September 29, 2006

Losing National Security Voters

The always-excellent Lorie Byrd has a column up at hammering Democrats on their dismal national security record. The criticism of what President Bush referred to last night as the "party of cut and run" is well-warranted based, upon a long record of many leading Democrats ignoring, miscasting, and quite possibly "misunderestimating" the very nature and the extent of the threat of Islamic extremism. Not only are the liberal's misconceptions about the jihadist threat dangerous to Westerners, it is also dangerous to Islam itself, ignoring that by refusing to confront Islamic terrorism head on, they may be allowing terrorists to stigmatize over one billion of their co-religionists who are non-violent.

Lorie's column liberally—uh, conservatively—quotes from a post I wrote earlier in the week, Legacy of Lies.

Lorie, who also blogs at Wizbang!, and fellow Mary Katherine will be co-panelists with me and many other talented bloggers at the Carolina FreedomNet 2006 blog conference in Greensboro, NC next Saturday.

We hope to see you there.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at September 29, 2006 08:49 AM | TrackBack

I still have a few more sites to visit but I will advise you to consider that the Reagan republicans created Bin Laden supporting Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan with supplies, weapons and money. When will you people learn the evil begets evil. You republicans created the state of the world in which we live. It is all a lie. You created Bin Laden who was trained by the CIA. His family has close contacts with Bush. He again was rallied by Bush et al to fly planes into the WTC. It was part of a giant conspiracy which was a win win for neocons. Larry Silverstein made $7 billion, our civil liberties are torn to pieces. I am sick of you self-righteous blohards.

Sorry, that you are such a misinformed fool

Posted by: Linda Dobrin at October 1, 2006 02:24 PM