March 23, 2006

Red, or Black?

The Church of the Perpetually Offended is up in arms again, this time over the "fact" that Ben Domenech of the Washington Post's new blog Red America made the "racist" comment that Coretta Scott King was a communist while blogging under the screen name Augustine at RedState. While I do not know if Domenech is Augustine, let's say that he is for argument's sake.

Predictably, the leftists making this charge said far more offensive things then Domenech did when leveling their charge against him, but their hysteria basically boils down to one simple question:

Whether or not Domenech was right about King's politics, when did communism become a race?

Posted by Confederate Yankee at March 23, 2006 07:15 AM | TrackBack

No, No, CY ... You don't understand. It makes no difference what one may say that makes it a recist comment. The simple fact that anything negative that is ever directed toward a member of another race or ethnic group is racist. That has been the new politically correct paradigm spouted from the leftie moonbats for some time now. Don't you know nuthin' 'bout them racists?

Posted by: Retired Spy at March 23, 2006 08:24 AM

Retired Spy, Right On, Man! I remember watching one of those talk shows in 1970 when they had a leftie and a young Republican. When the latter referred to then Black Panther Party leader Eldridge Cleaver as a rapist, the leftie said "That's a racist statement!", even though the Republican was quoting from Cleaver's own book, "Soul on Ice"!

Posted by: Tom TB at March 23, 2006 09:38 AM

UNLESS the minority member in question is a *gasp* conservative minority. Not that such a thing REALLY exists, because a conservative minority is not a REAL black or whatever. Minorities must think in lockstep with whatever the liberals decide is authentic for their race, and they must agree blindly with hatemongers like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, or they lose their protected status as a minority, and indeed as a human being, and are fair games for liberals to attack them with the vilest of racial slurs. See Colin Powell, Condi Rice, a few various conservative black columnists and politicans for prime examples. They are considered heretics and race traitors and must be punished for daring to think for themselves. This also applies to other minorities: Jews, Hispanics, etc. Even Michelle Malkin gets her share of nasty racial slurs from liberals. Minorities are untouchable until they disagree with their liberal "protectors" and then they are gone after more viciously than any conservative would imagine doing.

On the other hand, LIBERAL minorities are sacrosanct, so that anyone who criticizes them, (especially but NOT necessarily a white Christian) for any reason must really, secretly be trying to oppress them and all criticisms are just "code" for attacking their race/nationality/culture/whatever. So you see, this hapless columnist was speaking in code to say to us secretly racist conservatives (that all conservatives are racist, and understand the Code, is a given) that she should shut up and go sit in the back of the bus. Obviously.

Needless to say, this mindset only perpetuates racial divisions. It is liberals who are obsessed with race, and try to put people in categories of behavior and belief according to their race, and then anyone who criticizes any aspect of the invented behavior and belief (including political belief) is REALLY attacking the race. So with "ghetto culture". If you any deplore the violence and degradation in any way, you are are a racist. Not those (liberals) who automatically impute gang violence as authentically black, but you for imploring blacks to rise above it. So also with liberal politics, most notably wealth-redistribution. While not exclusively racial, of course, it is axiomatic among liberals that all (real) minorities go along with this unless they are race-traitors, and that their beliefs are inevitably tied in to what liberal politics can do for their race, and so for attacking the liberal politics of a minority you are attacking their minority identity. And if that logic doesn't make sense to us, well, we are kncukle-dragging conservatives who have been brainwashed by Fox News, what do you expect?

Posted by: Amber at March 23, 2006 11:28 AM