August 24, 2011

Quick Takes, August 25, 2011

ITEM: "Yeah, Well Texas Isn't Doing So Great On Jobs Either!" Really? Not so much. As the sliming of Texas Gov. Rick Perry ramps up to "Ludicrous Speed" levels you might want to take a quick peek at—of all places—Reuters for a little dose of reality. Turns out this might not be such a good avenue of attack for Obamites, not that they care. After all, Texas isn't going to vote for Obama no matter what—the bastards. Amazing how the Obamites don't hesitate for a moment at attacking one of the most prosperous and populous states. Is there any precedence for this? Discuss.

ITEM: On The debt Side! Chris Muir is the talented cartoonist and conservative political commentator who pens the wonderful Day By Day strip on the net (here). His recent fundraising campaign for the coming year met and exceeded its goals in record time, an indicator of the political mood as we approach the 2012 election season. Chris stops by to read Quick Takes, and DBD should be on your daily reading list. By all means, stop in and scroll back a bit to get a sense of what insightful political and social commentary looks like.

ITEM: Haven't Had A Good Heartwarming For Awhile? Sadly, much of the news, and even much of what we report on QTs and on the CY site is discouraging, but fortunately, not all. Go here for one of the more heartwarming moments I've seen in awhile, and it involves one of our soldiers. Very cool. Get out the hankies.

ITEM: Look For The–Canadian?!--Union Label! Disgusted readers will recall that Mr. Obama was on a "jobs tour" of the Midwest, but did not think far enough ahead to actually have a jobs plan along for the ride. The best part, however, is the two mega-luxurious Darth Vader styled busses (The Debt Star?) paid for by taxpayer money he is using. What's good about that? They cost $1.1 million each, and were specially ordered and made in…wait for it…Canada! That's right, Canada. It's well known that the US has no bus manufacturing capacity… he already wiped out that industry too…? He hasn't? Oh well. Go here for the story. Take your blood pressure meds first.

PS: Oh yes, you're also paying megabucks for lodging and goodies for White House Staff, Secret Service agents, etc. for Mr. Obama's vacation on Martha's Vineyard. You know, the place where a week's lodging costs more than many American's yearly salaries. As Mel Brooks said, "It's good to be da king!"

ITEM: Look Out For The Union Ambushes: Go here to Hot Air to see how the noble guardians of the workingman actually behave. It's amazing that Unions still control even about 7% of the national work force. Interesting that Union goons only tend to attack people in places where concealed carry is prohibited or uncommon. Discuss.

ITEM: Well, If The Guy With The Tongue Said It…: Go here for the 2012 presidential prediction of Gene Simmons of Kiss. Well, he did propose to Shannon Tweed, who is major league classy and beautiful. He obviously has some brains—and the tongue.

ITEM: What Happened To The One? People everywhere are wailing this or something like it. I've often said that Mr. Obama is simply what he has always been: A Marxist. As such, he despises America and Americans. Norman Podhoretz, a man older and wiser than such as I, generally agrees. Go here. It would seem that Icarus may, once again, have flown too close to the sun.

ITEM: So, You Think You're Accurate, Eh? Go here for an interesting article, completely with photos, about what may well be the most accurate .338 Lapua sniper rifle in the world. Very cool.

ITEM: What?! Twenty Six Percent Think He's Doing A Good Job?! That's right, according to Gallup, 26% of Americans think Mr. Obama is doing a good job on the economy! I must find out what anti-reality drugs they're taking so I can avoid them. But for the up side, go here to discover why Mr. Obama will almost certainly lose—and America win—in 2012.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Education Division: I was shocked, shocked! to learn that Education Secretary Arne Duncan attacked Gov. Rick Perry and Texas, claiming that Texas was failing all of its students. Now it turns out that Chicago does worse than Texas and Texas doesn't do badly at all. The best part is that it was Time Magazine (here) that pointed this out. Time is not exactly known as a supporter of conservatives and conservative issues. This is known as irony. Another best part is that Duncan ran Chicago's schools before becoming Education Secretary. This too is ironic.

ITEM: Ruh-Row Shaggy! When even Canadians are saying the global warming scam is over, perhaps it's time to listen (here). Why anyone would listen to Al Gore about anything is beyond me, particularly when one considers his AGW bona fides are less than stellar. He owns a 100 foot houseboat. A 100 foot long houseboat, you know, the kind that tools around on a lake? Before you read another line, trot outside and measure the length of your house—you'll get the picture. He owns a mansion that uses more electricity in a week than most American homes use in a year. He jets around the globe to hector all about their carbon footprint. No doubt economic reality has something to do with it too. People around the world are beginning to realize that we can no longer afford liberalism, in fact, we never really could. As I mentioned in QTs last week, get over it enviro-weenies. AGW is over. You'll have to think up some other way to destroy western civilization.

ITEM: Oh, The Majesty Of The Law: For those who haven't been keeping up on the doings at the Widener Law School, this post will help to bring you up to date (take the link in the first sentence). Liberalism isn't sustainable, it never was, but that doesn't mean the leftists will go calmly in to that good night. Here's my favorite Clintonesque legal/weasel speak from the post:

"That is not accurate [that two University trustees resigned]. No trustees have resigned. A member of the Board of Overseers for the School of Law and a member of the School of Law Campaign Subcommittee have stepped down from those roles for reasons that they have personally conveyed to President Harris and Dean Ammons."

Oh, I see. They haven't resigned, they've "stepped down." Well. That makes all the difference, doesn't it? Gentle readers, people like this really do think the rest of us are morons. Time wounds all heels.

ITEM: Green Jobs Will Stop The Rise of The Oceans And Heal The Planet, and cure acne, flatulence, the common cold, and most amazingly, make Mr. Obama's economic policies look sane. Well, OK, nothing could make his policies look sane; you got me there. Go here to the invaluable Walter Russell Mead to discover the reality of the Green Jobs boondoggle. It would seem that the laws of economics and physics have something to say about this, and unlike home on the range, always is heard a discouraging word and the skies are cloudy all day.

ITEM: Rational Persuasion Can Actually Work—on all but the most committed leftists, that is. Go here for an interesting article about using logic and kindness to overcome antigun policies. Encouraging.

ITEM: OK. So the Obama Administration is Economically Incoherent, But They Make Up For It By Being Overwhelmingly Incompetent. Can you imagine throwing away a global competitive advantage that will damage every American wheat farmer? Can you imagine throwing it away for no reason at all? The Obama Administration can. Go here to read the sad tale. It's hard not to believe that Mr. Obama is actually trying to destroy America as hard as his little Marxist brain will allow. Frankly, I don't resist it anymore; there is no other logical explanation.

ITEM: "Dude, My Boss Is Just Going To Have To Get Over It If He Doesn't Like My Tats!" Go here for an interesting article about the essentials and difficulties of job hunting in the Obama economy. Any guesses on the employability of tat boy? Like, bummer Dude!

ITEM: We're Makin' It Up As We Go Along. Congress, the Courts, The Law, pshaw! The Obama Administration just imposes whatever policy it likes through executive orders and regulations. It's the rule of whim instead of the rule of law. And now, the Obamites have overturned our immigration laws and will grant legal status to whomever they please using whichever criteria—or none at all—they please. The Christian Science Moniter (here) points out a few potential pitfalls.

ITEM: The Glories Of Socialism, Continued: Go here to Steven Hayward at Powerline who links to an interview of Mikhail Gorbachev in Der Speigel. Mr. Gorbachev knew that Communism was rotten to the core and that it must be thrown out, but was so indoctrinated that he was severally hampered. Hmm. There may be something to learn there for our home-grown Communist wannabes, or at least for anyone tempted to vote for them.

ITEM: The Debt Star and the Power Of The Debt Side! The Debt Star seems a good name for Mr. Obama's Darth Vader black $1.1 million dollar Canadian bus. I was not amused by Mr. Obama's recent ostentatious display among the common folk. Neither was the invaluable Mark Steyn (here).

ITEM: People Who Live In Glass Houses…Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan, the former head of the Chicago School system, recently slimed Texas Gov. Rick Perry, claiming that Texas students are virtually victims of child abuse, so poor is the quality of Texas schools. Duncan oozed that he felt "very very badly for the children there." Even Louis Renault would be shocked to hear the head of one of the worst school systems on the planet—Chicago—so blatantly lie. Go here for an appropriate smackdown of yet another Obama Administration liar and corruptocrat.

ITEM: The Immutable Laws of Physics: Not long ago, I did a five-part series on gun ownership. A good starting point for that series is here. In it, I explained that some of the problems with .357 revolvers are substantial recoil, violent muzzle up-flip and truly spectacular muzzle flash, and I was talking about full-sized, heavy duty revolvers with 4" barrels. Go here for a visually stunning example of what I was talking about. The donut-shaped fireball is unburned powder igniting forward of the muzzle. This is worsened in shorter barrels. You can also see the recoil effect, and note, gentle readers, that the shooter is not a 98 pound woman. Lightweight, short barreled .357 revolvers are weapons for experts, and massive experts at that. The plus side is that even if he missed, the bad guy was probably incinerated!

ITEM: If We Can Just Ram Through Another Stimulus: How's that hope and change workin' out for yuh? If you live in Baltimore, not so much. Homes are selling for less then $10,000 there. Go here for the story.

ITEM: "Breasts Make Men Stupid," said Steve Martin. Here's proof. Why doesn't anyone ever hold this sort of "gathering" in my neighborhood?

And with that double-barreled observation, I must thank you for stopping by, and urge you to drop in once again next Thursday for another stimulating--and stupefying--edition of Quick Takes!

Posted by MikeM at August 24, 2011 10:11 PM

With only 4 more busses, he can build Mecha-bama. THEN who will be laughing?

Posted by: Professor hale at August 25, 2011 06:57 AM

"Mr. Obama is actually trying to destroy America as hard as his little Marxist brain will allow. Frankly, I don't resist it anymore; there is no other logical explanation."

The other logical explanation is he's lazy and/or fundamentally stupid.

Posted by: Col Bat Guano at August 25, 2011 09:18 AM