April 28, 2005

Make Money, Screw Your Friends

We get letters, we get letters, we get lots and lots of...

Well, we don't actually gets lots of letters, but we do get more than you'd expect for a "B" list blog, including this gem on behalf of the California GOP.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is [name withheld] and I work for a company called Mohre Communications [sic] we have been hired by the Republican Party to get out there new rewards Credit Card. You can read more about the program at <>. The GOP needs the help of conservative bloggers to place advertisements on their sites. You can read more information and get link to sign people up at <>.

Thank you,

[name withheld]

Isn't it delicious?

Republicans just pushed through a pro-shareholder bill which strips away bankruptcy protection from most Americans in favor of a predatory industry, and then asks bloggers such as myself to shill for them to apply for more credit card debit.

Yes, nothing says lovin' like putting you in a hole and pulling away the ladder.... at least according to Buffalo Bill.

What's next, the National Right to Life Committee selling RU-486 as a fundraiser?

Sorry, California GOP, but I'm not buying (or selling) this one.

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