August 27, 2005

A New Approach?

(Image via AP)

With her conventional anti-Bush protests failing thus far in Crawford, Cindy Sheehan pledges to "Watusi" untli she is granted another meeting with the President.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at August 27, 2005 01:53 PM | TrackBack

Heh. When all else fails...

Posted by: greg at August 27, 2005 06:30 PM

Actually, didn't Batman used to dance like that?

Posted by: greg at August 27, 2005 10:05 PM

I thought that dance was called the moonbat-something or other...

Posted by: John Yetter, CW5, USA (Retired) at August 28, 2005 08:16 AM


You're mistaken. She's doing the Time Warp again!

Either that, or she thinks that she's John Travolta from Pulp Fiction.

Posted by: lawhawk at August 29, 2005 04:41 PM