May 11, 2011

Typical White Person: President's Cousin Rips Obamacare

But what does he know. He's only a doctor.

It’s not often that a president's most vocal critic comes from his own family, but I believe the inviolable oath I took to my patients demands that I oppose ObamaCare.

Today, ObamaCare is on the ropes—in the courts, and in terms of public opinion. While the Supreme Court denied Virginia's petition to hear its ObamaCare lawsuit on an expedited basis earlier this month, this case will soon be heard by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In a more high-profile case, Judge Roger Vinson ruled the individual mandate unconstitutional. This lawsuit, which was filed by more than half the states in the union and led by Florida, will be heard in the U.S. appeals court in Atlanta in June. And in poll after poll, it has become clear that more than one year after ObamaCare's passage, the American people strongly reject it. The fundamental flaw at the core of ObamaCare is the mistaken belief that the government can spend your dollars more effectively than you can. This tragically pessimistic belief views all Americans with suspicion as either incompetent or unrighteous but either way in need of big-government control.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at May 11, 2011 09:25 AM

It will not matter, he doesn't claim his white side of his family, it isn't politically convenient.

Posted by: Bob at May 11, 2011 09:41 AM


He has white relatives? When did that happen?

All I have heard about are his racist dead grandparents, his illegal alien aunt and his Nigerian half brother who is not allowed into Britain because of criminal conduct.

Posted by: Professor Hale at May 11, 2011 01:52 PM

Sigh. Another racist teabagger hatin' on Obama. Somebody alert Garofalo and Moore.

Posted by: Steve Skubinna at May 12, 2011 01:24 AM