. It's a rare opportunity to learn from an actual foreign policy expert who is not only capable of representing America, but can accurately identify America's friends, enemies, and her national interests 100% of the time. That's why the Dems opposed him at every turn. To paraphrase Mr. Obama, you must read this article, right away! Read this article! If you love me, you'll read this article!

ITEM: The Not Ready For Prime Time Presidency: Go here to my favorite Bookworm's site for a neat bit of exposure of the undeniable fact that Mr. Obama has no class—none at all. Come to think of it, he's lacking in compassion, decency, self-restraint, honesty, courage, humility, (add your category here) _______________...

ITEM: Up For A Bit Of High-Powered Satire? Go here for a great piece on our good friends on the Left by David Kahane.

ITEM: Life Goes On: For a charming reminder that for most other species, life goes on and self-reliance is the only option, visit Zoo Borns. Loads of "awwwww!" moments (particularly the baby gorilla) and a bit of fun in the middle of our daily bustle.

And with that bit of relaxation and a gentle reminder of our place in the universe, I'll thank you for stopping by, bid you a fond farewell, and encourage you to stop by again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes! We'll leave the key under the mat.

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