October 12, 2011

Quick Takes, October 13, 2011

ITEM: Technology Waits For No Man: The rotary (Wankel) engine always held great promise. Small and lightweight for it's power output, for a time it seemed a viable alternative to its more conventional brethren. Mazda, alone among the automakers, exploited the engine, most famously in its sports cars, most recently the RX-8. That's apparently now coming to an end. Fox News has the story.

ITEM: Ah! So That's What A Real Supreme Court Justice Is Like! Leftists, of course, excoriate Antonin Scalia for the crime of interpreting the Constitution rather than imposing the "progressive" policy preferences of the moment. In this fascinating story via Hot Air, we have the pleasure of his own words and his opinion that legislative gridlock inside the Beltway isn't such a bad thing after all. When hearing of the horror of gridlock from a Beltway denizen, I've often found myself thinking: "And Congress not being able to enact new laws is a bad thing because…?" See what you think.

ITEM: And In The "Oh Goody" Department: we learn that the EPA, those never-resting saviors of bait fish and obscure flora and fauna are going to implement new regulations in January 2012 that could almost immediately shut down from 8.9% to 25% of American electrical generating capacity. Uh, don't they know that people are going to die? Of course they do, but Barack Obama's pre-election promise to destroy the American coal industry is far more important than the deaths of people who use coal! Take your blood pressure medication before reading this one.

ITEM: Who Knew It Could Stop Rapes And Murders? Vice President Biden is at it again. At an October 12 speech in Flint Michigan, Mr. Biden said that if Mr. Obama's so-called "jobs" bill is not passed. Flint would experience far more rapes and murders. Mr. Biden tied his prophetic increase to lower police staffing. Michigan, whose major cities have long been under Democrat control, has had horrendous economic problems for a very long time. But who knew that not only would Mr. Obama's bill—which was voted down in the Senate—solve our unemployment problem, but our crime problem too! Maybe Mr. Obama really is the smartest human alive--nah.

ITEM: Joe "The Sheriff" Biden II: Speaking to CBS, Mr. Biden observed that the Obama Administration plans to continue its policy of sanctions and engagement which has been so successful in moderating the behavior of a nation run by lunatic Islamist murderers in the first place. No wonder Mr. Obama picked him as a running mate. What could possibly go wrong?

ITEM: A Hot Friend Cooling: An observation by Brutus in the final act of Julius Caesar. Shakespeare knew human nature well. So does Victor Davis Hanson, who well explains Mr. Obama's current woes. Not long and worth your time.

ITEM: Why Do Women Have Prominent Breasts? Uh, you're kidding, right? I mean, who doesn't like them so much the question is irrelevant? I know I'm pretty fond of them. After all, I admire beauty of all kinds. Several gay chaps of my acquaintance are fond of them too. In any case, "The Chronicle of Higher Education (?)" posits several theories. Read it and see what pops up, er, out, er…

ITEM: Well, It Is Italian Food…And in the "they did WHAT?!" category, we discover that an Olive Garden restaurant in Oxford, Alabama refused to allow a banquet meeting of the local Kiwanis Club to display their Kiwanis banner and the American flag. Apparently the reason given was an attempt to avoid "disrupt[ing] the dining experience" for other customers. Uh-huh. Go here for the story. I've never been overly fond of the cuisine at the OG, so my continued lack of patronage likely won't be missed. How about yours?

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Flip Flop Division: DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Shultz recently observed that the American people don't elect Washington pols to create jobs. I'm shocked, shocked! What about those billions and billions of jobs the Obama administration has been "saving and creating" for the last several years? What's that? They haven't actually done that? Oh. I'm shocked, shocked! Does Barack Obama know about this? Oh. It was his idea, then? Right.

ITEM: Forgive Me Father, For I'm Going To Sue Your Vestments Off! It had to happen sooner or later. The Supreme Court has granted cert in a case that will directly pit religious liberty against the Americans with Disability Act. Guess which side the Obama Administration is on? The ADA? Darn! How'd you know? Hot Air has a good, brief explication of the case and the issues.

ITEM: Kicking Traitors In The—You Know What—Department. Over at The Mellow Jihadi, Navy One, an active duty Naval officer, engages in some delightful and satisfying fantasy. By all means, stop by and read a literate and humane voice in our armed forces. We really are the good guys. Well, except for the present Administration, I mean.

ITEM: …But Why Would Chris Christie Endorse Mitt Romney? You're joking, right? Christie is no conservative (No, I have no idea why Ann Coulter is so enamored either). He's at best a centrist, which in a state like New Jersey makes him virtually a charter member of the John Birch Society, at least to the average denizen of that state. For genuine conservatives seeking a genuinely conservative Republican, Mitt Romney is far from a desirable candidate. But he's certainly of a kind with Governor Christie. Allahpundit has it out at Hot Air. You'll particularly like Mr. Christie's tirade in support of RomneyCare. I mean "like" as in "find disgusting, sniveling, false and self-serving," of course.

ITEM: Baby Rhinos? Miniature Burros? A Carrot-Red Baby Monkey? Zoo Borns has them all and more. If you haven't had your weekly quota of "Awwwwwwwwwww," here's your passport. The baby Wallaby is particularly cute.

ITEM: Zombie Youth Department: Mark Steyn has a way with words. Most recently, he discourses on the precious, entitled twits defecating—literally--all over Wall Street and other places. If you've not read Steyn, this will be a worthy introduction. By all means, make his acquaintance.

ITEM: So Even THEY Are Admitting It? Admitting what? That "green energy" is a boondoggle and scam of truly epic proportions, a vast money pit down which we are throwing billions of dollars to create virtually no jobs at a million or so each. Only billions? Hey, in the Age of The One, that's pocket change. We can just tax millionaires like Steve Jobs—what's that? He did? Oh. Well, we can tax GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt then. He can make up the difference. What's that? He's one of Mr. Obama's cronies sucking funds out of the Treasury like a Dyson vacuum turned vampire? Oh. This article at National Review will help explain it.

ITEM: Ah, Those Tall, Willowy Young Women With Their Slender Necks (and prominent other stuff)! Are apparently prone to the horrendous affliction of "text neck." I used to think people complaining of neck problems were weenies—until I got a neck injury when attacked by a lawyer and his family at a domestic violence call. I don't harbor that delusion any more. I do harbor tall, willowy young women with slender necks-- and other stuff. Details at The Frisky.

ITEM: Our Troops Are Needlessly Dying? Yes, according to the inestimable Michael Yon. Yon, a former Special Forces troop, is perhaps our premier combat journalist, getting stories and photos no one else can. The photos shot with night vision equipment are fascinating, as fascinating as the story is infuriating. Read this one.

ITEM: "Obama's Earplugs And Blinders Prevent Job Creation." That's the headline of a story at the Washington Examiner. It’s brief but highly informative. By all means, take a few minutes to read this one. It might not be a bad idea to be sure your blood pressure meds are up to date first.

ITEM: Say, Do You Happen To Have A Music Video Of Cats Wearing Hats? You know, I'm glad you asked…

And with that bit of inspired whimsy, it's time to bid you a fond farewell and once again encourage you to return next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes! Meow!

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