August 10, 2009

VIDEO: Architect of Democratic Health Care Plan States His Plan Is Designed to Eliminate Private Insurace

Via Ace, who questions our President's honesty... as you should.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at August 10, 2009 10:40 AM

It gets worse, because the damage these bozos could inflict over four years may not become immediately apparent. The bad news and the bad news, which do you want first?

Slow Job Growth and Inflation, but...

Those numbers will probably be good enough to enable President Obama to get re-elected, but his second term will be plagued by rising inflation, high interest rates, and unsustainable deficits, along with stubbornly high unemployment.
Posted by: Joe at August 10, 2009 10:43 AM

I blogged about this yesterday and today: Liberalism's elites --- despise the common man.

When they are in the minority, they love to see the program of Saul Alinsky and the like put into play: A program that says anything goes - the end justifies the means - and specifically calls for things like lying to the masses and saying whatever you need to win them over.

The target is specifically the middle class majority, and in saying any means necessary is to be used, they show contempt for the people they are trying to win over. They aren't setting out to convince the common man, because they believe the common man is too stupid and easily manipulated to know what is good for him.

The same core disdain is visible in these nationalization pushes:

The liberal elites despise big business, but they also despise consumerism --- free markets...

Why? Again, because they believe the common man is too stupid to know what is good for him and the nation. Rather than let choice and competition in the market place function as checks-and-balances on big business, they want liberal elites in control of the government and the government in control of the markets, because they are the ones who understand what is best - not the masses. They don't trust consumerism -- where the people vote by what they choose to buy. They only trust the power of the government put in their own hands...

What they really favor is much like the champions of limited monarchy and beneficent neo-feudalism during the early period of the 19th Century when elites balked at the idea of democracy as being rule by the mob...

The only key difference is that they define aristocracy not by blood and birth but define it as being smart enough to have the right ideology - their own.

Posted by: usinkorea at August 11, 2009 02:33 AM

This is one of the biggest issues I have with the President and his hired thugs claiming the opposition isn't being truthful. They've riled people up by being untruthful themselves. It's ENTIRELY their fault the opposition has been, HAS to be, so vocal.

I'm not "for" socialized medicine, but I do believe if O. had done this entirely differently he could have gotten what he wanted, in time (he's got FOUR YEARS, why must it be passed, in its entirety, RIGHT NOW?).

Like Hillary-care, this will crater and in all likelyhood will become, "The disaster known as Obama-care."

Posted by: DoorHold at August 16, 2009 12:40 PM