September 21, 2011

Quick Takes, September 22, 2011

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Career Ending Division: General William Shelton, commanding officer of the Air Force Space Command testified before Congress that he was pressured by the White House to change Congressional testimony to favor an Obama Crony. Congressmen universally said that they were shocked, shocked(!) and could not possibly imagine the most ethical, transparent administration in history doing such a thing. Thereafter, they went out for a drink with Elvis and a bit of hot tubbing with Bigfoot. Go here for the story.

ITEM: NOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! According to Hot Air, Jimmy Carter said "I'm not taking a position, but I would be very pleased to see him win the Republican nomination." Romney Campaign spokesman disavowed any knowledge of anyone named "Jimmy" who may or may not have ever been President of the United States, and concluded their comment by loudly screaming "ARRGGGHHHHH!" and running from the room as if on fire. Go here for the horror, the horror…

ITEM: Patriotic Ceremony Marred By Appearance Of President Obama. Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, who looks as though he has yet to graduate from high school became the first living Marine in 38 years to receive the Congressional Medal Of Honor on Sept. 15. His medal citation makes Rambo look like a Democrat Congressman. He is a true American hero.

I am truly saddened to have to observe that whenever Mr. Obama utters praise for our military or nation, it brings a torrent of disgust to my face. Never in my lifetime—with the exception of Bill Clinton—did I have good reason to doubt such comments from an American President. Meyer may feel the same way. Be sure to note how he handled the call from Mr. Obama.

ITEM: The Infrastructure Is Falling; The Infrastructure Is Falling! So sayeth Mr. Obama past and present. True, there were no shovel ready jobs in the first place, and true, the Stimulus (which word may no longer be spoken!) only stimulated Democrat cronies and assorted crooks, but that's no reason not to do a second stimulus—or whatever it's being called these days. Is it? See what Investors Business Daily has to say about the reality of American infrastructure.

ITEM: Wisconsin And The Rule Of Law: As in, there is no rule of law in Wisconsin, particularly where Democrats and unions are involved. Visit Legal Insurrection to see what appears to be a less then manly leftist admitting, on camera, to assaulting a Republican legislator. William A. Jacobson asks why such people have no fear about admitting to crimes against Republicans. You'll find the answer—if you don't already know it.

ITEM: I Knew That: Does the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press apply even to bloggers—disreputable and annoying lot that we are? Of course it does. Go here for an interesting article on some specifics. The article mentions the Emily Good case. I wrote about that case—and a more egregious Las Vegas case—not long ago for Pajamas Media. Give both a look. Who knows? You might one day find yourself using your cell phone camera to record something to which the authorities might object.

ITEM: We Can't Condone Hacking…But…sometimes a bit of mischief is inspired, as in the hacker who placed a harmless and humorous—if barbaric—biography at Trinity College, Dublin. Take a few minutes to "crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women." Extra credit points if you can identify the origin of that line.

ITEM: So The Union Has It's Own Union Which Is Represented By it's Own Union, Which…and so on and so on. I'm not kidding. Go here to see how ridiculous, and richly ironic, it is.

ITEM: Remember How Newsweek Announced it would become "a journal of elite liberal opinion?" Remember how it sold for a dollar shortly thereafter? Remember how it's editor called Barack Obama a god? Well, now NPR is doing the same. Anyone have a dollar? After the election, if federal funds are withdrawn, that may be all it takes. Wait a minute, why would I want to buy NPR?! Go here for the blasphemy.

ITEM: Are Republicans Dumb? Kathleen Parker at the Washington Post explores the issue and comes close to the point. What matters most to rational Americans of any political persuasion is not an Ivy League degree or cornpone populist street cred, but actual, demonstrated accomplishment and competence. Hey...could that be the problem with Mr. Obama or are we all just racists? Discuss.

ITEM: Unrelated Statistics and Unexpected Reality Department: According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, America experienced—unexpectedly of course—a 12% drop in violent crimes last year. They have no idea why. At the same time, a record number of people are carrying concealed weapons, acting on the reality of the best gun salesman of all time: Barack Obama. You don't suppose the two could be related, do you? Naaaaaaaah! Go here anyway.

ITEM: "The Vagina Is Becoming Big Business." So opens an AP article. Amalgamated Porn? Nope: Associated Press. Really. Geez. I always thought they were kind of a big deal, but I'm male, so what do I know? Did you know that pubic hair dye—in hot pink—is now available? It's $14.99. Live long enough and you learn amazing things. Go here to learn more.

ITEM: Third In Line: Why is it only the man third in line is able to tell America's friends from her enemies? Why can't #1 and #2 support Israel? Go here for the recent comments of Speaker John Boehner. Support for Israel is not only rational, practical and in America's interest, but if you believe in the Bible, it's never wise to be on the side of the enemies of Israel. God takes that one kind of personally.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Nuclear Proliferation Division: In a revelation that surely must have left intelligence analysts shocked, shocked (!), it was reported that Pakistan has been selling nuclear weapon technology to just about everyone except Kellogg's which reportedly wanted to include nucs as prizes in various breakfast cereals. OK, OK, so the bit about Kellogg's wasn’t exactly true, but go here to see what those merry Pakistani pranksters have been up to. They're our allies, you know.

ITEM: Feel Good Video Of The Week: Whenever I can combine a bit of patriotism with good old honest American emotion, I am one happy camper. Watch this. You'll be a happy camper too.

ITEM: Integrity In The Department of Justice: Ah yes, the Inspector General of the DOJ is conducting their own investigation into the Gunwalker debacle. Except that they're giving damning evidence to the actual suspects in the case, warning them before Congress can get to them! Surely this couldn't be happening in the most ethical, transparent administration in history? Yes it is, and don't call me Shirley. Go here for the story. We're being led by thugs and criminals. We elected them.

ITEM: Triumphs Of Smart Diplomacy, #2987: Mr. Obama spoke to the UN today and did the absolute minimum: he said the UN should not declare statehood for the Palestinians and that America will stand by Israel. Unfortunately, he continued his usual theme of moral equivalence, essentially equating our democratic ally Israel and a completely dysfunctional terrorist state bent on Israel's destruction. As usual, Mr. Obama stopped far short of demanding that the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist, saying only that Israelis must be assured of their security. I seriously doubt that the Israelis take comfort in such weak diplomatic tea, not only because such an assurance from the Palestinians would be worth approximately a bucket of warm spit, and particularly since Mr. Obama suggested that the Israelis and Palestinians "walk in each other's shoes."

Now there's a brilliant idea! Is he hoping that when the Israelis walk in the shoes of people who teach their children to hate and murder, who force women and the mentally retarded to blow themselves up to kill Jews, who live for genocide and who murder each other just for fun, they'll act like Palestinians? Boy wouldn't that middle East be fun then?!

Mr. Obama also issued what, for him, must have been the most aggressive of threats: "'This has been a remarkable year,' Obama said. 'Something's happening in our world. The way things have been is not the way they will be. ... Dictators are on notice.'" Yes, if they misbehave, we'll dither for months, just like we did in Libya and lead from behind. I'm sure the Iranians, Syrians and North Koreans are quaking with fear—or is that laughter?

Anyway, go here for the mess.

ITEM: "We Don't Need A President Who Apologizes For America." Indeed. Go here for Rick Perry's first TV ad.

ITEM: OH, So That's Why He Passed ObamaCare! Why? Because Mr. Obama is a class warrior—for the middle class! Oh yeah, he's absolutely watching out for me. Hey, was that a flying pig?! Go here to see truly galaxy class mendacity and lack of shame.

ITEM: NO! It Can't Be! Recent claims of mistreatment and marginalization of women in the Obama White House have the usual suspects on the defensive and scrambling for cover. Go here for the story (at Time, of all places!) and an interesting photo, but I just can't believe that Mr. Obama would allow such a thing. I mean good grief! Who could imagine that the most narcissistic, vain, petty, thin-skinned, intellectually rigid, quick-tempered and grossly over-sold President in American history could possibly see women as less than his equals? Not me. No sir!

ITEM: The Evil Of Westerners and Western Medicine. Operation Smile is an organization of plastic and reconstructive surgeons that does…well, go here for a video of what they do, this time in Brazil. I cried like a baby. Remember this the next time some smug, self-righteous idiot--like our President--dumps on western civilization. Thanks to Bookworm for the idea on this one.

And with that wonderful final thought for the week, I must bid you a reluctant goodbye and encourage you, once again, to return next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

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To crush the Democrats, see them driven before you, and to hear the
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