September 22, 2005

Last Show No Sell-out on the Magical Misery Tour

Cindy Sheehan's meager cadre of 29 protestors was outnumbered by the press covering them Wednesday, in what has now become a very familiar pattern of stage-managed performances and shameless media hype.

The culmination of this month-and-a-half of self-aggrandizing behavior will culminate this weekend as two communist spin-off groups tries to herd what some hopefully boast will be "hundreds of thousands" of Stalinists, Marxists, anarchists, radical feminists, left-over hippies, oppressed didgeridoo players and hermaphrodite dwarves into something of a unified protest. All of these protestors support the troops, and will gladly prove it if they can get within spitting distance of the White House.

Other sources don't seem quite as optimistic of a turnout that high, dropping that number into just tens of thousands.

So how should one estimate just how many souls Saint Cindy might gather on the final leg of the leg of the Magical Misery Tour? A simple, but effective gauge might be to see how many hotel rooms are still available in the greater Washington, DC area. With a major political protest occurring this weekend, hotel rooms in the greater D.C. area should be few and far between.

But they aren't.

A visit to Orbitz or Travelocity, or other travel sites shows that rooms in the D.C. area could be had anywhere from downtown Washington D.C. out to Fairfax, VA 20 miles out, from $80.00+.

Perhaps the D.C. area has so many hotel rooms that an influx of 100,000 people isn't that much of a problem. I find it far more plausible that Cindy Sheehan's terrorist-appeasing, America-hating rhetoric has finally come home to roost.

Added NY Sun's revised crowd estimate.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at September 22, 2005 11:05 AM | TrackBack

Dude, they are dirty hippies. I don't think they will be pulling zzzz's in the Ritz Carlton. I would do the "sniff test" in DC. Go outside and if it smells like poop and incense, then there are hippies nearby.

Posted by: The Man at September 23, 2005 06:32 AM

I pretty much agree with "The Man". This isn't the crowd for downtown hotels. If I remember MSM coverage from past protests here (I'm between DC and Baltimore), a lot of these people are sleeping on basement floors of "fellow travelers". I suspect the rest are over-sharing motel rooms with a small precentage sleeping "rough".

Posted by: MikeM at September 23, 2005 07:00 AM

Hey, Sheehan had called for US troops to be withdrawn from NOLA. She should have a powwow with Gov. Blanco, who just called for 15,000 more federal troops to be sent to Louisiana to assist in the hurricane(s) relief efforts. The governor knows the score and that those federal troops are needed, but Sheehan couldn't care less about anyone other than her own damn self. It's not about her dead son, or anyone else in the military. It is about her own perverted agenda that is so far out of the mainstream that even true blue leftists in Congress aren't going near her.

Posted by: lawhawk at September 23, 2005 10:51 AM

Most those "dirty hippies" have jobs and don't live off of daddy's trust fund. There were around 80 or 90 at the Syracuse leg of her bus tour that I attended, pictures (uncropped) can be found at my blog.

P.S. Your site wouldn't let me link to my photo album, but you can get there through my links on my page.

Posted by: Fred at September 23, 2005 03:24 PM

Hey, you didn't link to the new Sun estimates!

Posted by: theanchoress at September 23, 2005 04:36 PM