September 04, 2005

Genorosity Beyond Words

As anyone reading blogs over the past few days probably knows, many blogs have pulled together to try to raise money on behalf of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Towards that end, my real-life brother Phin and his partner Sadie at Apothegm Designs decided to hold a blog design auction. They would auction off their considerable blog design services to raise money for hurricane relief. The original idea went up and had 32 other bloggers (including yours truly) promoting it. Pixy Misa, who is the benevolent soul who owns and runs the domain, generously sweetened the deal with free hosting and a domain.

Nugget ($510) and That One Guy ($500) were the two winners, and I have to say that Phin was happy with the results.

And then something else happened. Something really, really unexpected. Let Phin tell you the rest. It will warm your heart.

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